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~*Escorted Interview*~

            The sun grew higher in Egypt. A young girl of sixteen had slowly approached the temple, brushing off the sand from her white halter-top. She pulled down her white skirt, slowly making her way up the steps.

            Who is she?

            "You skank! You filth! You're fired!"

            "Master, I didn't mean to pull off that prank on you. I swear by the gods."

            Marik, being already livid, grabbed his young maid by her throat, pulling her towards him. "You have a minute to save your own life. Think about it. Or I'll do what I've always done to the other maids and escorts."

            "No master," the maid's eyes widened with fear. "Not the shadow realm."

            Marik smirked, taking out his millennium rod. "Time is ticking my dear."

            The maid slowly got up, stepping back, scared to death. She then turned around and ran for her life.

            "Hmph! Crazy woman." He sat back on his throne, resting his head on his hand. His other hand twirled the millennium around like a baton.

            "Sir," another young servant entered the room, sweeping the floor. "A young girl awaits at the chamber doors. Shall I send her off?"

            "No Serenity," he slowly rose from his throne. "I'll see to it. Continue cleaning." He then made his way down the halls and to the main doors of the temple. Opening it, he saw a rather slim, young girl before him. Her brown hair was frazzled from the wind. "Well, well. What brings you here before me, my dear?"

            "I have read an ad m'lord and it asked for an escort/maid. So I made my way here." She held out a circular stone, handing it to Marik.

            Marik looked over the hieroglyphics before looking up at her.

            "So…you wish to be the pharaoh's escort?"

            "I thought the pharaoh lived in the north."

            "Oh no, dear. He only rules the northern lands while I rule the southern parts."

            "I see."

            "Come inside." He took a step back. Once she came in, he turned his back towards her. "Follow me." He led her down the halls and into the main room where his throne sits. Hieroglyphics and pictures carved the walls. Once they stood in the middle of the room, he picked up his millennium rod, slowly circling around her.

            "State your name." His voice was deep, yet dark and rich like chocolate.

            "Well, my real name is Anzu," she replied, her gazing at the floor. "But many people just call me Tea."

            "Hmm…I'll take that to consideration. If you must know, I'm Marik. Most times, you'll refer to me as master, m'lord, or sir. Unless if I give you permission, you are not to call me by my name. Consider that your first lesson. Where are you from?"

            "I'm from the desert lands in the east."

            "You mean the Sahara?"

            Tea nodded weakly in reply. Marik stopped in front of her, looking her over. He placed his fingers under her chin, tilting her head. "Tell me, my dear, exactly how old are you?"

            Tea swallowed nervously. "Eighteen sir."

            Marik chuckled, fixing his cloak. "Is that so?" he ran his fingers through her hair. "Then why do I sense a lie present within these walls? Have you ever heard of the shadow realm my sweet?"

            Her eyes widened as he mentioned this. "The…the shadow realm?"

            "Would you want me to send you there for your dishonesty my dear?"

            "I beg you not to sir." Tea cried out. "There's no way I could bear to face that sort of hell."

            Marik's lips curled into a smirk. "I like you. You're pretty good in begging. Though I would have preferred if you were on your knees and beg me to take you."

            "What do I get out of this?" she glared at him.

            "Oh, anything your little heart desires," he grabbed her by the neck, forcing her to his knees. "Which I'm referring to myself. Your job is simply my dear. You give into my whims and desires 24/7. I wouldn't really mind that you're younger than you say. Perhaps two years, yes." He then released his grip on her neck, satisfied to see Tea still on her knees. "I do warn you that I can be firm and strict, nonetheless, I have no tendency to show any form of mercy. Do you feel up to this task?"

            Tea nodded. Marik knelt beside her, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. "Good. There are many rooms to choose from. Inside the closet, pick out any appropriate attire. You start immediately."

~*To Be Continued*~