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Chapter 13: The Grande Finale

Jou was snoring, Yuugi, Yami and Anzu were talking quietly, Honda was staring out of the window playing with a pen he'd found, and Sugoroku was snoozing in his armchair. Meanwhile, Seto was still battling with the laptop, refusing to believe that there could be a computer in the world he wouldn't be able to use. Mokuba stood beside him, watching a little worriedly at the twitch that was developing in his brother's eye.

"Niisama… maybe you should take a break," he suggested quietly, but Seto ignored him.

"I will make this work," he just muttered, and continued staring at the screen with a twitching eye.

Mokuba sighed and sat down on the bed.

"He's impossible," he muttered to Yuugi who looked at him questioningly. "And stop that snoring!" he yelled a little angrily at Jou making the older boy to wake up with a yelp.

"Wha… what?" Jou stared around with a bemused expression on his face. "Oh damn," he breathed as his eyes stopped on Seto and the computer. "Is he still working on that crap?"

"I'd like to see how much better you'd do," Mokuba said a little defensively. Jou just shrugged and lay back down on the bed.

"I hope he'll get ready soon," Anzu whispered. "If Azura is coming here…"

She stopped talking as she noticed how the door handle was slowly turning. The others followed her gaze as the door opened.

"When you speak of the devil…" Honda muttered, jumping up as a beautiful blond girl appeared in the doorway. "Catch her!"

Suddenly everyone was on the move.

"Someone stay guard the computer," Seto shouted as he as well lunged towards the door. Yuugi, Anzu and Sugoroku glanced at each other and remained in the room. At the door Seto grasped Mokuba's hand. "You too", he said flinging the boy back into the room.

"But…" Mokuba started to say, but his brother had already disappeared. "Damn."

"And don't curse!" he heard Seto's voice from somewhere.

In the corridor outside the room the four boys were glancing frantically around.

"Where did she go?"

"How should I know? Let's split up!"

Jou winced. A big mansion in the night… 'Let's split up!' …a scream in the dark…

"Come on, now!" Honda dragged him on the move again. "We'll go this way."

Seto winced as well as he looked after the two boys. "Somehow I don't like the idea of having those two running around here on their own… anyway, let's go!" He and Yami started to run to the opposite direction.

Jou and Honda ran forward in the corridor, glancing into the rooms they passed.

"There's not a soul here…" Honda muttered, and Jou winced again. Hope so…

They came to a staircase and stopped for a moment.

"Okay… you go down, and I'll check the rest of this floor. See you!"

"But…" Jou looked for a moment after Honda and cursed then silently. "So what."

He ran down the stairs, wondered for a moment into which direction to go, shrugged then and left to the right. He walked on quietly, peeking into the rooms on his way. There was no one anywhere. He was just starting to relax a little when he suddenly heard something. Steps. Coming from behind the corner. Like a flash he pressed himself against the wall and waited. The steps came closer, and after a moment someone stepped into the view from behind the corner… blond hair…

"Gotcha!" he shouted, grapping the girl from behind. A startled scream cut the air, and then someone hit him lightly on the back of his head.

"Fool," a dry voice commented.

"Jou!" The girl in his grasp wrenched herself free. "You idiot!" Another blow, this one not so light, met his face. "What do you think you're doing, assaulting a girl like that?"

He blinked. "Mai? What are you doing here?"

"Otogi ran away, and we followed him here," Shizuka explained. "We saw that Azura came here too."

"I know she's here," Jou said rubbing his maltreated face. "I was just trying to find her. You've seen anyone?"

Shizuka shook her head while Bakura took his Ring away from under his shirt.

"She's upstairs," he said, looking at the trinkets of the Ring.

"You sure?" Jou looked at him suspiciously. "Yuugi's there too, if that's pointing to him?"

"I am sure." With that he started to climb the stairs up, and the others followed him.


"There's no one here," Yami muttered as he was checking the Xth room. "You have too big house."

Seto snorted. "I'd imagine that a Pharaoh would have grown used to big houses."

"Maybe, if the Pharaoh remembered something about them." Yami tried still another door, but it didn't open. "This is locked," he said.

Seto glanced at the door. "As it is supposed to be. She's hardly there."

As the two continued their way, the door opened a little, and a blond head peeked out of it. As she saw that the way was clear, Azura started to run quietly towards Unity's old room.


"Do you think they'll catch her?" Yuugi asked the others nervously.

"I hope so…" Sugoroku said. "This a big place, though."

"Very big," Mokuba agreed from the bed. "He should have let me to help, I know all the hiding places."

"I think your brother was right in leaving you here. This is the safest place right now," Anzu said, but just then Azura burst into the room. "Or then not," she muttered as she jumped to her feet.

"Stop right there!" Sugoroku, who was closest to the table, tried to seize Azura as she grasped the laptop, but she managed to hit him on the head with it.

