Author: scarypuffringo

Author's note: I don't own Mutant X and anything related to it. I'm just a fan. I feel like I should warn you about this story. It's mainly romance and drama, so there aren't many actions scenes. I haven't watched the third season yet and most episodes of the second season. I'm from Brasil and we just watched the fifth episode of the second season. So everything you read in this fic comes from this weird mind of mine. Please, take a look and tell me what you guys think. All the comments are welcome and I do mean all of them...






Chapter One

Jesse was in the dojo practicing some new moves that Shalimar had taught him. He had been there for almost three hours. No break; he just kept throwing punches and more punches and kicks and more kicks in the air; also taking down some hologram-men. To tell the truth, that was what he did most during those past few weeks. Jesse never said a thing but it was the only way he could get his mind off of his own thoughts, of his own memories and regrets, everything that he secretly kept bottled up inside and that, now, was haunting him. Jesse's breathing was heavy and shallow. He practically had run out of strengths. Even though he didn't want to, it was time for him to stop. He grabbed a bottle of water that was placed on the first step of the ladder then sitting down, he took a sip from it. His right hand went up to the back of his neck as he slowly moved his head, trying to relax a little.

'Jesse. . . . Jesse.' He had his eyes closed when he heard a voice whispering his name. His eyes shot up opened, widening in suspicious. He cautiously scanned around the place but there was no one there. The confusion grew in his mind at the right moment one of his senses detected something else. A smell in the air enveloped him in its scent. Jesse was able to recognize it right away. It was the smell of a perfume; a particular sweet perfume that he knew very well. Jesse abruptly stood up as his ears caught sound of something approaching him. The longing in his eyes was enormous. There was no doubt at that single minute, he knew who was about to walk in. His mind knew that it was impossible but his heart fought against it. His heart was pounding and he desperately needed to believe it was true.

She stepped in holding something in her hand. Jesse caught vision of her and heavily exhaled in frustration and disappointment. He sat back down and let his body fall backwards to the dojo's ground. The young lady eyed him. She noticed something was off with him.

"Are you okay, Jesse?" Lexa casually asked as she walked past him, heading to the lab. Jesse didn't even bother to respond. He only waved at her, dismissing her question.




"What took you so long?" Frowned Brennan when Lexa made her way into the lab.

The brunette lightly glared at him, not very pleased with the annoyed tone he had used. "Sorry. Here you are." She handed Shalimar a small tube filled with some blue liquid.

"Are you sure you now what to do with it?" Brennan expressed his concerns. It was an not very usual scene to be going on. Shalimar and Brennan at the lab. Those two spent most of their days minding their own business but something had come up and it was something that needed their attention too.

Shalimar was about to disputed Brennan's question but knew it was no time for that. So as she carefully opened the tube, she admitted. "No. Not really. I think we should get Jesse."

Brennan gave her a look and called through his COM. ring. "Jesse? You hear me? Jess? Jess?" They all heard no reply. "That's odd! Jess?" Called Brennan once more.

"I just saw him in the dojo." Lexa informed, rolling her eyes at her own statement.

"He's still practicing?" Shalimar wondered aloud, sounding a little bit concerned but then she remembered what had happened to him and immediately figured why he was trying to escape from reality.

"No, not practicing. He was done with that." Lexa went on while Brennan and Shalimar carefully proceeded with the procedure. "Is. Is everything alright with him? I mean, Jesse."

Both, Shalimar and Brennan paused for a second and shared a look. "Yeah! Jesse is perfectly fine. Why do you ask?" Shalimar put on a fake smile, pretending not to know what Lexa was talking about.

"Ummm. Nothing in particular. It's just that it seemed.. I don't know. Hugh. I got the feeling that he was sort of expecting something or someone when I came in. I could see that he was disappointed when he saw it was only me. Then he collapsed on the floor."

"The man's been practicing for hours. He's tired. That's all. Besides he's not me." Brennan jumped in again, even joking a little, not really getting that Lexa was trying to insinuate something.

Lexa shook her head, disagreeing with her mutant fellow. "I don't think it's just weariness that is bothering Jesse. He's sorta been acting a little strange. Don't you think? And-"

"Lexa, let me ask you something? How long have you known Jesse?" Shalimar interrupted Lexa, her voice slightly dripping with warning sarcasm.

"I- I- I don't know. Three, four months. I think." The girl stammered, searching her memory.

"I've known Jesse a little bit longer that that. Seven years to be exact. I think I know him better than you do." Shalimar ironically pointed. "When I say Jesse is fine. It means that Jesse IS fine. It's like Brennan said. He's been practicing a lot lately. He's just tired. Okay?"

