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Chapter 1: Unexpected Friendship

"Okay everyone trainings over! Good work guys!"

At the sound of that Ino Yamanaka, a girl ninja with blue eyes and long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail, dropped to the floor, breathing heavily in exhaustion. She glanced up at her sensei to see him smiling. He was tall, real laid back and always seen smoking a cigarette. By the look on his face, Ino could tell that he was very impressed with the training they did today. Ino sat up and looked over at her teammates. Choji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara. They seemed really out of it as well. Choji was chunky, with spiky light brown hair, always seen eating, and has been made fun of for that.

Shikamaru he was skinny, tall, black hair pulled in a ponytail that made his hair stand up, he liked to do everything by himself, and thought everything was a bother. Ino watched as choji pulled out a bag of snacks and started stuffing his face. "Jezz Asume sensei you worked us real hard today." Choji said with his mouth all stuffed. "I worked you all hard and you three did a very good job im very impressed." Asuma said looking very proud at all the three of them. "Well im off my work here is done. Be sure to be back in this same spot tomorrow for training."

All three of them looked at him and nodded. He smiled a half smile, then turned around and left. Ino sat up straight and leaned up against a tree stump and Choji and Shikamaru sat on a log talking about the training they had today. "Shikamaru you were really concentrating today." Choji said still stuffing his face. Shikamaru smiled and then turned his attention to Ino. "You seemed to be getting better at you shintenshin Ino." He said laying his arms on his legs, folding his hands together, and looking at her. Ino smiled a half smile, lifted her arms and made a box in her hands and aimed it at Shikamaru.

"You think so." She said smiling "Why not try it on you. You can tell me how much better I got!" Shikamaru kind of jumped at this so did Choji. Ino put her hands down and laughed about it. "Come on you two, you know I wouldn't do that to any of you!" She smiled at both of them. Shikamaru smirked and Choji then again started eating again and nudged Shikamaru and nodded his head towards Ino. Ino by this time was looking at the ground and wasn't paying any attention to them at all. Shikamaru rubbed the back of his neck, "Ino..." He said nervously. "Would you want..." "OH NO!"

Shikamaru and Choji both freaked out and fell off the log. Ino jumped to her feet and looked at shikamaru and Choji on the ground. Both with big eyes looking at her. "Oh, Gomen. I forgot I was supposed to meet Hinata! Ja ne!" After that Ino raced down the street to meet her. Choji shook his head as he watched Ino leave.

"Poor Shikamaru."

Ino raced down the street to meet Hinata. "Gah! How could I For.." Ino stopped in her tracks when she heard a very familiar voice. "Sasuke-kun, after this how bout a date!" Ino Froze for a second and right away knew whom that voice belonged to. She raced to where the voice was and spotted Sakura Haruno. Her rival, they used to be best friends, but after Sakura found out that they had a crush on the same guy she declared them rivals. She has green eyes, long pink hair and a big forehead.

She was standing with the guy she and Ino had the biggest crush on for years, Sasuke Uchiha. He was good looking, all the girls wanted him. He stood there with that usual non-facial expression his black eyes usually gave of this im-annoyed-with-you look, hands in his pockets, and his black hair spiked up. "Ara, Sakura Haruno..." Ino said standing tall, crossing her arms over her chest and raising one eyebrow at her. Sakura turned around and saw Ino standing there.

"Oh great right when I could have got a date BUSU (Ugly) had to show up!" She thought to herself. She faced Ino and crossed her arms over her chest. "Ino what are you doing here?" Ino tilted her head and smirked at her. "I saw your FOREHEAD on the way to go see Hinata, and heard you trying to get a date from Sasuke-kun." Sakura narrowed her eyes at Ino and tightened her fist at the word of forehead. "Oh so who can't miss you busu...!?". Sasuke seemed to get really annoyed with the way that they fought for his attention when he never asked for it. He could care less if he had it of not. So he thought. Ino and Sakura stared down at each other and then in seconds they were in each other's faces yelling.



