Okay… would you believe me if I told you that this story came to me in a dream? -sweatdrop- I woke up one morning and there were two things in my mind: the title of this story and the words Millennium M… no, actually I don't think that I'm going to tell you what. You'll see. -grin- Anyways, then I went back to sleep (I was feeling quite sick, you see) and forgot about this, but the crazy little plot bunny came back to my mind later that day and I wrote this. So, beware, this first chapter is the product of a feverish mind…

It's AU, kind of. In the universe of this story, the Egyptian Arc never took place, the yamis are capable of separating from their hikaris (except Yami no Malik), and, well, all the characters are friends, kind of. (Most of the time, anyway.)

Disclaimer: Let's face the facts. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. I never have owned it and I never will.

The Mary-Sue Invasion

Chapter 1: Run While You Can…

It was a beautiful, sunny day. The park was full of people, which wasn't at all surprising, given that it was the first day of the summer vacation. Some were playing games, others were just lying on the grass, while others…

"Look out, Kaiba!"

…were trying to work.

The brunet boy sitting in the shadow of a big tree looked up with a start, just in time to see a football flying to his direction. It hit him on the forehead, knocking him over by his portable computer.

"Damn… Watch it, mutt!" he shouted angrily at the blond boy who ran after the ball.

"Me? It was Honda who kicked that one, Moneybags, why do you always blame me?"

"I kicked the ball to you, you were supposed to catch it, idiot!"

Jou had reached the ball and flung it with strength at Honda. "Don't you call me idiot!"

"Why not?" Honda ducked the ball and it bounced away. "The way you scored in the last math test…"

He didn't have time to finish his sentence before Jou punched him into stomach. "Keep quiet about that!"

Seto shook his head as he checked his computer, which, very luckily for the fighting boys' part, had not suffered any harm. "Kids these days," he muttered as he returned to his work.

"Shouldn't we go to separate them?" Anzu asked, sitting up on the grass as she looked worriedly at the two boys.

Yuugi shook his head with a little laugh. "There's no point… they'll pick up a fight five minutes later again. Anyway, it looks worse than it is, they're not going to really hurt each other."

"If you say so…" Anzu didn't look convinced, but dropped the subject.

"Are they fighting again?"

They turned to look at a small boy who stopped beside them, an enormous ice cream in his hand.

Yuugi winced. "I don't understand how you can eat that much ice cream, Mokuba. I don't think I could get any of that stuff down anymore…"

Anzu snorted. "That's not any wonder… keeping in mind that you've eaten six in the last two hours…"

Yuugi punched at the giggling girl. "Well maybe, but have you counted how many he has eaten?" He gestured towards Mokuba who was walking towards his brother to try to convince him to stop working for a moment.

"I wonder when Ryou's coming… he should be here by now," Yuugi muttered as he lay down on the grass, closing his eyes.

"Well… if I'm not badly mistaken I think he's just coming… and are those Malik and Otogi with him?" Anzu stared at the three approaching figures, one of who had a white mop of hair that really couldn't belong to any other than Bakura Ryou.

"Otogi too? I didn't know he was coming. Now, there we have a good example for Seto… I don't really think that Otogi has a computer with himself, and he has a company of his own too."

Seto, who had heard the comment, snorted while flipping through his papers.

"Really? I don't need any examples, thank you very much."

"C'mon, Seto." Yuugi rolled on his side and stared sleepily at the working boy. "You really should learn how to relax… At least Otogi knows how to do that."

Seto snorted again. "You don't have to tell me that. But I don't really think that he has anything to teach me…"

"Really? At least I could teach you to be a little more… charmant, you know." Seto looked up from his computer and stared with annoyance at the black-haired boy who was just sitting down beside Yuugi and Anzu. Otogi flashed him a quick smile. "Although… I'm afraid that my charm can't be learned, it's innate."

Seto rolled his eyes and turned back to his computer, deciding not to dignify that with an answer.

"So, how are you guys doing?" Yuugi asked as the newcomers made themselves comfortable.

Ryou lay down on the grass with a sigh. "I don't know about others, but I'm dead."

"Oh?" Anzu looked at him worriedly. "Is something wrong?"

Ryou gave a short laugh. "No, nothing really. It's just that my father visited me… He came yesterday and left today, and I guess he was trying to make up for all the time he's gone during that time. So… I ended up doing all kinds of father-son stuff yesterday and this morning, and… I'm quite dead."

The others laughed.

"Hi guys!" Jou and Honda jogged to them and sat down also. "What's up?"