"Grandpa!" Yuugi shrieked as the old man fell down. /Yami! She's here!/

/What? Oh damn… hold on, we're coming!/

Azura was currently facing some difficulties as Mokuba hang on her right leg and Anzu was trying to take the computer from her. Yuugi as well lunged forward to seize another of her arms, and in the end the whole bunch fell down to the floor.

Azura managed somehow to kick Mokuba of her legs at the same time as she swiped at Anzu with the laptop and made her fall back as well. She grasped quickly a key that was hanging around her neck with her other hand. Yuugi blinked as he suddenly saw a keyhole appearing on the floor. He opened his mouth to shout, but just then Azura stuck the key into the hole, and the floor disappeared from beneath the two of them.

Anzu and Mokuba blinked at the empty floor just as Yami appeared in the doorway.

"Aibou! Where…"

Anzu turned to look at him. "They… just disappeared."


Yuugi shook his head trying to clear it. Wow. That was quite a fall… He raised his head a little and took a look around. A frown appeared on his face.


He was sitting on sand, and there was sand everywhere around him. Nothing but sand. Except… behind him, there was some big, pyramid-shaped building that looked like a… a… well, like a pyramid. A lonely figure was walking towards it.


He jumped quickly to his feet and ran after her.

Azura looked over her shoulder at the approaching boy and sighed. "Go away."

"Away?" Yuugi had reached her. "Like… where?"

Azura shrugged. "I don't know. And I don't care. But you can't stop me alone."

Yuugi looked at her nervously. "What are you going to do?"

"Something we should have done in the first place, when we had a chance. I told them that but they weren't interested. Fools. It came clear very soon that they just cared about their stupid 'mission', and nothing else." She stopped talking for a while, and looked at the pyramid rising in the front of them with a smile, as the desert wind blew in her hair and flapped the end of her coat behind her. "I am going to awake the true powers of the Mary-Sues in this dimension."

Yuugi blinked, trying to process this. He faced no success so he blinked again. "Say again?"

"The Mary-Sues. The Demigoddesses. The most beautiful, intelligent, powerful creatures the world has ever known. Like me and the others. There is no point for you trying to stop me. The Mary-Sues are always the best in what they do – and in everything they don't do as well. That makes us invincible! And now I will become the mightiest of them all, I will finally reach the first level and more!" She gave a little cackle. "I guess they didn't realize what they were doing when they created those so-called Millennium Items… I will gain the powers I was denied with their own artifacts!"

At that she laughed out loud, and Yuugi winced a little. That girl is not sane…

"Who 'they'?" he asked, but Azura ignored him. After a while he continued, "So… the other girls were Mary-Sues too, but where are they now?"

Azura smirked. "They were really just wannabes. And stupid. I on the other hand, I am the ultimate Mary-Sue."

They had entered the pyramid. Inside it was a big room, and in the middle of the room there was a stone tablet.

"So, here we are." Azura stopped in the front of the tablet. "Now that I finally have all our Millennium Items for myself…"

Yuugi frowned. "All?" he tried to think fast. "But… you don't have Pearl's dagger! Do you…?"

"Of course I do." Azura smirked a little. "The original one was destroyed, so with the help of the computer I made a replica."

"Huh?" Yuugi stared at her with wide eyes. "You can't make a replica of a Millennium Item!" And when would she have had time to do that?

"I can't? Then what is this?" Azura held a dagger in her hand. "I can do what I want to." She placed the Dagger on its place in the tablet. "And here we go… the Mascara, the Bracelet, the Book and the Quill, my Key… and then." She raised the computer from the floor. "The Millennium Computer. It has been very helpful to me… I don't think Unity ever realized what I was doing when I used it. Like… creating this place…"

She started to set the computer on its place in the tablet.

"No!" Yuugi shrieked and leaped at her. "No you won't!"

The computer fell on the floor. With a horrified yelp Azura tried to reach it, but Yuugi got it first and slammed it to the floor again, breaking it into pieces.

Azura wailed loudly, falling to her knees and trying to gather all the pieces. "Why? Why did you have to do that! Oh gods…" She tried desperately to fix the computer, but it was quite impossible.

Suddenly Yuugi noticed that the world around them was changing into something weird. It was as if they were in a very old computer game, where everything was quite angular, all the pixels visible… His eyes fell on the broken computer, and suddenly he felt as if he were in Matrix.

/Yami!/ He tried to reach for his other half through their link. /Yami, help! This world is breaking down! Disappearing!/

For a moment there was nothing and in desperation he was just going to shout again, when he heard a quiet voice.

/Aibou? Where are you?/

He almost started to cry from relieve. /I don't know, but get me out of here! Soon!/ he looked down at his hands and saw to his horror that they too were getting pixelated

/Don't panic, aibou./ Yami's voice was wonderfully calming. /I need your help to get you away from there. Just reach for me, use the Puzzle./

Yuugi tried to do as he was told to. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on what he felt from Yami, and tried to reach towards those feelings.

