Chapter 10: Finale


Kagura and Kanna stood on either side of the great doors that marked the entrance into the throne room. Their supreme leader was busy leaving a message behind for Ambassador Sesshoumaru and the 'guests' that would soon be arriving.

"We must hurry my lord, they come," Kanna informed her ruler as she held up her mirror that allowed her to see the happenings of the outside world. She could see the kitsune spirit that inhabited the human Admiral was disabling the security that prevented unruly ruffians from disturbing the sanctity of the throne room.

"Do not rush genius," Naraku answered as he flipped the switch to turn off the device he had just recorded his message to the great dog-demon. Naraku's crimson eyes fell upon the entrance of his throne room with slight apprehension. He gave a nervous chuckle and smiled at his two women followers that sent a chill of dread down their backs.

"My lord, what is it that you require of us?" Kagura asked, praying that he would not ask them to commit suicide for his cause. She would serve him as long as he held her bound to him but she was not willing to die for him. She would rather he kill her.

Naraku stared at her long and hard, effectively reading her mind and her doubts about his intentions. He laughed softly this time and began to walk away towards the hidden passageway of his chambers. "Fear not, oh loyal one, you will not die today at my hands. Come."

Kanna and Kagura exchanged quick glances; Kanna indicated the vision in her mirror that revealed that the rebel forces were but yards away from entering the room. They hurried after Naraku into the small area in his secret passage.

"I think it's time for a vacation, far away from here. What say you to returning once things settle down a bit?" Naraku asked as he punched in some coordinates to the teleportation device. He then programmed the device to self-destruct approximately twenty seconds after it transported them.

"Where are we going my lord?" Kanna inquired in her soft, child-like voice. Naraku smiled a cruel, fanged grin.

"I think we should spend this vacation exploring the far reaches of the universe. Besides, I think a new recruiting effort to our cause is in order, don't you agree?" Naraku asked as he pushed the sequence countdown upon the teleporter.

Kanna and Kagura merely nodded their heads in agreement. The device began to lock onto their genetic makeup and the three soon glowed a vibrant lavender color. Kagura could hear the door broken open into the throne room. The destruction that followed Naraku would only continue if she allowed him to escape.

Naraku glared at her, reading her thoughts. The foolish woman was still unaware that he could hear everyone of her traitorous ideas. He flung her away from him towards the throne room just before the device transported the three. Only he and Kanna were transported.

Kagura fell through the wall upon her face on the hard stone of the throne room. She was surrounded by angry rebel forces. She looked up and was nose to nose with the handsome Ambassador.

"Where is Naraku?" Sesshoumaru demanded as he eyed the vile woman contemptuously. He could smell light traces of Naraku upon her along with the scorn of treason. Kagura slowly pointed a shaky finger through the hole in the wall she fell from.

Golden eyes followed the direction of the shaking appendage and Sesshoumaru growled in annoyance, the scent of Naraku was gone. He moved to walk into the room to record the coordinates of his new location.

"Wait!" Kagura shouted as she stood, before pushing Sesshoumaru down onto the floor. No sooner after she did that did the teleportation device explode, incinerating her body. Sesshoumaru watched as her body ignited and fell to the stone floor in ashes.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, perhaps you can bring her back to life with your Tensaiga healing device," Shippo suggested as he moved past the forces to stand beside Sesshoumaru. Kouga approached the other side and kicked the burnt corpse of the wind-demoness.

He looked at Sesshoumaru, "I don't think it's a good idea to revive her. She'd be all crispy." Sesshoumaru nodded his head in agreement with Kouga.

Sesshoumaru laid his hand upon Shippo's shoulder for a moment once noticing the young fox-demon's reaction to such news. The red haired fox stared at the corpse forlornly. "But she saved you."

Before Sesshoumaru could answer, Jaken called out from him near the throne. "Sesshoumaru-sama there is a message left for you by Naraku." The toad squeaked in his annoying voice.

Sesshoumaru walked towards the hologram pad set up by the former emperor. The red button was flashing at the bottom of the display, indicating a message. Sesshoumaru extended a clawed finger to play the message.