Malik shrugged. "Nothing much. So, what are you planning to do?"

"Sleep," Ryou muttered drowsily, but he was ignored.

"Why don't we go to check the girls? There are lots of them around here and they're not wearing that much… Anzu! Stop that!"

"You stop that, Jou." Anzu gave him one final whack with her bag. "You really should show a little more respect towards girls."

Malik raised an eyebrow at her. "You know… you sounded just like my sister for a moment. But that wasn't such a bad idea, after all… hey! Don't hit me!" he rolled hastily a little farther away from Anzu who was glaring at him in his turn.

"You can always stay here with the Sleeping Beauty and Moneybags, if you want to," Jou said to Anzu. Ryou commented something at this, but no one could really make out what he muttered.

"So…" Jou looked expectantly at Yuugi. "Do you want to come?"

Yuugi blushed bright red, and glanced hesitantly at Anzu. To his great relief he avoided answering when a cheerful voice suddenly made them all to start.

"Oh my, isn't he cute!"

Ryou woke up as well and opened his eyes to see a beautiful black-haired girl staring at him admiringly. A little belatedly he realized that the previous comment was made about him, and he too felt a blush covering his cheeks.

The girl made a quiet 'awww' sound. "Look at him…"

Jou and Honda, on the other hand, were staring at the girl – and the six other equally beautiful girls who surrounded her – with an awed expression. Well, to be truthful, everyone else was also staring at them, except Seto, who was staring at his computer screen, Ryou, who was staring at the ground, still blushing, Mokuba, who was staring at the boys with a wide grin, and Anzu, who was very disapprovingly staring at Yuugi.

The girls smiled at them.

"Well, it took time, but finally we found them," one of them said, throwing her long, golden hair away from her face. "And they're all here! That's so lucky, don't you think?"

"Indeed," a redheaded girl answered, her green eyes sparkling. "I was getting tired of this search."

Yuugi blinked. "You were searching for us? Why?"

The girls glanced at each other, and two of them, auburn-haired girls with strikingly similar features – they were obviously twins – began to giggle.

The other girls looked at them disapprovingly, while one of them stepped forward and crouched down before Yuugi. She smiled at him friendly, her long silvery hair framing her face perfectly. She looked like an angel in her simple light blue summer dress, which matched perfectly her blue eyes.

"My name is Aurora," she said. "If I am not mistaken, you are the one in whom resides the soul of a powerful Pharaoh."

Yuugi blinked. "How did you…"

"Oh, you see, we are no ordinary girls. We are the Millennium Girls." She made a dramatic pause and continued then when no one said anything. "You see, all the ordinary Millennium Items are held by men and…"

"Hey, I wouldn't say that my sister's a man!" Malik interrupted her.

She frowned a little. "Very well, maybe there is one woman, but you have to admit that one out of seven is not that many. So we are needed to make sure that the balance is maintained."

"The balance?" Yuugi hadn't felt this confused for a long time.

Aurora nodded. "Yes. Yin and yang, you know."

Yuugi nodded, just for sure, and the girl stood up, smiling gently at him. "You're really cute too, you know… Especially when you're confused like that." Anzu glared at her angrily. She was going to say something but a voice cut her off.

"What does this have to do with us? The balance has been 'maintained' for a long time now, without us knowing anything about you. So why have you come?"

The girls started whispering among themselves as they looked at the speaker.

"It's him, don't you think…"

"Yeah, has to be… the priest…"

"Now, Unity, it's your chance…"

They pushed the redhead forward and she smiled at Seto hesitantly. "Hi. Umm… I… I'm Unity. You don't probably remember me, but I was a priestess back in the ancient Egypt and we were… really close. Unfortunately, I had to be sacrificed to prevent a great evil from happening, so… uh…"

The words died on her lips as Seto, who had been staring at her as if she sprouting extra heads, shook his head in exasperation and walked back to his computer without saying a word.

"That's rude…"

"Yeah, but don't give up Unity…"

"You have to give him time, he's had a difficult childhood."

Unity nodded. "Yes. I have to be understanding."

Jou laughed out loud. "Understanding? That's an understatement if you want to be with Moneybags…"

The auburn-haired girls looked at him. "He's quite cute too, isn't he, sis?"

"Sure. I think I want him…"

The other glared at her sister. "Hey, I saw him first!"

"Hey, hey girls, don't start fighting now." Aurora stepped between them. "Look, his friend isn't that bad either. Why don't you try him, so Maryann can have the blond? Is that okay, Susan?"

