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Bosco had a pretty uneventful day so far. He was ducking calls and yelling at the rookie for what seemed like breathing wrong.

There were a few interesting calls that made Bosco wish that Faith was still out on the streets with him.

Bosco decided to see what Faith wanted for lunch before he headed back to the station.

55 David to dispatch….

Go a head David.

"Faith what you want me to bring you for lunch?"

"Not what you should be calling on the radio for, but want to meet me at the diner around the corner from the station so your rookie can have some food too?"

"I guess, but we will come pick you up so you don't have to walk see you in about 10. 55 David out. "

"Ok Edwards we are going back to the station to pick up my future wife then we are going to head and get something to eat at one of the local diners that always treat's the NYPD good. You are welcome to join us, but when we pick her up you will get in back." Bosco explained to his rookie.

"I can just hang out at the station till you are done"

"You do that and Faith will have my ass for not being nice to you."

"So this is for you? Why should I be nice to you? All you have done out here today is treat me like crap and yell at me for everything." Edwards said half yelling half hurt that he wasn't getting along with who he was told was the best NYPD officer around.

"Your right, I haven't been treating you fair. Tell you what. Let's start over and see what we can get you out on later this afternoon. Right now I would really like to get her something to eat." Bosco was shocked he was even saying that. He didn't fully apologize though.

"The amazing Boscorelli is almost being nice." Edwards said with a smile.

"What ever makes you sleep at night rookie? I'll be right back out." Bosco said while getting out of the car and running into the station to get Faith.

Walking slowly and quietly behind Faith he slipped his arms around her and kissed her neck.

"Better watch out doing that. Bosco will kick your ass if he sees that." Faith said knowing it was Bosco.

"Very funny, You ready?"

"Sure lets blow this Popsicle stand and get me some real food. All this vending machine crap is making me sick."

With that they walked out to the car. Bosco was happy to see that his rookie was already sitting in the back of the car. Bosco walked Faith to her side. Opened the door and then shut it once she was all the way in.

"Faith this is John Edwards, Edwards this is Faith." Bosco introduced.

"So, you are the Famous other half to this tag team I am lucky to get to be a part of for only a moment?" Edwards said smiling.

"Nice to meet you." Faith said pushing something aside with her feet.

Then she noticed that Bosco didn't throw out his Field Training Guide.

Faith picked it up and started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Bosco asked while paying attention to where he was trying to park.

"That he still has this. Remember what happened to ours?"

"Yeah, but I was hoping that he would read it and leave me alone." Bosco said with a smirk.

"You are funny." Faith said smiling softly while looking back at the rookie. "He can be a little harsh, but is warming up to you already."

"How you figure that?" Edwards said realizing that Bosco wouldn't go off on him with her in the car.

"Cause he let you come with us for lunch."

With that they walked into the diner sat down and ordered some food. It was nice that they were able to get on the shift that allowed them to get back home in time for the kids.

After getting their food eating laughing and getting to know the rookie they heading back to the house to get faith back there and then Bosco and Edwards get back on the road.

Bosco walked Faith inside kissed her softly and then said good bye.

Bosco got back into the car and decided to give this rookie a chance. Bosco drove the car close to the trash can behind the station.

"Let me see your training guide."

Edwards gave him a confusing look but handed it over.

"OK lets start the out right. Boscorelli." Bosco said while holding out his hand to shake Edwards.

"John Edwards."

With that they started out.

55 David to dispatch.

Go a head 55 David.

Put us back in service please.

You got it.

They drove around for a while trying to find something to do. Bosco wanted to duck calls and stay out of harms way, but he didn't think that was a fair advantage to his rookie that might be his partner.

Bosco was lost in thought when his phone rang.


"Bosco are you close to the school?" Emily's voice sounded scared on the other line.

"Not really sweetie, but I can get there in about 5 minutes. What's wrong?" Bosco asked softly.

"I need something and didn't know who else to call."

"What's you needs?"

"Ummm, I need some never mind."

"No em, what you need?"

"This is pretty embarrassing. I need some tampons." Emily said really embarrassed. "And a change of clothes."

"You got is. Is there anything you can use for change of clothes in the bag that's in my car from you staying at my ma's?"

"Yeah if you can bring me that you shouldn't have to go to the store."

"I'll still stop at the gas station incase. Anythng special or just what I can find?"

"Anything's fine. I'm in the office."

"Ok be there soon."

55 David to dispatch

Go a head David.

Can you put us out of service for about 30 minutes.

What's wrong bos?

Just put us out of service and call my cell.

Got it David.

"Sorry Edwards. Got a kid issues that needs some help."

"You have kids?"

"Faiths kids, but I've helped raise them for a while now. And we have one on the way that's why she's riding the desk." Bosco said smiling.

"Not a problem. I understand the kids thing. I've got 2 myself."

"Never would have guessed." Bosco said happy that he has something to talk about when there is the okward silence in the car.

Bosco's phone rang and he answered it.

What's wrong? Faith asked

Emily needs a change of closed and some tampons.

She called you for that.

Kind of crazy right?

Yeah a little, Wonder why she didn't call me? Faith said more then asked.

Cause she knew you weren't in the car with me.

Yeah. Ok let me know when you are back in service..

Got it. Bye sweetie.

Bosco grabbed the bag from his car. Stopped by the gas station and then went to Emily's School. He walked inside and went into the principals' office.

"Can I help you officer?" The front desk lady asked Bosco.

"Yeah I have a few things to give to Emily Yokas."

"She's in the nurse's station. Go down the hall, make a right and it's your second door on the left."

"Thanks." Bosco said as walking about and following her directions.

Bosco gave Emily the bag and she thanked him smiled and he left.

While walking out to the car he heard the call come in for a 10-13. Never something an officer wants to hear while on…

55 David responding to the 10-13, I need details Faith who is it?

Sully and Ty were called out to a domestic and now calling in 10-13. Be careful out there please.

Will do.

Bosco looked over at his rookie with a glint in his eye saying that the shit was about to hit and hoped he was ready.

"Ready for this?" Bosco asked.

"Let's do it." Edwards said while flashing on the lights and sirens.

They arrived at the location and Bosco gave the rookie one last word of advise….

"Stay low and follow me. Watch my back I watch your."