Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys:
New Worlds
A College Mystery

Nancy Drew walked down the unfamiliar streets of New York University. She had transferred here with Bess and George halfway through freshman year when Wilder had been deemed one of the most unsafe institutions in the United States. After learning that their very good friend, Frank Hardy was attending NYU, they had transferred their grades two states over to the rustic outskirts of New York City. Joe Hardy, Frank's younger brother, had another year of high school, but he would soon be joining them at the campus.
Nonetheless, Nancy was alien to this place, although she was always ready for a new challenge. The cobbled streets were sprinkled with snow that just wouldn't seem to melt. She heard her boots clatter on the stone as she stepped lightly to her new dorm. Uh, not again. I better not have another Stephanie for a roommate. Stephanie had been a pain in her side until she decide to marry her boyfriend, Michael. Then, suddenly, she acquired a bright new disposition toward everyone, namely Nancy, who had supported her through the sarcasm and sharp remarks. Nancy, however, was single, having broken up with her longtime boyfriend Ned Nickerson during her first few weeks at Wilder. The last few months her love life had been rocky, at best. Her last fling, Michael (a different one) had broken up with her after a fight that their bullheadedness had taken control of She had left right after that.
"Hey, stranger," a deep warm voice called to her as she looked up. She had been looking at her feet as she walked, lost in her own ponderings. It didn't take long for her to register the deep brown eyes, large, handsome smile, and wavy brown hair. At 6'1" Frank Hardy was very striking, and her heart fluttered a bit as he wrapped her up in a hug.
"Hey Frank," came muffled out of his down parka. Being only 5'7", he tended to tower over her.
"How are you?" he asked as he held her at arm's length looking her over. "Where are Bess and George?"
"Oh, they're getting settled. We're all in separate dorms," she said a little wistfully. "I was just going into mine," she said looking up at the Victorian apartment building-made-college dorm. "Which one are you in?" she asked looking back at him.
"This one actually," he said, his white teeth a contrast against his tanned complexion. Nancy pondered where he had gone that summer, then reminded herself that Bayport got sun too.
"That's great!" She willed her voice to not prtray the emotions filling her up inside. She had always had a thing for Frank, even though neither of them could act on it, her being with Ned and him having Callie. Now she ached for that reason not to want him, because as far as she knew he was still off limits to a girl who had liked him forever.
"How is Callie by the way," she asked, secretly crossing her fingers.
"Well," Frank drew out the word, making Nancy sweat at the forwardness of the question. She'd only met Callie once, and the other girl had been quite hostile. She was beginning to doubt the whole way she had gone about the situation. He must see right through me, she thought. "We're kind of at odds," he continued, not sure how to explain. "On our last case, well, lets just say she didn't like one of the situations I was put in. It really put a strain on our relationship, if one even exists anymore. We had a pretty big blowout."
"I feel your pain," Nancy commiserated. She and Ned had broken up over her sleuthing. Nancy, Frank, and Joe were nationally acclaimed private detectives, hence Nancy's aversion to Frank. She always felt she had a special bond with him that she'd never had with anyone else. They had shared passionate kisses in the heat of the moment on more than one occasion. Joe and Frank were two of her closest and dearest friends, especially Frank.
"Yeah well, lets get your stuff up to your room before your fingers freeze off," he said, changing the subject. He had also noticed that she didn't have any gloves on. Not smart for November in New York. Well, he said to himself, we all have our moments.

"Hey Nancy, how are you?" Joe ran to give her a hug. 1 inch shorter than his brother and more muscular, Joe's hugs were usually more like tackles. Brushing his blond hair out of his blue eyes, he gave Nancy a big grin as she composed herself.
Surprised, the strawberry-blonde turned her blue eyes on Joe. "What are you doing here? I thought you had school."
"Well, I do, but when Frank told me you guys were coming, I just had to come help you unpack your bags. Where's Bess?" he said, looking over her shoulder.
"In another dorm," she laughed. Joe and Bess had always had a thing for each other, both of them being chronically flirtatious. He couldn't go five seconds without thinking about the opposite sex. They really were meant for each other.
"Oh. Well, I was just waiting for Frank to get back. I had no idea you guys were in the same dorm. That's really cool," Joe said. "I can't wait to join you. Only one more semester."
"Yeah, and it's a killer," Frank said picking up a box as Joe groaned. "Now," he lifted the box in front of his face so he didn't hurt his back, "how 'bout helping me with these," he grunted as he started up a step, "boxes?"

Bess looked up at Wiseman Hall in awe. It was five stories tall with elegant windows and large balconies on every other floor.
"Um, George? I don't think we're at Wilder anymore," Bess said sardonically.
"No kidding," George replied. "At least we're in the same dorm."
"Yeah, but Nancy's all alone. She doesn't even know who she's rooming with." Bess pouted. "I thought they'd let us have one of those bigger suites so we could stay together."
"Well, Nancy's a big girl. I'm sure she'll be fine," George said as she leaned into the car trunk. "Now, let's get this stuff to our room so we can go see her."

Frank looked around Nancy's room. "Why are the girls' bigger than the boys'?!?
Nancy rolled her eyes. "Think about it Frank." She laughed. "Since when do guys store makeup, dresses, and extra accessories?"
"Um, well, have you seen Joe's room?" He laughed as Joe glared at him.
Nancy grinned, "Help me unpack my books you comedians."
"What?" Joe feigned a mock look of shock. "I'm not funny?"
"You're hilarious," Nancy replied. "But you'd also be helpful if you unpacked my books!"
Frank smiled at Nancy's back as she hefted a box to her room. Her strawberry blonde hair swished on her shoulders with each step, and old feelings came flooding back.