Umbrella for two

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Yugi, very, very slight hints at Yugi/Yami and Ryou/Bakura, slight fluff, absence of most other characters, slight AU?

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 8th june 2003, by Misura

Note : For the sake of the plot, Seto *walks* to school, like normal people, instead of being driven there. Maybe the car broke down or something ...


Joey supposed it made sense in some twisted way ; they had been melting all day in the classroom that had felt like an oven and now that they were finally allowed to go home, the weather had gone bad.

Clouds were hiding the sun that had been shining so brightly only moments ago. Dark clouds, that held the promise of rain soon to fall.

I'd better hurry up if I don't want to get soaked.

And remember to bring an umbrella tomorrow.

Of course bringing an umbrella would be an assurance of a perfectly dry day ...

"Think those dark clouds will disappear if you stare at them long enough, mutt?" a voice from behind him sneered. Joey turned around, slowly.

"If enough time passes, they will." he replied with a shrug.

"Is that how you deal with trouble, wait till it goes away? How typical." Kaiba snorted.

Joey glared at him, feeling angry at the other's attitude.

You have no idea what kind of problems I have to deal with every day, Kaiba.

You probably think anything can be solved by throwing money at it ; you just don't know the meaning of the word 'trouble', how hard life can really be.

You ought to be grateful for what you have ; a warm home to return to, the looks of a movie-star and enough money to buy half the world.

Instead you're always walking around with that scowl on your face.

He was about to speak his mind to Kaiba, when Yugi popped up, covered from head to toe in an -in Joey's opinion very ugly- rain-cloak.

Though it's probably perfect to keep you dry, I would never wear something like that.

So yellow it almost hurts my eyes ...

"Hi, Joey! Would you like to come over to my place later this afternoon? Me and Yami planned on renting a movie. Ryou's coming too ; he promised to bring some pop-corn."

Joey smiled.

Ah, that's one thing I have and you don't, Kaiba : friends.

"Sounds great, Yug. You can count me in. I'll see if I can bring - "

"No need." Yugi interrupted, knowing full well how hard pressed Joey would be to get anything from his father. "I'll see you there then."

"Sure thing!" Joey grinned. He *loved* watching movies with his friends ; it gave him a perfect opportunity to forget about everything.

Like a certain pair of clear blue eyes, even if *he*'s the least of my problems at the moment.

Even if he's the problem I think about most.

Kaiba cleared his throat, looking slightly annoyed at being ignored by the other two. Joey had been doing it on intent, hoping Kaiba would just leave, while Yugi had simply been too focused on inviting Joey to notice.

"Oh, hello Kaiba. Sorry I didn't see you." Yugi sounded as if he really was sorry.

That kid's too nice for his own good.

I'm glad to know Yami's always there to help him when things get rough.

"Yugi." Kaiba nodded, not even bothering to add a greeting.

I wished he'd stop staring at me. It makes me nervous.

"Would you like to come too?" Yugi asked, as Joey knew he would.

Just too damn nice.

"No, I don't think so." Kaiba replied, also as Joey had expected him to.

Just too damn scared of some human contact. Or maybe he thinks he's too good for us.

"You'd be very welcome." Yugi added sincerely. "You must feel lonely sometimes with only Mokuba for company. Why don't you allow yourself to have fun for once?"

"Do you have trouble hearing?" Kaiba answered. "I said 'no'. See you around, puppy." With that, he turned and walked away.

Yugi stared after him disappointed, while Joey felt relieved. Relieved enough to let that last 'puppy' pass for now.

"He didn't even say 'goodbye'." Yugi sounded hurt.

"Ah well, look at it from the bright side, Yug." Joey tried to comfort him.

"What 'bright side'?" Yugi asked with a frown.

"The less people that are coming, the more pop-corn we have!" Joey grinned, while Yugi smiled involuntarily. "Believe me, Bakura makes the best pop-corn in the whole world, even if I have no idea where he could've learned to do that."

"Ryou's lucky." Yugi agreed. "Though I wouldn't ever want to swap my Yami for his, I must admit there are quite some good points to Bakura."

Joey chuckled. "Who'd have thought eh? Well, I gotta go now, before it really starts to get ugly."

"Movie starts at five ; don't be late or you'll miss the beginning!"

Joey nodded and waved.

I hope it will keep dry for another quarter ; it's not that far from here to my home, but if it really starts pouring I'll get wet to the bone just the same.

Yugi stared after him for a while after going to his own home, where Yami'd be waiting for him.

Kaiba didn't say 'goodbye' to me, but he did say it to Joey. His version of it, anyway. I wonder why ... they seem to be rather hostile towards eachother.

/'Seem to be' being the operative phrase here./ Yami remarked with a smirk.

Yami! Do you mean Joey and Kaiba are ...

/You hadn't noticed? I'm surprised. It seems rather obvious to me./

I didn't even have a clue ...

/Ah well, don't feel too bad about it, light of my life. Now hurry up and come home! It'll start raining soon and I don't want you to catch a cold and pass it on to me./

~to be concluded in the second part (or maybe the third, if things take longer than expected) ~

Author's note

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