Lexa saw herself in a situation where there was no chance in trying to dispute. Shalimar was a feral and Lexa had no intentions in getting on her nervous. "If you say so."

"I know so." Shalimar finished, glaring at the woman standing right next to her.

"I'll go get him. He's probably in the shower or devouring our food." Brennan used his charm to ease the tension that hung in the air then he went after his friend. .




The night came, Shalimar and Brennan went to a club and party up a little. Lexa and Jesse stayed in the Sanctuary. The two barely managed to exchange a couple of words every time they accidentally passed by each other. But matter of factly, Jesse was having a hard time in getting used to have Lexa around. Since the first day she joined Mutant X, Jesse never really felt comfortable or safe around her. He got a weird vibe coming from Lexa. That's why he couldn't fully trust her. It was something that made him restless, uneasy and always alert.

Jesse was in his room reading when he remembered to check out the time again. It was past one in the morning. Jesse was really tired but he was having trouble to sleep. He glanced over his bedside drawer and a pill was resting over it. Shalimar knew what he was going through, so she gave him that pill and told him it was going to help him to get some sleep. Jesse didn't like the idea but he took the medicine, anyway. Truth was he hadn't much of a choice. .



'Jesse. Jesse. . Jesse." Jesse tossed and turned in his bed. It was like he was fighting a battle. His forehead dripped with sweat as he whimpered, it was almost as if he was in pain. 'Jesse. Jesse. I need you. . . Jesse.'

"Ahhh!!" Jesse startled awake, sitting up on the bed. His frightened eyes roaming around his room in confusion while he tried to ease his breathing. He closed his lids slowly, falling backwards. It was the eighth night he had that dream. It was more a like a nightmare to him. It wasn't quite clear, although it felt extremely real. Every time Jesse tried to remember something, anything about the dream, all he could make out of it was the memory of a voice calling his name. A voice crying for help. It was the same voice he had heard when he was in the dojo earlier that day. Deep down Jesse felt that the voice was somewhat familiar to him. But in spite of his hard trying, he still wasn't able to figure out whose voice it was. . .




Lexa was already in the lab when Jesse came down. The two only cast a short suspicious look at each other then he took his position at the computer. Lexa had practically took over Adam's lab and it bothered Jesse in a way that he couldn't understand. He started working and after a few minutes Shalimar and Brennan joined them there.

"Oh, Jesus! Jess, you look like crap!" Brennan remarked as he made his entrance. Jesse didn't reply and only nodded.

"I hate to agree with Brennan, Jess but he's right. What happened to you? A truck hit you or something?" Shalimar smirked knowingly, she wanted to make her friend feel better.

Jesse awkwardly scratched his head and tiredly answer in a monotone voice. "Couldn't sleep."

"Again?" Brennan practically yelled in surprised. Shalimar glared at him in warning as Jesse overlooked at her in reprehension. Shalimar couldn't read thoughts but right then she could tell that Jesse wanted to kill her for telling Brennan about his problem when he specific asked her not to. While all those silent sentences were spoken between the three Lexa stood there not saying a thing. She pretended to be concentrating in whatever she was doing when she actually was observing everything very closely, analyzing every move and every word that was and that was not being spoken.

"I told you to get a new mattress." Shalimar tried to disguise the truth and even clumsily give him an apology. Brennan, whom now was not getting much of what was really happening, just went for it.

"Yeah, man!" Brennan walked to Jesse. "I'll tell you what. . Why don't you and I go out later? We can catch a move or something. Maybe we walk up with some fine young ladies there and-" Brennan was doing his best to distract Lexa's mind from Jesse's problem but he was being a little to convincing. Shalimar without giving a second thought swatted him in the arm when she heard him mentioning girls. Brennan mumbled a noise that almost sounded like a groan then he returned to the precious subject. "And. humm. get you a new mattress."

Apparently all that acting worked for something after all. Something got into Lexa that made her give them a lame excuse and dash out of the Sanctuary right away. Jesse rolled his eyes at Lexa's suspicious leaving while Shalimar and Brennan didn't even suspect that might had been something wrong about her. Jesse spoke again, now referring to a group of new mutants they were supposed to hide in a safe house. "Everything is set. They will be waiting for us at-"

"Let's cut the crap, Jess. Tell me what's going on with you." Shalimar worried voice cut through his sentence. Brennan glanced over her to Jesse and waited his friend start giving them a reasonable explanation. Jesse felt like he was trapped. His friends eyes were on him, demanding an immediate answer. Jesse stood up and took a few steps around the lab. Shalimar and Brennan just watched him in an awe. Brennan could feel that something really serious was going on with Jesse but he didn't have a clue of what it was but Shalimar did. All she needed was Jesse to confirm her suspicious.

