Umbrella for two

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Yugi, very, very slight hints at Yugi/Yami and Ryou/Bakura, slight fluff, absence of most other characters, slight AU?

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 16th july 2003, by Misura

Note : For the sake of the plot, Seto *walks* to school, like normal people, instead of being driven there. Maybe the car broke down or something ...

Chapter warning : kissing, snuggling and slight oocness if you don't consider Kaiba a person to indulge in the previously mentioned activities.


Joey stumbled forwards until his legs bumped into something soft.

The bed probably.

Why couldn't Mokuba have put on the light before closing the door?

Ah well.

His hands reached out to find out if his assumption was correct and if the item in front of him was, indeed, a bed. When they brushed something warm that was on the bed, he hastily withdrew them, wondering what it could be.

Someone moaned softly, followed by the sound of movement and a small light being turned on.

Joey felt his jaw drop as he stared at the person who blinked at him sleepily.


This must be a dream or something.

Makes sense I guess ; I'm in his house after all.

"Joey ... "

Yup, definitely a dream.

He'd never call me by my real name if it wasn't.

The expression of Kaiba's face changed abruptly.

"Do you imitate fish as well as dogs now?"

The illusion shattered. Joey knew he shouldn't blame Kaiba for, well, being himself, but he still felt angry at him.

Can't he ever show at least a little polliteness?

"Listen here, Kaiba!" he growled, taking a step forwards, though he wasn't sure what he intended to do ; starting a fight with Kaiba in pajamas seemed rather wrong. "I - "

He tripped over a pair of shoes, landing half on Kaiba and half on the rest of the bed. Mokuba would have been very pleased with Joey's current position, no doubt, though the blond himself was more embarrassed than anything else.

"Hmm. You're as clumsy as a puppy as well." Kaiba smirked, making no attempt to push Joey off him. In part because he wasn't that strong and didn't want to lose face by trying it and failing, in part because well, it felt kind of nice to have Joey covering him like a living blanket.

"Am not. Your shoes were at the wrong place." Joey shifted his position, aware that he was lying draped over the other in a rather suggestive way, but unwilling to break the only contact he had ever had with Kaiba.

He doesn't like to be touched.

Yet he's not trying to shove me away.

And I'm fully dressed.

He hadn't realized he had spoken that last thought aloud until Kaiba replied to it.

"You're supposed to wear pajamas in bed, mutt, not your regular clothing. Didn't anyone tell you that? No wonder you always look so shabby."

"I'm not stupid. But I don't have any pajamas with me."

Would you offer me some? I don't want to ask but ....

Why does he have to be such a prick?

"Well, then I guess you'll have to sleep in your boxers." Kaiba shrugged, hiding his grin. "Because you're not going to sleep in these." He tugged at the sleeve of Joey's shirt.

"There's *no* way I'm going to sleep in just my boxers while you - "

"You want me to strip down to boxers as well?" Kaiba raised one eyebrow, no longer trying to hide his amusement at the situation. Joey blushed and stuttered something. "Perhaps your demand isn't wholly unreasonable, now that I come to think of it."

Joey squeaked.

"What? You find the concept of being near-naked in a bed with me distasteful?" Kaiba inquired, a smirk masking his tension at Joey's answer.

"Of course not!" Joey protested. "Uhm, that is .... "

This is all going way too fast.

I don't have any control over the situation anymore.

"Why don't you think of this as one of your dreams?" Kaiba suggested, praying he had betted right in thinking Joey had had some fantasies about him, like he had had some about the blond.

"This is not a dream." Joey replied, a bit confused.

What's he getting at?

"No, but if you *think* of it that way, you might be more at ease."

Joey considered this. "Only ... if I mess up here, it's really bad, isn't it? I mean, if I do something wrong that makes you not want to try with me anymore, it's over. Forever."

Kaiba worked his pajama over his head and tossed it to the floor, returning his gaze to the squirming blond on his bed. He gently pulled Joey in his arms.

"Joey. I can't promise you I'll never be mad at you again, or that I'll never do something to make you mad at me again. I can't even promise you we'll be together for the rest of our lives. But I do think it's worth a try to make at least some of our dreams come true."

After a moment, Joey nodded.

It wasn't too long before his shirt and two pairs of trousers joined Kaiba's pajama.

When Mokuba tiptoed in the room at midnight, he found the two of them curled up together. He smiled and left as quiet as he had come.

Joey woke up unplagued by nightmares or any other sort of dreams. Looking down on the person he embraced and was embraced by he wondered if it was because one of them had become reality.

"What's the goofy grin about, puppy?" Kaiba grumbled, woken by Joey's movements.

"Nothing. Just happy." Joey answered.

Another groan. "Good for you. Now can you go away and be happy somewhere else?"

For a moment, Joey went cold. Has it been another dream after all?

But no, it can't be. I'm still in the same bed with him, naked.

Or nearly naked anyway.

"My, my, morning's not your time of day, is it?" he said teasingly.

Please don't let him turn on me. Please.

"No one in his right mind likes mornings." Kaiba muttered. "Only crazy people, like Mokuba."

"Awww, poor you. Surrounded by crazy people. Shall I kiss and make it all better?"

"If you think it'll help." Kaiba grumbled. There was a smile tugging at his lips though ; Joey could see it. He leaned forwards, only to be shoved away almost violently as the sound of a door being opened sounded.

"Gooood morning!" Mokuba bounced into the room, carrying a tray. "I brought you breakfast in bed! Now, do you have a hug left for me, Seto, or has Joey gotten them all?"

Kaiba blushed, prompting both Joey and Mokuba to glomp him. Mokuba winked at Joey. "Seto always has a terrible temper when he wakes up. Shall I tell you how I usually manage to cheer him up?"

"Mokuba! Don't you dare!" Kaiba trashed around, trying to get away from the other two, while Joey nodded at Mokuba.

"My big brother is very, very ticklish. So I make him laugh until he promises to be nice. Perhaps you could try kissing his frown away though, that might work too. I'd love to see that."

"Uhm, maybe some other time." Joey choked out.

"Never!" Kaiba growled. "Forget it, Mokuba!"

"Tsk, tsk." Mokuba shook his head. "Such harsh words, big brother. Oh well, I guess I'll have to tickle you a bit longer then, to punish you. Joey?"

They exchanged a grin and Kaiba knew his fate was sealed.