They yelled that over and over again. Those words seem to be flying out of Ino's mouth with out even trying. She was so used to these fights that they had it was starting to get ridicules. She rolled her eyes at Sakura and stopped arguing with her. "Sakura.." Then she all of a sudden remembered about Hinata again."OH NO! Now im even MORE late!"
She turned around and raced down the street again leaving Sakura and Sasuke dumbfound. Before Ino was out of sight she turned around looked right at Sakura, stuck her tough out at her, and pulled down one of her eyelids. She saw from a distance Sakura waving her hands in a mad fit. She started to crack up with laughter and ran.


Ino finally reached the ramen stand that she was supposed to meet Hinata at. She was even more exhausted then when she had been training. "Hinata-chan!" Ino yelled right when she saw her in sight. Hinata glanced over at her and smiled. "Hello Ino-chan!" "Yo! I'm so sorry im late, I kind of got side tracked."

Ino said smiling. By the look that Hinata was giving her she knew she had ran into Sasuke, but didn't say anything about it just smiled at her. They both sat down and ordered some ramen. While they waited Ino told Hinata everything that happened with her and Sakura. Hinata giggled her little shy- like giggled. Ino smiled and laid her chin down on the table taping her fingers on it. She smiled to her self and couldn't believe her and Hinata were so close.

"Oi, Hinata-chan do you remember when we became friends?" Hinata smiled at her and nodded. Hinata was a very shy girl, she had a big heart and cares for everyone even if they did something bad to her she would forgive you. She's very quiet un like Ino she is loud and will speak her mind but she was to humble to say anything to anyone, but that's how they came to be friends. "Ino-chan, thank you for that day." Hinata said pressing her to index fingers together. She had told Ino thank you about a million times but she never seemed to think that was enough.

"Hinata-chan, it was nothing." Ino said leaning back into the chair. After that they were served their ramen. Hinata ate it quietly and Ino stared at it thinking. She remembered the day they became friends, they were seven. She had been walking home from helping her grandma at the flower shop her family owned and heard people yelled Hinata's. She turned the corner and saw Aimi, the same girl who used to pick on Sakura for her big forehead picking on Hinata. Ino couldn't stand her, she had the biggest mouth ever.

Ino watched for a second as she yelling at and made mean comments to Hinata. Since Ino and Hinata where in the same class she couldn't stand back and watch. As she walked over to them she saw Aimi push Hinata into the wall which mad her mad, so she ran over to Aimi and threw flowers in her mouth for the second time. Ino shrugged and told Aimi that, she once again mistaken her wide mouth for a vase. Ino remembered helping Hinata onto her feet and listening to Aimi say that that trick will only work once.

Ino remembered glaring at Aimi and telling her that it would be stupid for her to fall for it again but if you bit into them like she just did there poisonous. Aimi ran off right after hearing with both of her arms up in the air. Ino smiled to herself, she knew for a fact that her and Hinata were one unexpected friendship. But she was glad that they were friends, best friends. Ino really liked being around Hinata. She was so smart and always they're for her when she was down.

"Ino-chan. Ino-chan" Ino glanced up at Hinata. "Ino-chan, your food was getting cold." "Oh thanks. Hinata-chan." "Ano," Hinata stopped eating her ramen and turned to Ino. "I have something to tell you," Ino turned to her and looked at her. She seemed very nervous from what she usually seemed. "What is it Hinata-chan?" Hinata started to blush and looked up at Ino. "I brought you hear to tell you who I liked." Ino raised her eyebrow at her. "Ya, who is it?"

"Its...Na....Naruto-kun." Ino fell off her chair and hit the floor. She looked at Hinata, it all made sense. Her shyness around him her constant staying behind Ino while he was there, but still. "EH!!! NARUTO!!"

"Hey, hey what about me?"


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