Rogue woke up the next morning happy and excited. She hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to get ready for the danger room session. She thought about the night before and what had happened. She had told him she had tried to leave because of what she saw. Scott chuckled and told her what Jean and he had spoken of.

The Conversation the night before:

Jean sat on her bed and looked at Scott. She was happy that he was feeling better and had wanted to talk. She sensed a sort of firmness in his usually nervous manner. She wondered who was behind it because she knew it wasn't her. When she caught a glimpse of what was on his mind. She smiled though she was a little sad that she would have to let go of someone who had comforted her and had been more of a friend than most.

"Jean, you know that I care about you in a way that can never change. We'll always be best friends and always have this connection between us. But we don't fit. We're too alike and yet too different at the same time. You're strengths are my strengths; your weaknesses are mine too. So I think that we'll save ourselves if we just end this relationship. I don't know what else to say." Scott stared into her eyes through his glasses. He had decided not to take them off. He wanted to share it with someone else, someone who had given him that gift. He was surprised when Jean hugged him tightly.

"Scott, I understand. I care about you too. I was with you because we were such good friends it just seemed like the obvious step. I know how you feel about Rogue," Scotts eyes widened in surprise, Jean smiled. "I've been sensing chemistry between you two for the last few days. I want us to always be friends Scott. I hope that we can stay that way."

"Always Jean," Scott kissed her on the cheek and got up, holding out his hand. She took it and they walked out together, closer than ever.

Scott turned around and caught a wink from Logan who seemed to be whistling a show tune. He just shrugged his shoulders and continued on.

Back to the Present:

Rogue entered the Danger room and saw all the smiles from her family. Her eyes began to tear at her slip of thought. Her family.This they were. She had found acceptance and love from these people when she was turned away by others. Scott looked at her through red glasses and she looked at her gloved hands.

"We have a surprise." Scott said to the rest of the x men. They looked at Rogue and him, curiously wondering what was going on. Rogue smiled and pulled her right glove off and took off his glasses. Scott's eyes were closed. Than he opened his eyes and she stood on her toes and kissed him. After a minute of shocked silence, everyone screamed in delight and ran to the couple. Hugging Rogue and looking into the beautiful blue eyes of their fearless leader. They stared at each other as they were swept in the arms of others and they smiled happy to have been set free.