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He could sense it. Something about the battle tomorrow wouldn't turn out right...for him, at least.

Spike pushed the thought from his mind and tried to focus on something else. Champion. The word bounced back and forth inside his skull. Champion. She'd called him that. Then he'd held her and allowed himself to be held by her. Here. Right here on this very cot. Since Buffy needed to prepare, she'd left him much too soon. But Spike still felt her there, as he did always. And joy, dampered by equal parts of fear, overwhelmed him.

But he knew there was something he must do. A few somethings.

He gathered himself and climbed the stairs leading into the Summers' kitchen. Not surprised to find Dawn in there, deserted. All of Slayer and Co. had went thier seperate ways, a group each to Xander's and the place Gile's was renting. But he had counted footfalls out the door from his somber existence in the basement, and knew one Slayerette had stayed behind. He figured it was the one who wasn't really a Slayerette at all. He stood in the doorway, watching her silently as she stared out the window, not sensing his presence at first. Then she turned around sharply and glared.

"Oh, hey." she said, about as warmly as Spike's colder then room temp skin.

"Hey,"he returned warmly, ignoring her tone,"Why aren't you marching into pre-battle weepies with the cavilry?"

"Because."She paused slightly."Because Buffy wanted me to stay here."

Spike snicked "And how often does Bit listen to Big Sis? I didn't here a kicking and screaming match, followed by 'GET OUT.GET OUT. GET OUT!' screamed in a pitch only dogs should hear."

"I wanted to be here. In the house. In case, tomorrow. Ya know.."She trailed of quietly."Not that you care."

Spike frowned."Dawn. I care. About everything and anything that has to do with you. How much your hurting. How much *I've* hurt you. I need you to know that."He said the last part, mimicking the sad tone Dawn's voice held."I'm not used to you not having teenage puppy eyes for me, but I'm not used to you hating me either. Part of me is glad that after tomorrow I wont have to get used to that."

He grinned as Dawn's eyes rolled " I don't. Hate you. It's just... what do you mean 'after tomorrow'?" her grin faded.

"Nothing, pet. Just, vamp intuition. Got a feeling big bad won't be around for the 'We Won The Battle' party afterwards." He smiled sadly.

"No. Spike, don't say that. You'll ge through this like everyone else." Her eyes started tearing up and spilling over.

"Hey now there." Spike said, putting his arms around her shoulders loosly."Sssh. Easy now. I'm sorry Niblet."
"I know..."She sniffled."And ditto."

"Good." He smoothed back her hair." Now what say I go beat you at poker?"


And so Spike began, making his amends.~*~

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