I'm only ten.

God, please don't let me die—I'm only ten.

I'll try to be a good boy.  I'll try to say all my Hail Mary's and go to confession every day.

I'll try.

I'll try really hard, I promise—


//Hush, little Ryou, don't say a word…//

Please, God.  Whoever this demon is…just please make him go away.  I don't want to die.

//Yami's gonna buy you a mocking bird…//

Did I do something wrong?  Have I committed an unforgivable sin?  I'm sorry if I have, but I'm only ten and I'm still learning.

//And if that mocking bird don't sing, yami's gonna buy you a diamond ring…//

What is it about me that he hates so much?  I remember times late at night when I'd wake up in his arms.  He'd just be holding me, rocking me, petting me and calling me his angel.

If I'm his angel, why does he hate me so much?

I don't mean to make him angry, I really don't.

Ouch.  Ouchouchouch

//And if that diamond ring turns brass, yami's gonna buy you a looking glass…//

His voice is getting closer to my ear.

Oh God, I'm really afraid.  I don't want to die.

//And if that looking glass gets broke, yami's gonna buy you a billy goat…//

How does he always manage to find a knife in this place, what did he call it…a Soul Room?

I'm starting to consider it a package deal…a yami complete with perfect, stainless steel knife…

//And if that billy goat don't pull—//


//—yami's gonna buy you a cart and mule…//

I think I'll be sick…

I wonder, if I pass out, will I wake up, just like from a dream?  Can I just end this somehow?

Can I really die in this place anyway?  Is it real at all?

It hurts.  And I'm scared.  This is why the other kids make fun of me.

I'm scared.

//Oh, what is it?  Are you crying, little Ryou?//


//Answer me.//

Please God.

//Oh, you're praying to that deity of yours?  Let's see if he can get you out of this one…//

(Noiseless scream.)

//Don't have anything to say now, do you, pretty Ryou?//

Keep your hands off me.

//Hush little Ryou, don't say a word…//

You sang that part already.

//…diamond ring…//

I think I'm really losing it this time.

//…cart and mule tip over…//

Tip.  Sway.

I'll be sick.

//Good boy.//

That isn't part of the song.

Why is your voice still hushed?


Please, God—