"I wish I knew what it's going with me." Jesse broke the silence, his voice coming out low and shaky. "I've been having these dreams and-"

"What kinds of dreams?" Brennan sounded more and more concerned about his friend.

"If I tell you that I really don't know, will you believe me?" The blond scared guy got out.

Shalimar frowned at him. "Not really."

"Well, but that's the answer. Okay? All I know is that there is this-" Jesse went on giving them the few details about his dreams that he could remember but right then something hit him. Jesse blinked confusedly as Shalimar began to lecture him about him hiding things from them and about him lying to himself. He looked at her and tried hard to listen to what she was saying but he heard nothing. It was like something in his mind was blocking the sounds from the outside world. All he could hear was that same voice calling him again.

'Jesse. Jesse. Jesse.' He heard it over and over again. The confusion inside his head grew as well as the desperation. The voice was sort of blinding him too. Shalimar's and Brennan's faces were becoming a little blurred, he couldn't make out their features very clearly. Jesse's hands came up to his face as his eyes told Brennan and Shalimar that he was about to lose control.

"Jesse? Can you hear me? Jesse?" Shalimar was panicking as she saw her friend that way.

"Jess? Come on, pall. Talk to me." Brennan's voice tried to force Jesse to step out of his inside world.

The voice called and called until it slowly began to fade away but by then it had already drawn all of Jesse's strength out of his body. He fell to the floor, trying hard to catch his breath. "Jesse." Shalimar whispered while she and Brennan ran to help him. They lifted him and helped him to get up on the stretcher. They placed him laid there.

"What was that?" Brennan asked in confusion.

Jesse swallowed down a feeling of weakness and embarrassment. "Nothing. It was nothing." He denied the obvious as he sat up, his voice now sounding a little bit stronger.

"It wasn't nothing, Jesse! It was something. You gotta tell us what is-" Shalimar's concerns spoke louder this time, she was demanding the truth, her voice was harsh and loud at his ears.

Jesse got nervous with all that so he just yelled back at her. "I told you it was nothing." Brennan and Shalimar got surprised by his reprisal. "Now. the new mutants. I gotta-"

"You're not going." Shalimar briefly informed as she eyed the location's address on the computer screen.

"Shal, I can-" Jesse tried to dispute but she didn't give him much time to it.

"Brennan, let's go." She ordered and the two walked out of there, leaving Jesse behind. . .




Adam was in his car. He had left a facility hidden in the woods, he was working there now. His phone rang about a couple minutes after that. He picked it and looked at the screen, recognizing the number right away.

"Yes!" He answered.

A male voice spoke from the other line. "I'm just informing you that I know what you're doing, Adam. And that it has been taken cared of."

Adam's eyes shot out in anger when heard that. "The patient is mine. You have no right to-"

"The patient's brain activity was way above the stasis limit. We can not-" Adam heard the man spoke again.

"I decide what we can and what we can not do about that patient." Adam growled and turned off his phone, not even leaving the other man the chance to say something back. . .




The night came and again Jesse was wandering around his darkened room. It was past midnight but he wasn't sleepless this time. He could feel his body begging for some peaceful rest. But Jesse was afraid. He didn't want to fall asleep and dream again. That episode with Brennan and Shalimar earlier scared him to the death. Jesse was dreadfully afraid it could happen again during his sleep and that it could cause him to never wake up again. He was confused and didn't know what to think of himself. He had no clue of what was going on with his mind and body. What if he was mutating again?"

Despite his effort in staying away that night, Jesse had fallen asleep into a deep slumber. And it didn't took much long for the voice to echo in his brain again. 'Jesse. . . Jesse. Jesse. Jesse.' He heard it within his mind. It sounded louder than anything else he'd ever heard. But it was not only loud and demanding for attention, it was also filled with enormous despair. The calling was becoming more and more repeated. Jesse was twisting and turning in his bed, his body drenched in his sweat. Jesse tried to fought against the voice, he wanted to wake up but it seemed useless. The voice wouldn't let him wake, not until the right time came. It was becoming more and more clear to his ears. It was a woman's voice. He knew it. He wasn't wrong, the voice indeed was familiar but he still didn't know whose voice it was. As Jesse used all the power in body to identify the voice, slowly an imagine was being formed in the back of his head. It was all blurred at first, but bit by bit it became brighter and the voice louder than before. Suddenly it stopped and the picture became crystal clear , he could see it perfectly now. He saw her bright eyes and her saddened face as she weakly called again. 'Jesse.' The face disappeared as well as the voice. Jesse shot up awake and dreadfully whispered to himself.