The girl pouted a little, but nodded then. "I guess."

Jou and Honda stared alternately at the girls and each other. "Hey, don't we have a say in this matter?" Honda asked.

Aurora looked at them in surprise. "Why, the girls are so pretty, aren't they? Of course you want to go out with them."

Yuugi stood up, he had had enough. Or rather, his yami had. The Puzzle glowed softly and Yami Yuugi appeared standing beside his other half. Before he could say anything, Aurora had turned around with a start, there had been a bright flash, two Auroras, and suddenly the other one had flung herself on Yami's neck.

"My love!"

Yami blinked slowly. "What… Hey, let go, woman!" He tried to get rid of the girl who was squeezing him a little too hard.

Finally she let go and stepped back with a crooked smile. "What, don't you remember me, my dear? Is it possible that you have forgotten your queen?"

Yami stared at her, his mind gone blank.

"Q-queen?" he finally stuttered. "I'm pretty sure I wasn't married…"

"Of course you were, dear. Not for long though… I died young fighting with you against horrible monsters. Then my soul was sealed into the Millennium Mascara to…"

Jou and Honda burst into laughter while Yami was stuttering in horror.

"M-m-millenn… millennium m-m-masc…" He found himself unable to say the word. "Tha… that's… blasphemy!"

"What's so funny about that?" Aurora, or more precisely, Yami Aurora stared icily at the laughing boys.

Maryann and Susan glanced at each other nervously. "Don't hurt them, okay? Please, you wouldn't kill our loves?" Susan begged softly, something wet glistening in the corner of her rain-gray eyes.

Yami Aurora frowned, but shrugged then and turned back to Yami. "I don't think that you stuttered like that back in Egypt… Oh well, it doesn't matter." She sighed. "I had imagined that our reunion would have been a little more… romantic, but at least we have found each other, so everything is fine now." She smiled widely at Yami, who still looked quite confused. "Come on now, aren't you going to give your wife a kiss?"


"What?" With a start she turned to look at Yami Bakura who had separated from Ryou and was just getting up from the ground. "I said that that's bullshit. I'd know if he were marr…"

"My love!

The black-haired girl flung herself on Yami Bakura, making him to fall down again. She hugged him tightly. "It's me! Your loved one! Don't you remember me? Your beloved thief queen?"

"Holy crap," Otogi whispered. At this point, even Seto was staring at the girls with wide eyes.

"Get off of me…" Bakura muttered, pushing the girl away and glaring at her darkly. "No, I don't remember you. Actually I do remember that there were no thief queens, so…"

"Now don't be an idiot, honey. Of course I was there! I died when I was trying to save your life, don't you remember? And then I was sealed into the Millennium Dagger."

I was afraid she'd say she was sealed into the Millennium Lipstick, Jou thought, feeling a little dizzy. Maybe we're all having hallucinations or something after eating too much ice cream… That'd explain this.

"My name is Pearl," the black-haired girl was saying, staring at Bakura with dark brown, almost black eyes. "I was called Black Pearl in the times when we terrorized the travelers of…"

"I don't remember terrorizing any travelers, only the Pharaoh," Bakura said. "Anyway, I was a tomb robber."

Pearl sighed. "Don't be so difficult, honey."

The two remaining girls, who hadn't yet declared anyone to be their 'love', looked at each other. They were both blondes, one with beautifully waving shoulder-length hair, and the other with long golden hair that glistened in the sunlight and fell down her back.

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves too, don't you think?"

The other nodded. "Good idea." She looked at the boys. "My name is Azura, and this is Felicia." She gestured towards the golden-haired girl.

"Hi," Felicia said smiling. "Nice to meet you. Especially you Malik…"

Now it was Malik's turn to blink. "Don't tell me you were married to me in the ancient Egypt. I didn't live in the ancient Egypt."

The girl laughed. "No, of course not. Don't be silly. You see, I'm from Egypt just as you. You saved me once, don't you remember? When my…" Her amber eyes clouded for a moment, "…when my drunken father was beating me again. You knocked him senseless and left before I could thank you. I was afraid I'd never find you again, but now I did." She walked to Malik and tried to hug him but he backed away from her quickly.

"You're nuts. I'm pretty sure that I'd remember something like that…"

"They're all nuts, if you ask me, " Otogi said. "Maybe we should call some local lunatic asylum to ask if they're missing some patients…"

Azura laughed, a beautiful, melodious sound, like a small brook rippling on its way over the rocks. "You're quite funny, you know. And cute…" She looked at him tilting her head a little on the side. "I really like that earring…"

"Oh, that's great!" Unity clapped her hands. "Now we all have someone!"

