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72 Hour Superstars

Car Two: Kane, Undertaker, Raven, and Bradshaw. (here ya go, Cat Lea!! I did it an dI even had an idea for it!)



"If you guys don't shut the hell up back there, I'm going to turn this car around and go straight back to the airport. YOU guys can drive yourselves to the next show." The Undertaker warned from the front seat.

"Then what'll you do, smart one?" Raven enquired from the middle seat.

"I'll fly. Did you not hear me say I'll go back to the airport?"

"Don't you think that your arms'll get tired?" Raven joked, breaking in to laughter.

"Yeah. And I don't think you have a pilots liscense. They don't let just anyone fly these days!" Kane said from the passengers seat, joining in on the joke.

"Why do I feel like the odd one out here?" John Bradshaw asked from the backseat, shaking his head.


Taker just sighed and turned up the radio to try and down out the laughter of the two very brightly faced men beside and behind him. He mumbled incoherantly to himself: It was always him who got stuck driving with the insane ones. Well, he guessed it could be worse from what he's heard about some people and he certainly didn't want to end up in the same car as Ivory again.

As pretty as the Diva was, she had a mouth that would run anyone away.

"Can we PLEASE pull over at the next truck stop or something? I need a beer." Bradshaw asked over Raven and Kane who were still laughing.

"Dude, we aren't in Texas, they don't sell beer out here." Raven inquired.

Bradshaw looked at Raven like he was an idiot; stunned that the man who had led the flock AND controlled Steven Richards for the time they were together was as dumb as he was coming off to be.

"What're you, stupid, boy?" he asked.

Raven sat up quickly, "Huh?"

Bradshaw just rolled his eyes and settled back again.

"Taker, you are pulling over at the next stop. I am in dire need to get drunk. Then maybe I can handle these two retards."

"Alright." Taker agreed.


A few minutes later, Taker found a truck stop and pulled over. Bradshaw, immediately headed in to the station and stocked his arms full of as many six-packs as he could and headed back to the counter to pay.

"You know you can't bring that in to the car." Taker warned when Bradshaw reemerged.

"I'm puttin it in the cooler. I'm having one right now and YOU can't stop me. If you try, I'm stompin' a mudhole in your ass."

Taker just rolled his eyes again and leaned against the wall to finish his drink.

"Where'd those other two idiots disappear to?"

"I think Raven said he was taking Kane to show him how to see stars in the day ... " Taker trailed off.

The two waited a few more minutes until Raven and Kane showed up.


"I'm driving." Bradshaw said, getting in to the passenger seat.

"SHOTGUN!" Kane screamed, heading over. He was disappointed to find that Raven had some how gotten to the seat before him, "What?!? I called it!"

Raven shrugged.


"I'm stuck in the back with HIM?" Taker realized, sitting in the back, "This sucks!"

"Speak for yourself, I'm stuck in here with YOU." Kane grumbled, getting in the back with his "brother".

For about the twenty-th time that day, Kane got a stupid look thrown at him. Taker really had to wonder if these guys had been dropped on their heads when they were younger or if they were just naturally stupid.

"You guys scare me." Bradshaw shook his head from the front seat.

"Ah, go back to ... Florida or wherever it is you're from." Kane replied.

"What a come back, I'm from Texas." Bradshaw said, turning back to the road.

"Eh, you live in Florida. I read it on the internet."

"I live in New York, that's in New York."

"Well duh, even I knew that." Raven cut in.

"You are dumb. Really dumb." Kane sighed.

Both Bradshaw and Taker decided not to comment on that. Bradshaw sighed and just shook his head. This was going to be one long-ass car ride.