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"Why are we even playing this game? I mean, it HAS a board, therefore it's a board game. But there are no little pink children shaped things, or poorly counterfeited and brightly colored bills, so it can't be a board game. And there isn't even cash involved... Is there cash involved?"

Anya looked at Andrew hopefully.

"No, Anya. Cribbage is a mature and relaxing game. Chubacca should have considered it, because towards the end, he just seemed very stressed. Or constipated." Andrew looked down at his cards, mumbling as he added up his points.

Sitting back on his cot, Spike threw his cards to the side and took the smoke out from behind his ear, lighting it before enhaling greedily. Andrew watch on with his nosed scrunched up to avoid the smell.

"You should really quit, Spike. Your gonna kill..."Andrew paused."...us."

Spike smiled with a half-hearted smug. He was trying is best to get Anya and Andrew the hell out of HIS basement. "Well, in that case." He blew a ring of smoke towards Andrew's, who ducked, falling off the edge off Spike's cot he was inhabiting. Spike let out a laugh as the boy nursed a bump growing beneath his dark blond hair.

"Children!" Anya barked, getting the attention of both blonds. When she had their attention she couldn't quite remember why she wanted, so she 'hmph'ed loudly, crossing her arms. "I don't get why we're even down here. If I'm going to die with the rest of you, I'd like to spend the rest of my drastically shortened life having multiple make-up orgasms with Xander, multiple times, in many, many different locations." From her postion on the floor, she kicked at the cribbage board, sending it skidding under the cot. Sighing dramatically, she stood up and planted herself between Spike and the newly reseated Andrew.

"We're like the Three Muskateers. Renegaded against our own free will. Shunned by our peers because of our darkend past. It's kinda like that one time on The Enterprise.."

"Andrew," Spike warned. "no more nerd references, Boy Wonder."

"Right." Andrew squirmed nervously, desperate for a way to break the silence. "Hey, Spike, remember that time when we went on that covert op, and we rode your hog and talked about blooming onions and then you threatened to kill me?" He looked around Anya at Spike, anxiously.

"Bloody hell. I'm gonna miss that..." Spike looked over at Andrew, not very fond of the grin he was getting,"...er, the threatining, not the ruddy male bonding bit."

"Don't get too emotional, paley. It's not like YOUR going anywhere anytime soon. I mean, if anyone of us is gonna die, it'll be Andy here. Cause I'm 1000 plus years old, and I can handle my self, and you've got that shiny thinga-ma-bob. But Mr. Friend-Stabber, he's only got his little pan flute." She stood back up, and smoothed out a wrinkle in her skirt.

"Since we're wallowing." she paused and went over to a pile of abandoned crates, pulling out a bottle of scotch, half empty. Spike looked at her, head slightly tilted in wonder. He may do his share of basement drinking, but that was NOT his. "What?" She said to his incredulous look. "Think you're the only one who drinks alone in a smelly basement?"


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