Yami snorted. "Wrong, milady, none of you has anyone. Come on, let's go away from here." He gestured to his friends and they followed him as he started to walk away. Anzu shot one more angry glare at the two Auroras, and winced a little when she saw the expression on the yami's face.

"So…" Yami Aurora hissed, a hand in the pocket of her dress. "You want to do this the hard way. I will have to teach you…" She began to draw the hand out of the pocket.

"Look out, guys!" Anzu shouted and they all turned quickly around, ready to fight.

"…the power of the Millennium Mascara!" Yami Aurora finished her sentence, drawing a mascara out of her pocket and holding it up.

"Oh Ra…" Yami rolled her eyes as the girls gathered around the mascara. "Are they going to make themselves up now or what? Make war-paint?"

That really seemed to be what was going on. All the girls used the mascara in turns and turned then to look at the staring boys.

Seto snorted. "Mascara… I'm terrified." He turned around and continued walking away. "So mutt, why are you leaving?" he asked Jou. "I thought you wanted to have some female company…"

Jou winced. "Some sane female company, thank you very much."

Seto glanced at him with a smirk. "I'm afraid that's not possible… why would any sane woman want to be with you?"

"You take that back!" Jou was going to give Seto a punch, but a voice from behind his back made him to turn around.

"Jou! My dear, look at me!"

He turned around angrily. "Can't you just leave us…" he began to shout, but then his eyes met those of Maryann, and he gulped. So beautiful gray eyes, like the sky on a rainy day… he couldn't help but stare into them.

"Jou? Hey man, what's wrong?" Honda grasped Jou's shoulders and shook him, but there was no effect. He turned to the little witch who had enchanted his friend. "What the hell did you do to him?" he shouted, not realizing that he was shouting at the wrong twin. Susan smiled at him brightly and looked into his eyes, and suddenly Honda was in the same state as his friend.

It took some time from the others to realize what had happened. "Jou! Honda!" Yuugi shouted when it finally sunk in, and sprinted to them.

"Aibou, no!" Yami shouted and reached to him, but he was too late. Aurora had already grasped Yuugi's shoulder, spun him around, and was just looking into his eyes. Soon Yuugi was also staring into emptiness like a zombie.

The Eye of Horus appeared on Yami's forehead as he glared at the girls in rage. "What do you think you're doing?"

Yami Aurora smirked as she stepped in the front of Yami. "What do you think we're doing? Getting what is ours that's all."

And she looked into Yami's eyes.

Suddenly Yami found himself drowning into two pale blue oceans. Cold and icy oceans, but still far more beautiful than any other he had ever seen… In fact he didn't mind even if he would drown in them…


What the hell am I thinking?

He had to use all his willpower to make himself to return to the reality, and still he wasn't able to tear his eyes away from those of Yami Aurora's.

The dark girl smirked. "You're strong, my Pharaoh… but it is useless to fight against me."

Yami grimaced, sweat drops falling down his face. "Don't… look… them into… eyes," he muttered but it was a little too late. Ryou and Bakura were already enchanted by Pearl and her yami, and Azura was just finishing the task with Otogi. Seto had closed his eyes, telling Mokuba to lead him away, Anzu was fighting with Aurora, and Malik was pointing his Millennium Rod towards Felicia – or towards the place where he thought that Felicia was, he couldn't be sure since he was staring at the ground.

"What's wrong with this thing!" he finally screamed, when it had become clear that his Rod didn't have any effect on the girl.

"Oh, I don't think that anything's wrong with it. At least I hope so… I know how frustrating it is when things don't work as they should." Felicia smiled understandingly at the horrified boy in front of her. "But," she continued, "if you're trying to work some kind of magic on me, it doesn't work because of this." She raised her hand showing him the glittering bracelet she was wearing.

Malik blinked and lowered slowly the Rod. "What…?"

Felicia smiled at him charmingly, flashing her perfect, white teeth. "It's my Millennium Bracelet. It protects me from magic. Quite beautiful, don't you think?" She moved her hand a little smiling at the way the bracelet shone in the sunlight. "I got it from my grandmother… She told me that it has some secret powers, but she did not know what, I had to find out about that on my own. And just believe me, it wasn't easy. Luckily I met soon the other girls, they have been of great help. Friends are good to have, don't you think? I don't know what I would have…"

"Shut up!" Malik screamed. Then he did the wise thing: turned around and ran.

