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Chap. 14


Sasuke looked down at the Ino who was, just a few seconds ago passed out. He noticed her hands were cold but it could of been from the lack of movement the hours she was out. She slowly pulled away from him, he stared at her for a few moments, her face was still kind of pale but besides that she was perfect. "I'm sorry Sasuke, I wasnt paying attention when I stepped on the smoke bomb." she looked slowly relesed his shirt and looked around.

She noticed Sakura, Naruto and Hinata. They were all asleep. She pointed cluelessly, "What are they doing here?" she whispered, Sasuke shruged, "When you were knocked out they caught me leaning over...you..." he paused for a moment and thought about what he had said. The look on her face went from a clueless one to a what the hell were you doing over me? His eye started to twitch, "I was checking to see if you were okay thats about it."

She smiled and he tooked away pretending not no care. She was always so happy but seeing her smile up close, he glanced at her, made him want to smile with her, but he forced his self not to. He didnt have time for this, none of it. He still had things to finish, work to do, train to be better...there was no time for a...Ino. If there was what would people think? they already talked about him being the last Uchiha. When he was younger he remembered having to hear it all the time.

It got annoying. He figured not caring about that and anyone would be best, but now. He noticed Ino stand up. He eyed her, but now that he knew her he cared, repected the fact that she was a strong willed person that took charge in important matters. She stretched and shifted her eyes toward him. He fastly took his eyes off her. "Sasuke....I'm not tired so why dont you sleep and I'll watch over all of you." "Tch...I'm not going to let you do that." she blinked and sat down right in front of him. He looked at her as she sort of frowned, "Why not? I'm a tough girl."

Sasuke smirked, she was being cute in a weird deffence way. He didnt say anything after that, just stared off. Ino sighed and moved besides him. She took glanced at him, he reminded her alot about her, how in the past she'd always cling to him. She made a face looking down, 'I was proberly REALLY annoying...' She smiled, 'It was fun though.' it was weird to say she wasnt like that anymore. At times she wanted to do it then at over times she just wanted to be away from him.

He was very distant she wasnt sure why. She wanted to ask but it wasnt any of her buisness. She figured that if she would of lost her whole family she'd be the same way. All she ever really did was hug him and show him affection back then, thinking about it now...if she was alone she would of liked it. Maybe that was why when she first hugged him he didnt push her away...but the look on his face was priceless. She giggled getting Sasuke's attention. He eye'd her again, "Whats so funny?"

She shook her head and stood up. "Since you want to be stuborn and not let me watch over you I'm going to take a walk." she winked and smiled, "Ja." Sasuke quickly stood up and grabbed her wrist, she looked down then up at him. "A walk? Its late dont be stupid. If you get into trouble I wont be there to help you." She slowly pulled his hand away. "I told you already, I'm a tough girl i can tie my own shoes and everything." After that she walked off.

Sasuke stood there, his eye twitched. Now he kind of knew how Shikamaru felt and had the urge to say 'troublesome' she really could be when she wanted to. He stood there for a moment thinking if he should go after her or not. He didnt quite know what to do. He looked over at Sakura, she was alseep, he thought about it for a minute then took off. Alot of things were going through his head. If anyone were to wake up and notice they were both gone...'What the hell' he picked up the pace and spotted her.

She was walking in the shadows of the forest taking in all the air. She really needed to think right now. Being with Sasuke was really getting to her. Her promise. Her decicion. They were pulling at her insides. Looking at him made her want him, it was bad she knew but...having him with her, right there and then, knowing that now she could make a move and she wasnt doing it was irritating. She gave a heavey sigh. 'I know Sasuke kun doesnt like me...why am I even doing this to myself. Ino come on, you need to stop this. You gave up remember? You cant go back on it...or can you...?'

She shook her head, "No...I cant do that. Arg! This is fustrating." Sasuke watched her placing both hands in his pockets. She seemed to be having trouble with something. He could tell in her movements, the way she was acting, the walk at night was a big give away. No one just decideds to walk alone at night when they dont have anything to think about. He was just going to make sure she didnt get into trouble...or was he? He walk onward, he wanted to walk besides her but he didnt want her to think anything...he wanted to know more about her he had to admit.

She was the second girl he'd ever HAD to get to know. She was interesting. He tried to be as quiet as he could but as if luck were on his side he stepped on a branch craking it in half. It made a loud sound which made Ino jump with a kunai in her hand. Sasuke stood there, dumbfounded. She sweat-dropped and put the kunai back in place, "Sasuke?" he stood still for a moment, twitched then called out to her, "You should come back now." She smiled turning back around to walk, "Why? Am I worring you?" she looked over her shoulder at him. He looked down and gave off this cute annoyed face with his hands in his pockets, "This is annoying. I'm going back."

He tunred around to leave thinking she'd follow him but she didnt. She just walked along with her hand on her kunai just incase anything poped out at her. He felt limp and turned back around to follow her. 'Whats she trying to do' he looked around, it was a quiet night all that could be heard were the buzzing of bugs and the wind slightly blowing. Ino glanced over her shoulder pretending not to see him she walked onward then thought about how she was acting. 'Epp! I'm acting like my oldself again! Nooooo. Bad Ino. No flirting no no n-' She was shook out of thought when she walking into a clearing.

Sasuke was to busy looking at the ground, cursing under his breath about how much a pain she was that he bumped into her. "What are you-" she placed a hand over his mouth. He stared out into where she was staring. There was a lake, the stars were brightly shining. He raised a eye brow looking at it then at Ino, "Now I know why Shikamaru always stars at the stars at night. Its beautiful." Sasuke was going to turn around pulling her with him untill he heard her speech. He looked out, it all looked normal to him, not what she called, 'beautiful' but what ever. "Ino lets go..." he stoped.

How the moon and the settings around them were set. It made her look beautiful, weird how things like this could do that to you. He stared at her for a moment. He wished someone would just stab him and get him back on track but..."Your...beautiful..." Ino turned around to face him...they both kind of stared at eachother...not knowing what was going on...or what to do.


Sakura grabbed onto the scroll they had been carrying, she woke. She stared at the scroll. "When are we supossed to open it." she heard rustling of the leafs. She turned around thinking it was Sasuke but no one was there. "Sasuke kun?" she looked around then noticed Ino was gone. She sat there, "Sasuke.....kun....Ino....whats going on." she felt tears forming in her eyes. Naruto left her...now Sasuke? No...he couldnt leave her for Ino, she remebered Ino gave up on him and if he knew that....he'd give up on any feelings he might of been getting. She couldnt let Sasuke fall for Ino...that just wasnt right she was always one to look out for him...

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