The announcement

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Kenshin neatly folded the last letter, and placed it on top of the pile. "Finally, that's the last one," he sighed. Kenshin could no longer stifle the grin that began to spread across his face as he re-read one of the many letters.

Hello (oi, a smudge....wadda ya know ^_^;;),

You are cordially invited to attend the engagement party and wedding announcement ceremony of Kenshin Himura & (erm...that must be another smudge :), who are to be wed on the 17th of June at the buddest temple by the river at 1 o' clock! I really look forward to seeing you and all of my friends there, so please attend.


Sessha--ermmm Himura Kenshin

As Kenshin waved goodbye to the mail-carrier he was startled by a hand placed on his shoulder. "Oro!!," He said as he jumped and spun around. "'s just you, Kenshin blushed. I--I've just sent the invitations out, koibito. Are you nervous about telling so many people about this?," Kenshin asked as he looked into his lovers eyes. "Not really, his Koi replied, I think friends as wonderful as ours will be pleasantly surprised to hear about us....they better be!!..or!!" "Oh, Sano! Now, don't get angry, I'm sure that even Ms. Kaoru and Yahiko will be excited for us, that I do." Sano grunted, "Hey now, I'm not so sure about missy Kenshin. I mean she does have a thing for ya'." Suddenly, Kenshin's brow creased in worry, but Sano gently kissed it away. "Heh, ya know if worse comes to worse we can always move into my place", Sano offered. "Well, your apartment is really cozy, and I could spruce it up a bit once we settle in," Kenshin blushed as he thought about the prospect of settling down in Sano's house. "Hmn, just don't bring anything too froo-froo into my apartment!", Sano pleaded. "I might be in love with a man, but I still got a rep to maintain!" Kenshin smiled his beautiful smile, and placed a kiss on Sano's cheek, "Of course I won't Koi". With that, Sano pulled Kenshin close into his arms and they shared a deep passionate kiss.

As the sun began to set over the Kamiya dojo, the mail carrier rode happily back to the station having delivered all the mail for that day........

The reactions: (everyone has offically gotten their invite LOL)

Hiko Seijrou gets the invite: As he reads the invite, Hiko begins to laugh so hard that he almost chokes on his cup of sake, and trips up as he gets his foot stuck in one of his clay pots. A sly grin spreads on his handsome face.

Megumi Takani & Dr. Gensai get the invite: Megumi held a delicate hand up to her mouth and softly said, "Oh My," as she began reading her invite. She was so shocked that she gave her patient way too much herbal laxative ^_^;;; Dr. Gensai began to read over her shoulder, and got a massive nosebleed. Out of nowhere, two fox ears and a tail popped up on Megumi, and she began to laugh, "Oh hohohohoho!"

Chou & Kamatari get the invite: "Whoooooo hooooo!! Well I'll be dawg gone!! I reckon, Chou has never been invited to any fancy to do!" "Well, I guess I better find a real nice gift for Himura and the miss----- erm, I mean mister". Kamatari was sleeping in the next room and was awakened by Chou's loud cawin'. "Erm---, what's going on Chou? Did you say something about a Fancy to do??!!," Kamatari asked, as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Yep!, It turns out that Sanosuke Sagara and Himura Kenshin are announcing their marriage this weekend and want all of us folk to attend!" Kamatari's eyes got big and watery, and he bellowed, "Oh, my! I've never been to a wedding before!! I just think Himura and Sagara make the cutest pair!!" Just then, Kamatari got really flustered as he thought about them, "I can just see those two strong men on their honeymoon night, just **$*$#@'in and %*@*#!!'in!!! "Oh!!!! I'm getting so bothered just thinking about it!!!!" Chou was staring at the flustered Kamatari the whole time, with his mouth agape. He finally righted himself and said with a chuckle, "Who'd a thought, that rooster head would settle down". With that, Chou and Kamatari got themselves ready, and left to get the pair an engagement gift.

As they left, a pair of bright golden eyes began to peer over the letter..... "Pshhh, that ahou", Saitou mumbled.

Aoshi, Misao & the rest of the Oniwaban get the invite: Misao runs breathless through the Oniwaban dojo waving a letter in her hand. "Hey!!!!! Guys!!! You'll never believe who Himura is gonna marry!" With that, the whole Oniwaban group along with Okina, crowded around Misao all wide eyed. "Who's he marring Misao??! Yeah!, we wanna know! Oh! I bet it's Karou!" "Nope! Misao said triumphantly, he's gonna marry Sanosuke Sagara!" "SANOSUKE SAGARA!!?!?!" The group shouted in disbelief as they all fell out in anime style. Okina pressed through the middle of the crowd and looked at the invite. Suddenly, Okina's eyes began to stream big anime tears, and he waved the Nippon flag. "This is so---*sniff*, wonderful! Now we can have that party! I'll bring the Sake!!!!!! Yahhhhhhooooo!" Aoshi was snapped out of his usual meditations, and came walking in on the conversation. "Did, I hear something about the battosa---I mean Himura getting married to Sagara??," Aoshi questioned. Misao pranced up to Aoshi and tapped his nose gently, "yep! that's right!" A tiny smile appeared on Aoshi's face. "I'll bring my special tea", he quietly replied.

Ms. Tae & Tsubame get the invite: By the time Tsubamae got half way through the letter her face was bright red up to her hair. Ms. Tae blinked at her distressed employee as Tsubamae timidly handed her the letter, and scurried away. "Well I'll be! Of all people for Mr. Himura to marry! I mean, I was so sure that he and Kaoru were hitting it off!....poor Kaoru," Ms. Tae Whispered. "Oh, well!, Tae quickly recovered, blushing madly. "I may as well cook up a nice meal for the happy couple!!"

Sano's Gambling hall buddies get the invite: "Whoooooo! Go Sano-san!", Genji yelled as he ordered a round of Sake for the guys. "I guess we can all get them a great gift with all the money Sano-san lost to us playing dice!!," Tomo smirked. With that, the three of them went into a fit of hysterical laughter.

Anji gets a special letter: Since Anji was serving 25 years in Hokkaido state, he was sent a special letter about the announcement and wedding. Anji smiled peacefully as he finished reading the letter. He then whispered to himself, "I'll be praying for your happiness, Sagara."

The ceremony: (Sorry guyz, gotta take a wee break, but I'll keep goin! You can count on it!! ^-^)

End of Part 1