"Oh bugger. Such a bother, don't you think…" Felicia sighed as she looked after the fleeing boy. Then she shrugged and ran after him.

Unity was still trying to make Seto to open his eyes, while Mokuba glared at her angrily as he guided his big brother away.

"Come on now, why don't you look at me? I know I'm not that ugly…"

No use. She was starting to run out of things to say. Mokuba gave her another glare, and she smiled at the little boy.

"You're a real cutie, aren't you?" she said ruffling his hair.

"Hey! Don't touch me, witch!" Mokuba shouted and made a sudden move away from her.

Seto stopped on his heels. "What are you doing to my brother!" he shouted, his eyes snapped open, and…


"So, did you get him finally?"

Unity turned to show the sign of victory to the other girls, grinning widely and ignoring Mokuba who was shaking Seto in panic.

"That's great! So, why don't we go to have some fun with our boyfriends?" Aurora asked smiling happily and holding Yuugi's hand.

"Boyfriends?" Anzu shrieked, but the girls ignored her.

"That's a great idea," Azura said, and the others nodded.

"We're going to the beach!"

"…to some nice little café…"

"To the movies at night…"

Anzu and Mokuba were left standing alone in the park, staring after the away walking group.


Somewhere far from the park, Malik finally reached his apartment, completely out of breath.

"Rishid!" He rushed into the house, grasping the first heavy, blunt object he saw. "Rishid! Where are you?"

The sound of running steps approached and suddenly Rishid appeared in the doorway, looking quite alarmed. "Master? What is…?" The sentence was cut off as Malik brought the said heavy object down on his head. Soundlessly Rishid fell down to the floor. Malik stared at his unmoving body for a while. "I'm sorry Rishid…" (1)


He raised his gaze from Rishid's body and saw Isis staring at him with wide eyes.

"Run sis, while you can," he whispered as he felt his darker half taking over his body.

"So…" Smiling viciously Yami Malik turned towards the outdoor as Isis gulped and stepped back. He glanced at her with a snort. "Don't worry, sister dear, I am not interested about you now. No…" He fingered gently his Millennium Rod, his voice softening to a malicious whisper. "There are some girls who want to play with me… and play we shall. The darkness… is hungry. I will…"

To Isis's great relief he was cut off before he could finish his sentence.

"Maaaliiiik!" A happily grinning girl appeared by the outdoor. "Why did you run away, my little Mariku? That's not good manners, to force women run after you… What are you doing, honey?"

She frowned in confusion at the Millennium Rod, which was pointed towards her.

"You know, honey, that thing doesn't work against me."

"Maybe not… but I want you to see it and remember that its bearer is to be treated with respect. I don't need any tools to get rid of someone like you…" He reached towards Felicia's neck, but she smiled at him beautifully, batting her eyelashes, and suddenly his hands dropped to his sides as he stared at her eyes. So beautiful amber eyes, so long lashes…

"That's better." She grasped his hand and drew him out of the door. "Let's go to have some fun, honey."

Without a word Malik followed her out.

In the house Isis shook her head, not knowing whether she was awake or dreaming. She run to the door and saw the two walking away hand in hand.

"Hey, wait! What are you doing? Who are you?"

Felicia glanced behind, waving at her with her other hand. "Don't worry, we're just going to the movies or something like that. And I'm his new girlfriend."

And they walked away.

(1) So, why did Malik knock poor Rishid senseless? Well, as long as Rishid is active, Yami Malik can't take control. Rishid somehow… pushes him to the background or something… If you want to have a better explanation, go to check Lizeth's Yugioh site (the spoilers/theories section, 'the False Yami'). She has a link to her site on her ffnet account.


Okay, let me give you one piece of advice. Don't write a scene where you have 20 people interacting with each other. It's damned hard to keep track on them all, I just found that out the hard way… And there were a little too many OCs to keep them straight, I guess.

I don't know if it was a good idea to post this yet… I just was impatient to get some opinions. This first chapter just kind of happened, I didn't have anything planned when I wrote it, and afterwards I was like 'okay, now I've got them into trouble, how on earth I'm going to get them out of this mess?' -some major sweatdropping- So, I can't promise you any fast updates… although I now do have some vague ideas of what to do with this. Anyways, I'm going to be really busy next few weeks so… We'll see. I can promise that I'm most definitely going to continue this, but other than that… -shrugs- Don't hold your breath waiting.

Y'know, I'd really like to know exactly what I dreamed that night… (...or maybe it's just good that I don't remember it, on closer thought.)

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