/There you go! Give me your hand!/ He carefully cracked open his eyes and saw rip in the mosaic-like air, and through that rip he could see Yami and some other figures behind him. He reached forward and felt a solid hand closing around his fingers, starting to pull him out of that nightmare.

"You…" An angry snarl came from behind him, and he jumped forward as quickly as he could, landing on the top of Yami as they both fell down on the floor.

"You damned…"

"You're not coming here," he heard Bakura's voice cutting Azura of. He and Yami scrambled to their feet and turned to look at the tear in the air. Azura was standing just on the other side of it – or at least he thought it was Azura, it was difficult to be sure since the only thing that could be seen was a human shaped figure with something blond on the top, the rest had disappeared under the pixels.

"Step aside!" she yelled at Bakura, but he held his ground with a smirk.

The pyramid and desert had disappeared, and there was only darkness around the lonely figure, slowly eating away what was rest of her body as well. Suddenly a mad laughter echoed into the room from the darkness.

"You think you've won, don't you? You fools! I am the personification of marysue-ism! You can kill me but you can never kill the concept! Just wait… one day I will be back!"

Then the darkness swept away what little there was still left. Everyone was staring after her as the rip slowly closed.

"…you know, Bakura," Yami finally said. "That really did remind me of you."

Bakura turned to face him with a snarl. "If you're ever going to compare me to that creature again, Pharaoh, I'm going to shatter that Puzzle of yours and throw the pieces into Mariana Trench!"

/Take it easy, yami!/ Ryou tried to calm his yami down. /And would you please let me finally out of here?/

/Why would I?/ Bakura stated grumpily.

Ryou sighed. /Please?/

"So what," Bakura muttered, and suddenly there were two white-haired boys standing side by side.

"Well, hello, Ryou!" Malik greeted him happily. "Nice to see you too! It's a good time to come out now, of course, when all the enemies are defeated, but…"

"Oh be quiet," Ryou muttered unhappily. "It's not my fault, he was refusing to let me out." He threw an accusing look at Bakura who just shrugged.

"That way I could easiest keep you out of trouble and in one piece."

Ryou stared at him with wide eyes. "So… you care?" he finally asked disbelievingly.

Bakura reddened slowly. "I didn't say that! I just… might need you for something some day. Although I can't imagine for what, but…"

"Aww… that's so cute." Malik smiled at him sweetly. "Bakura the Mother Hen. Who would have…"

He was saved from the cruel fate that was only few seconds away as a black-haired boy stumbled into the room.

"Azura! Where are you? What have you done to my love?" Otogi glared at them angrily, hands clenched into fists. "I swear, if you've hurt her, I will…"

Yami glanced at Kaiba. "Do you have a bathroom close by? I think he needs a cold shower."

"Sure. Over there." Kaiba gestured with his hand, and Jou, Honda and Malik started to drag a screaming Otogi away.

After a few very cold baths, spiked with some Shadow Powers, a very grumpy Otogi accompanied the others outside the mansion. He didn't care so much about the whole enchantment-issue, but what made him really annoyed was that for the second time this day his hairdo was completely ruined.

"So," Sugoroku stated quietly. "We did survive this little adventure."

"Little," Jou snorted. "I'm not sure if that's the right word to describe this. But we did survive." He grinned. "Anyone care to celebrate this? We could go to see how's the nightlife in the city tonight… there might be some pretty girls in the clubs."

Sugoroku gave him a long look. "Firstly, you are not old enough to go clubbing, and secondly, if you don't remember it was 'pretty girls' who caused this mess."

Jou shrugged. "So? They can't all be crazy. You want to come?" he looked questioningly at Yuugi.

"Uh, I don't think so." Yuugi gave him a weak smile. "I think I want to go home to sleep."

"Okay, as you wish. Uh… could you take Shizuka home, then?"

As Yuugi nodded he turned to look at Honda. "We'll be going, right?"

"Sure." Honda nodded. "Bye!"

"Besides," they heard Jou's voice as the two walked away. "I don't know how we ever could have smuggled him into a club."

Yuugi blushed a little and Anzu patted him on the shoulder. "Just ignore those idiots."

Sugoroku nodded in agreement. "Let's just go to home, and…" Just then his cell phone started ringing and he answered it. The others waited as he listened carefully. After a while he lowered the phone and looked at them with a frown.

"There is some man there who claims that some gangsters from my shop stole his car. You wouldn't know anything about this?"

Bakura and Malik glanced quickly at each other before shaking their heads, while Mai produced a nail file from her bag and started filing her nails. Shizuka glanced at the car, which had a long scratch from a narrowly missed street lamp on its side, and started to stare at the ground.

