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"Akio and Juri - Based On A True Story"

By Angel Sentier and Pandari

It was a rather warm summer evening at Ohtori Academy when Juri wandered out to the pool area. She couldn't go in the water because chlorine did awful things to her luxurious orange curls, but she was hoping it would be a little cooler there. It didn't help much, but she wasn't about to loosen the neck of her uniform when the few people meandering about might see her secret hanging about her neck. Casually, she observed Touga splashing about in the spa with his latest girl and tried to get her mind off of the usual.

"Penny for your thoughts, Miss Arisugawa?"

A smooth voice broke through her private moment and she looked up, in annoyance at first as to who would dare approach her, then she blinked in surprise when she saw whom it was. The tall, dark skinned, pale haired acting headmaster was looking down at her, an odd half-smile floating about his lips. He looked a little out of place, wearing his ruffled red shirt and tailored pants out by the pool, his hair looking like it never moved, let alone ever saw a drop of chlorine, but then she supposed she must look just as strange out there in her uniform.

She straightened. "Mr. Chairman." She registered his question and cleared her throat. "They aren't worth it."

"You're right, they're probably worth much more."

His slick reply put her on guard, after all, she'd heard the rumors around school about him. It didn't take a not-so-veiled innuendo from Touga to know what went on behind the headmaster's opulent doors.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Chairman?" she asked, wanting to hedge this as quickly as possible and get back to her own thoughts. He probably only wanted to know where his sister was anyway.

"Me, Miss Arisugawa?" He seemed surprised. "Why, nothing! I simply saw you standing over here and wondered what unpleasant thought could mar such a lovely face. So I suppose the question should be. what can I do for you?"

She hesitated, at once taken aback and wary. He seemed earnest enough, though he'd never showed any interest in "philanthropic" work before, she'd mostly seen him flipping over the cars in his garage and assumed he was obsessed with aerobics.

As if he sensed her reluctance, he extended his hand before him, an elegant unfurling of the fingers, gesturing toward a path leading away from the pool. "Perhaps you will at least give the honor of allowing me to escort you for a short walk?"

She cast a sideways glance at the redhead in the hot tub, but he was fully engrossed in other matters. Nodding a slight bow, she began to walk with him along the indicated path.

To be continued…