An image of Naraku appeared before him at a third his real size. A cocky expression was plastered upon his face and his crimson eyes danced with amusement.

The image spoke, "I am no captain and refuse to go down with my ship. Don't worry, we youkai live a long time so I will be back. Enjoy the empire I built while you can." Naraku winked before being seen reaching down to flip off the hologram.

A collective groan was heard throughout the throne room. Weapons were being thrown to the stone floor in disappointment.

"This is such a waste of time," Hiei grumbled as he moved to rest in the unoccupied throne. Sesshoumaru glared at his action, but Hiei merely quirked an eyebrow and continued on his way to sit in the throne.

Sango followed him and leaned over to whisper in his ear after he had situated himself to the attention of the golden glare from the Ambassador. "I don't think it's a good idea that you just sit in the throne of the tyrannical ruler of this planet," Sango informed him.

Hiei merely shrugged his shoulders before leaning back to relax in the throne. "I don't see how that matters. It's empty and I want to sit. There is no problem."

Miroku walked to stand beside the wolf youkai, Kouga who was kicking at the ashes of Kagura. "What are you doing?" Miroku asked curious at the odd behavior. "You are desecrating her remains."

Kouga turns icy eyes to the human before him. The sadness in his eyes if apparent. Miroku gasped slightly at the emotions revealed to him by the proud wolf demon pilot. "She is a wind demoness. I can not allow her to heal herself by using the wind."

"But she saved Sesshoumaru, doesn't she deserve to be healed. I'm sure she didn't really have much choice in serving Naraku." Miroku replied, trying to calm the raging inferno before him.

Kouga shook his head adamantly at the human. "You don't understand. We all have a choice whether or not to serve one we do not believe in. Kagura was evil even before Naraku completely corrupted her." Kouga kicked the remains a few more times while muttering a chant under his breath that would prevent the ashes from ever coming together.

Kouga's pain was slowly dulling as he destroyed the remains of the demoness. She was responsible to for murdering several members of his family and threatening the rest in order to get him to be a pilot for the empire. He only regretted that he wasn't able to kill her with his own hands.

Jaken moved away from the disappointed troops. He moved to stand before the Ambassador who continued to glare disdainfully at the impudent human who dared to sit in a chair of demon power. The toad dropped to the floor and groveled at Sesshoumaru's feet.

The distraction caused the golden eyes to focus at the whimpering toad. "Lord Sesshoumaru, you must take your place as our leader! "Much concord echoed through out the throne room as the army chorused the suggestion of the toad demon.

"He's right Sesshoumaru, as Ambassador, you are the next in line for the throne." Shippo answered, having overheard Kouga's explanation to Miroku. He would ask his friend later what the reason for his hatred of the wind demoness was.

Sesshoumaru looked around the room to see countless loyal subjects. A hint of smile reached his lips as he moved towards the occupied throne. Hiei noticed his movement and eased himself out of the throne. He moved to stand beside it and ushered Sesshoumaru towards the seat with his arm.

Soon the new leader of Planet Youkai would begin his reign and a time of peace and order would soon ensue.


Kagome and Inuyasha succeeded in the destruction of the Argonite Crystal. But a boogie was soon on Inuyasha's tail. He veered away from Kagome to draw his attacker out into the open. Kagome noticed his departure and soon pursued.

Inuyasha recognized the markings of the ship behind him. It was the ship of Jakotsu, space pirate and brother of the now dead Bankotsu. This was most definitely a mission of vengeance.

After surveying the landscape, Inuyasha found an alcove that was too dense for a ship to pass through. He began to descend to land his ship. As he was landing he concentrated on the magic within his blood. His brother had taught him how to transport himself to a place he desired to be.

He could feel the energy flow within him as he concentrated upon moving his body deep within the forest. He could feel the beginnings of being at two places at the same time. His eyelids were growing heavy as he landed the ship and then he experienced a brief moment of displacement.

When next he opened his eyes, he was at the location he desired to be. He could see his ship at some distance off. He noticed that Jakotsu's ship was landing beside his own. He was confused for a moment. He figured the pirate would shoot as his ship.

