Chapter Five: Newcomer and Leaving Home

"So, what now?" Legolas asked, still getting used to the fact that he is no longer in Mirkwood.

Lile sighed and Ferale looked away. Arenal cast a distant look at Legolas and said clearly, "We must find the evil one and kill him, or her."

Legolas looked away. Then he cast a look at Lile, she looked at him in the eyes, and he realized that she was more attractive than Ferale. He looked away and nodded. "Of course, when must we leave?"

For a moment, no one answered then Ferale said, "As soon as possible." She got up and started to walk to the door. Lile stood after and Arenal followed. "Ferale," he said to her, "We must get ready."

Ferale nodded and turned to Lile, "Get ready, we will be right back. Bring food and weapons. Travel light." Lile nodded and closed the door behind them.

Lile stared after them for a moment, and Legolas went to her and started to massage her shoulders. She turned to him and shrugged him off. He looked at her questioningly and said, "What is bothering you?"

She looked at him for a moment and shook her head, "Nothing. Nothing."

Again he looked at her questioningly, but decided to let it go. She moved to the next room, "We must pack. Can you go in the kitchen, get any dried food you can find. Everything. Bring it out here on the table." She left and entered a bedroom.

Legolas moved to the kitchen and began looking through the cupboards. He saw crackers, some chips, and cereal. Nothing else. He grabbed all of the foods and sighed. He piled the foods on the table and turned to see Lile walking out with two bags. She set one down, "Clothes, and personal hygiene," she took the other bag and began piling more clothes and the food on the table inside the bag. She looked at him after zipping up the bag. Then she reached into her coat and revealed a gun. He looked at her for a moment and said, "Legolas, do you know what this is?"

He shook his head. He'd never seen anything like it, but somehow he figured that it was dangerous.

"This is called a gun." She took the gun and pointed it at a wall beside of her. She took aim and pulled the trigger. Legolas jumped back at the loud sound.

Lile turned back to Legolas. She walked to him and pointed to the trigger, "This is the trigger, if you pull this and point it at someone, you will kill them, be careful where you point the gun. Here," she handed him the gun and put up a target sheet, "Practice."

He took the gun and pointed it to the target. He took one aim and pulled the trigger. It was a perfect bulls-eye. Lile stared at him in disbelief then smiled. "You are going to be good to have around."

He smiled again at her and swore he has never seen anyone so beautiful. He caught himself thinking this then turned, blushing. He again shot some bullets when there was knocking at the door. Lile opened it and Ferale and Arenal entered, with another man.

"Who is this?" Legolas asked.

"This is Urlet. He is a Netheralle," Ferale answered. She closed the door and put down her stuff. "He is here to help us and go along with us. He'll be a good person to depend on."

Legolas looked at the man. He had jet-black hair and bright blue eyes. He had a muscular body and was about Legolas' height. "Legolas," he said, sticking out his hand.

Urlet took it and smiled, showing his pure white teeth, "Urlet."

"Okay, since we are all ready, we should get going, the faster, the better," Lile interrupted.

They all nodded and headed out the door.