What it Fan Fiction
Part 2 - Does this work?

"I don't do ugly and I don't do boys."

"6? and 3"

"I want to kill the wind witch not mate with her."

"1 and 0"

"Who is this person and why am I with them."

"2 and 2"

The inhabitants looked up from their papers ocassionally, puzzled.

After a few minutes the door opened, the muse named Erato walked in. Walking up to Inu Yasha she smiled and wrinkled her nose. "Have to see if this works." Her hand shot out and she began scratching his ears. A low growl that quickly became something similar to a purr came from his throat. Looking down Erato smiled. "Impressive! Now," she turned and started towards Sesshomaru, "to see if it works on you."

"Touch me and die woman." He said.

"Try it Fluffy," she started towards him "and I will," the distance closed "give you a hard-on," she stopped inches from him, their noses almost touching, "that will last a hundred years," she stabbed a finger in his chest, "and never go down."

He snorted and Miroku grinned "May I have one?"

Turning her head Erato met the monks eyes, "Are you sure? I'd think real hard about it." Every male in the room thought about it for a moment and nos resounded throughout the room.

With a resigned sigh Sesshomaru spoke, "Very well woman, do as you wish."

"Don't need to. Your reaction told me everything I needed to know, fluffy puppy." She smiled and started to make her way out of the room but was stopped by Naraku. "Yes spider-boy?"

He frowned at the name but continued. "What is this A/U I see on some stories?"

"A/U means alternate universe. Ummm" she thought for a moment then continued "It would be stories where some element is different. Say, ummm there are no such things as youkai Or one of my favorites is the one where Fluffy is a slave...." She searches through a stack of pages "here it is." She hands it to Sesshomaru. "Well before I leave any other questions? Good, because I need to get over to the Yuyu Hakusho cast... Kurama's in demand ... again." She exited the room and soon once again the now familiar muttering began.

"4 and 0"

"What's with the biting? Cat's bite, not dogs."

"0 and 1"

"Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin piped up.

"Yes Rin."

"What's an erect member? And what is seducing? And why would someone do it to you? And..."

"Rin, why are you asking these questions?" the demon met his wards eyes. Holding up the pages she opened her mouth to explain, "Never mind Rin." He took the pages from her and looked into the room, "Does anyone have a story appropriate for a child?"

Kagome smiled, "Here, I was reading this one about a babysitter." She handed the pages to the child.

"9! and 2"

"Sango what in hell are you doing?" Inu Yasha finally asked.

"Counting." The exterminator explained flipping through the next set of pages.

"Counting what?" He asked



"Yours and Kagome's and Mine and Miroku's. The count is now 22 for you and Kagome and 8 for Miroku and me. Seems I'm too busy knocking him out for him to knock me up."

Kagome fainted, Inu Yasha growled and Miroku looked pleased with the announcement.

In one corner three school girls flipped through stories. "Kikyou bashing" "Kikyou bashing" "Oh here's a good one... Porcelain doll with a pull tab." "I've got one, stepped on by a giant dog." Finally as a group, they walked to the miko surrounded by her soul catchers "Kikyou." The one with short hair said, "Hun, dey hate yo ass. If I was you... I'd lay low for a long time."

Inu Yasha began growling again. "Now what?" Sango asked.

"Didn't that muse mention someone named Kurama?"

"Yes, she did why?"

"Cause he can't come anywhere near Kagome if he's dead." He leapt to his feet and started towards the door only to be thrown back by a force field.

A disembodied voice echoed through out the room, "Please step back, you have activated the Muse security system, no person is permitted to leave this room without a muse's permission. Have a nice day."
Still more to come....