A tapping appeared upon his shoulder. Inuyasha whirled around to face the tapper and was greeted by the grinning face of Jakotsu. Hate and scorn were evident in the hard blue eyes of the pirate. "Didn't think we'd end this so soon did you?"

Inuyasha swiped his claws at the pirate. Jakotsu deftly leapt out of harm's way. He tisked at Inuyasha. "Do not think that I don't know your attacks. I know exactly how you killed my brother. And I know exactly how to make you fail in your attempts to do the same to me."

Inuyasha hurdled himself to the left when Jakotsu revealed his ultimate weapon. It was an incredibly thin sword that moved like a snake and could slice through the toughest of material. A dog-demon would be easy to cut through.

"Your brother should have chosen his friends better," Inuyasha replied as he dodged another attack, he didn't move quite far enough. His left hand moved to cover the sliced wound receive just under his ribs.

Jakotsu licked his lips. "Hmm.....maybe I'll eat some dog-demon ribs tonight. I'll have feast in honor of my brother, don't look so sad Inuyasha, you get to be the guest of honor!" Jakotsu laughed maniacally at that line before using his sword to block a raining onslaught of blood claws.

"Did you really expect to hurt me with that?" Jakotsu asked before cringing. He turned his attention away from his opponent to glare at the intruder of his revenge. He reached down to pull out the dart that appeared in his side.

Inuyasha followed his gaze to see Kagome standing upon a high branch of tree. "What are you doing?" Inuyasha shouted as he moved to protect the human in the tree. "Run away from here! You're only going to get hurt!"

Kagome looked down at him as she loaded her final dart. They were flare darts that one uses when crash landing upon an ice world. She never had to use them before but figured that now was a good time. She aimed her dart once more at the one who threatened her dear friend.

Jakotsu glared venom as the second dart fell into his side. He could feel his life force being drained from him. He forced himself to stand resolute. He had to defend his fallen brother and he would kill these two and they would die alongside him.

His strength was leaving him fast he raised his snake sword once more and unleashed a frenzy of attacks at the pair. He would at least destroy the human. He collapsed to the ground before seeing the result of his final attack.

Inuyasha jumped in front of Kagome to protect her, taking all the hits himself. His bloodied body fell upon hers. His face contorted in pain as he looked her over. "Good, you didn't get hit," he told her before collapsing upon her body.

Kagome looked around panicked. Inuyasha was seriously wounded because of her! She couldn't let him die! She looked back towards Jakotsu, but wasn't relieved to find him dead. That didn't help her save Inuyasha!


Kurama made his way through the tunnels with a skip to his step. He was successful. He didn't even have any problems finding the control panels. Security there was simply no match for his cunning.

He reached the throne room and smirked at everyone. He then noticed Sesshoumaru sitting in the throne. "I take it everything went well." He heard a snort come from the direction of Hiei. Of course, his old friend wouldn't be in a good mood. He was still sore from being forced to come here.

Kurama looked around the room, surveying the occupants. Both the minds of Shuuichi Minamino and Youko noted the absence of Kagome. "Has Kagome not returned yet?"

Miroku shook his head. "I think we should send a search party for both her and Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru was extending his ki to give us a better idea of where to search. Shippo tried tracking them down by locating their life force with his computer but apparently when you shut off the security that included some of our technologies." Miroku explained.

"I would like to help search for them," Kikyou spoke up from near the remains of Kagura. She had given a brief blessing to the ashes that were scattered upon the floor, much to the annoyance of Kouga who watched her with apprehension through out the duration of the prayer.

Sesshoumaru motioned for Kouga to come near him. He spoke in tones that no others could hear and directed him to the location of his brother and the human. He instructed him to take the humans with him on the search.

Kouga, Miroku, Sango, and Kikyou left the throne room to track down the location of the missing pair. Hiei declined the invitation to follow, saying he had wasted enough time on search and rescue missions lately.

Sesshoumaru leaned back in his throne and announced, "We must discuss the diplomatic relationship between the Planet Youkai and Earth, since the point of all this was to create an intergalactic treaty. At least that was the point I was led to believe as I served as Ambassador."