"Well, I have to be going. Big sis will be worried if I don't go home soon." Malik jumped on his bike. "I don't know about any cars, I have my bike." With a quick 'good night' he speeded away.

"What?" Bakura said as Sugoroku turned his eyes to him. "You know I can't even drive."

"Yeah, and I can't drive either." Ryou grasped his yami's hand. "Let's go home."


Sugoroku looked for a moment after the two white-haired boys, and then he turned his gaze to Mai who was still filing her nails.

She looked up after a while with a sigh. "I didn't drive," she just stated.

"And neither did I, before you ask," Otogi cut in. "I, uh… got a ride on Malik's bike?" He grinned at Sugoroku's incredulous look and grasped a cell phone of his own. "I think I'll call a car to take me home."

Sugoroku shook his head. "The car is here, but no one drove it," he said glancing at the car. "I don't know what…"

"Don't worry about it." Kaiba snatched the phone from his hand. "Give me your address, and I send someone to drive the car to you. With compensation," he added, and nodded after a while. Snapping the call off he threw it back to Sugoroku.

"Well… if you take care of the car, I guess we can go home now," Sugoroku said as he put the phone away.

Yuugi nodded at his grandpa. "Good idea. I want my bed…" An enormous yawn escaped him. "Do you want a lift, Mai?"

She shook her head. "No, I think I'll get a taxi."

The taxi and Otogi's car arrived at the same time, and after a while they all had packed themselves into their respective cars.

"Good night!" Mokuba waved happily after the cars until they had disappeared from sight.

Seto placed a hand on his shoulder. "Come on, kid. Time for you to go bed as well."

"I'm not tired," Mokuba objected as they began to walk back in.

"Of course not. I happened to see how you yawned a moment ago."

"That's just cause Yuugi yawned! I couldn't help it!"

"It's past your bedtime anyway. Have you done your homework?"

"What homework? Niisama, it's summer vacation!"

Seto blinked. "Oh yes, I forgot. Still, you have to go to bed."

"How can someone forget summer vacation?" Mokuba muttered as they entered the house. "Could I…"


"But I…"




"Next time some stupid girl comes to enchant you, I'll let her!" Mokuba shouted and ran to his room.

After a moment Seto followed him and found him sitting on his bed in his pyjamas.

"Did you brush your teeth?"

Mokuba nodded as Seto tucked him in the bed. "Niisama…"


"Today was quite fun … do you think we could do it again some day?"

Seto winced. "Preferably not."

Mokuba sighed. "You're boring."




Today, the Council has confirmed the deeply shocking failure to introduce the glory of M/G-S to a new dimension. Out of the nine Mary-Sues who were sent on the mission, only two returned. One of the deceased was a first-degree Mary-Sue, Azura Eveningstar. Second-degree MS's Unity Seagrave and Dawn Nightingale were also lost, and with them three third-degree MS's: Dawn's sister Aurora Nightingale, and Jewel and Pearl Faymeadow. The three other girls on the mission were novices: Felicia Fairheart, who had entered our ranks a month earlier, and Maryann and Susan Violetwood who joined us just for this mission and who were the only ones to return.
The mission was carefully prepared. The girls spent long time studying everything that was known of this new dimension, and chose their counterparts based on what they had learned. According to what Maryann and Susan have told in the interrogations, everything started out fine, but it seems that there were some internal conflicts in the group, undoubtedly caused by a hostile third-party, that might have caused their downfall. There have also been rumours about one of the elder MS's of the group having been mentally unbalanced, but malicious gossip like this is better left ignored.
The Council will meet tomorrow to decide how to proceed on this matter. There is a strong opinion among our members that this dimension should be left alone. Maryann and Susan's experiences make it clear that the dimension is more dangerous than what was first thought. The fact that the girls with their powerful magical items, specially created for this purpose, have obviously been defeated supports this view.
Our reporter managed to meet the Head of the Council, first-degree GS Alan Ravenhawk, despite of his tight schedule. According to 1GS Ravenhawk, it is highly probable that the Council will put a ban on this dimension. There are many other projects going on, taking place also in our own world, and it is more important to take care of them instead of starting to fight unknown devils. One of the greatest challenges for the coming year will be to ensure that an adequate number of new MS's and GS's will graduate next year to answer the growing demand.

A/N: *blink* That was weird. Even I think so… Confused? Well, everything went something like this: This other world is pretty much ruled by Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus. There's a big school for them. Huh. That's almost scary. Organized Mary-Sues… Anyway, they sent the girls to the world of YGO mainly to spy – to find out if that world was fertile ground for their ideas. On the side, the girls would have got… umm… certain things as natural benefits. Apparently, Azura was a little crazy, and quite power-hungry as well, and she saw this mission as a way to gain the rule of this newly found dimension.

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