"I have decided that I want to send an Ambassador back to Earth." Sesshoumaru informed his audience.

Kurama's emerald eyes twinkled with golden flecks, "I believe I could probably serve the position. I fit that bill since I am partially Youko Kurama." The Admiral uniform of Shuuichi Minamino caused Sesshoumaru to shake his head no.

"No, you can not serve as the Ambassador because you are already an Admiral. It is doubtful that humans would believe that you now represent two individuals." Sesshoumaru answered. He took upon a thoughtful countenance. "I want my brother to serve. It will help him gain a greater sense of responsibility."

Kurama allowed a fake smile to lift the corners of his lips. "That is a good idea." He answered, as Hiei looked at him suspiciously. Kurama didn't want Inuyasha around. That could lead to conflict concerning Kagome. He was certain that she had feelings for all three of them, Youko, Shuuichi, and Inuyasha.

"That's an excellent idea your majesty," Shippo answered as he continued to fiddle with a tracking device upon his wrist that kept him informed of Kouga's location.

"Yes, my lord, that's a novel and excellent idea!" Jaken beamed, jumping in his excitement to offer praising words to his lord and master.

"Jaken," Sesshoumaru stated coolly, causing the toad demon to stop his bouncing and offer his rapt attention. "Stop jumping or I will disembowel you." Jake swallowed thickly and nodded his head in comprehension.

"When you mean Ambassador, what do you intend?" Hiei questioned the great dog-demon. Sesshoumaru turned cold golden eyes to him, still unhappy with the disrespectful attitude of the human.

"I mean, Inuyasha will accompany you back to Earth and on your various missions through out space serving as the representative of this planet." Sesshoumaru answered calmly. Kurama had to restrain the growl that wanted to escape his throat. It would definitely cause tension to have Inuyasha traveling in space in the presence of his Kagome. The two had too much in common.

The throne room burst open and Miroku skid to a halt before the individuals discussing diplomatic relations. "We found them. They are being treated for medical injuries." He gasped for breath but managed to reach out his arm to stop Kurama from racing past him.

"They will be fine. Kagome just has a few bruises. Inuyasha was near death, but somehow Kikyou knew of a way to combine her powers with the ones within Kagome and they healed him."

Kurama beamed with pride. "Kagome healed him?" Shuuichi had a short lived moment of regret. If she had known how to utilize her healing powers before he wouldn't have to share his body with Youko. Youko countered that if Shuuichi wasn't sharing his body then Kagome would have been his mate by now.

Shuuichi conceded the point and decided that there were advantages to sharing a body with an all-powerful kitsune spirit that was loved by Kagome. She was able to love two people at once through their merge. That should definitely be a helpful factor if Inuyasha ended up being a problem.

"They should be here shortly. It's amazing what sort of healing ability Kagome has. Unfortunately, it seems to make her incredibly tired." Miroku explained. As soon as the words left his mouth, Inuyasha walked into throne room with Kagome in his arms bridal style. Minamino was positively livid at the sight with jealousy.

Inuyasha's clothes are stained with crimson blood, evidence at his close encounter with death. Kagome opened tired eyes to peer at Sesshoumaru and smiled. "Looks like we did it," she whispered to Inuyasha. He nodded his head in agreement.

Kurama rushed towards the pair and tried to take Kagome from Inuyasha's arms. Inuyasha wouldn't let go. Kagome felt torn, literally. "Just set me on my feet," Kagome told the two. She stood on her feet, shaky with exhaustion. She moved an arm to wrap around both Inuyasha and Kurama.

Kurama's arms wrapped tightly around her waist while Inuyasha held firmly onto her shoulder.

Hiei walked over towards Miroku and Sango. "Sesshoumaru has the great idea of having Inuyasha serve as Ambassador for Planet Youkai. He'll be returning with us and joining us on our missions."

Miroku's lavender eyes widened at the idea and he wanted to laugh, but instead he whispered to Sango, "Of yeah, that's going to be a long flight."

Sango could only nod her head in agreement as she could see Kurama and Inuyasha were both obviously in love with her dear friend. She looked at Miroku and smiled, glad that she didn't have that problem.


The End?