Chapter 5~ Gathering the Team

Remus sat in his office, flipping through one of his books but not really reading it. He glanced at the wall clock. Where the hell was Sirius? Remus knew sending his friend to Snape's private domain was always risky, but there had been no one else to send. If he had stopped to pull a prank or steal something of his enemy. . .Remus shook his head. He was fairly sure Sirius realized how important this was. Fairly sure, but then again, this was Sirius.

Footsteps outside his hall brought him back to attention. "Sirius?" he asked in trepidation.

"Remy darling?" said a voice like melted sugar. Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford stood outside his door in all of her newly incarnate glory. "I've been looking everywhere for you."

Remus prided himself on keeping cool in a crisis. He took several deep breaths and thought about this. Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford couldn't get into his office, but she had surely had minions who could. They might try to get him out through the wards, which could easily kill him. But he didn't think Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford would put his life in danger. That wasn't how the Mari-Su worked. On the other hand, he couldn't risk her still being there when Sirius returned with the Potions ingredients. She might corrupt him again, and Remus would be powerless to stop her. Instantly he knew what he had to do.

"Oh, Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford, my dearest love!" shouted Remus, striking a dramatic pose. "Please forgive me, I've been a fool! You're the one for me!"

"Oh, my dear Remi-chan!" sniffed Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford, clasping her hands to her breast. "I couldn't hold anything against you. You are the only one for me, as well."

"I can't be without you any longer! Come to me, my love!" shouted Remus, beckoning towards her. Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford sprung through the door. . .and hit the ward. Instantly she collapsed on the ground. She wouldn't, of course, do anything so undignified as to be sick, but she did turn very pale and weak.

"My love, I am faint! But I will still. . .come to you!" She attempted to stand, hitting the ward once more, and collapsing again dramatically.

"Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford, darling! There appears to be some ill spell that keeps us apart! I feel it too, but not as strongly as you do. If only I could get to you, and help!" said Remus, feigning tears.

"No spell can stop our love!" shouted Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford, ready to try to charge the ward once more.

"No, darling!" said Remus in horror. "You must go to the hospital wing! I couldn't bear to lose you! I'll remain here and try to stop the spell."

"Oh, but dearest Remi-chan!" exclaimed Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford. "What will you do without me by your side?"

"Somehow. . ." said Remus, sounding as though he were in pain. "Somehow, I'll go on. Go! Don't delay!"

"I'll be back, Remy!" cried Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford, flitting off like a jeweled hummingbird.

Remus smiled, then sunk down in his chair, clutching his head. That had been physically painful. Fortunately, a few minutes later Sirius burst through the ward, of course completely untouched. Remus walked over to him.

"These good enough for you?" grumbled Sirius, gesturing to his dark robes. "You know, I can't help what that dementor dressed me like. And a lot of people think I look good in leather." He glared at Remus.

"Yes, yes," said Remus distractedly. "Did you get the ingredients?"

Sirius grinned and held out a bag full of just about the entire contents of the Potions cabinet, as well as a little bottle that Sirius instantly pocketed. "I'm keeping this one. It's Snape's." He snickered and read the label. "Brassy Warlock Cologne. Imagine the look on his face when he finds out I have this!"

"Ah," said Remus pointedly. "So, you knew the fate of the entire wizarding world and my life was in your hands, and you decided to stop and rummage through Snape's things."

"It was sitting right there!" said Sirius defensively. He crossed his arms, sat down in the chair, and gave Remus a pouting look. Remus shook his head and didn't say anything. He set his old cauldron to boil and began to prepare the potion.

"How long is this going to take?" asked Sirius nervously. He knew that Potions could take months, and he wasn't looking forward to being holed up in here for that long. Although he'd never admit it to Remus, he'd also stopped in the kitchens for a snack. He'd discovered that even the house elves were against them. Fortunately, there wasn't much house elves could do if you told them to obey you, whether or not they were on your side. But once Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford gave her approval, house elves would cut through any wards they could put up like Swiss cheese.

"Only about a half hour, fortunately," said Remus more amiably, understanding Sirius's train of thought and glad that Sirius had finally decided to be, well, serious. "Why don't you prepare the roots?" So the two marauders brewed the potion stealthily in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Office. Due to a convenient plot device, they were completely uninterrupted until the potion was done a half hour later.

"It's finished," whispered Remus with a small smile, leaning over the potion. It was now a dark black and was steaming and bubbling slightly. He poured the potion into several extra teacups he kept in his cupboards just in case any depressed sons of former friends just happened to drop by for a chat and some anti-dementor lessons.

"Drink it," he whispered to Sirius. Sirius took the cup and raised it to his lips, drinking it down in one gulp. Remus gave him a questioning look.

"Hmm," said Sirius, licking the remainder of the potion off his lips. "It's very bitter, but not so bad. It tastes a lot like coffee, actually."

"Good, it's supposed to," said Remus, drinking his potion as well. "In fact, very strong coffee works as a rudimentary antidote to Mari-Sus. Why do you think you find so many American Mari-Sus in different countries? They're getting away from all of those Starbucks."

Sirius shrugged. "Makes sense, I guess." He glanced up and looked out of the office. "Oh, hello, Harry," he said casually. Harry merely grinned evilly in response.

"Lock the door!" commanded Remus. "We can't let him in."

"Excuse me!" said Sirius indignantly. "That is my godson. I don't know what Harry's ever done to you. . ."

"He's possessed by Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford" said Remus Lupin flatly.

Sirius gasped. "The dementor! We have to get Harry unpossessed!" The wizard threw open the door, and grabbed Harry. He pulled the boy into the office, and closed the door, pinning him to the wall.

"That was surprisingly easy," thought Remus aloud. He put the mug of coffee to Harry's lips. The boy frowned, and then in curiosity drank. Suddenly, his eyes became clearer.

"What's going on?" he asked. "Did Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford die?"

Remus and Sirius explained everything. The exact dialogue will not be stated here, because I am lazy. But since no one had bothered to remove the wards and Sirius's wand was still in Snape's office, Remus stayed behind while Harry and Sirius went to rescue as many people as they could. Finally, when the potion was gone, they returned, bringing all of the saved witches and wizards with them. This was to be the team that the fate of the wizarding world would depend on.

"Alright," said Remus, surveying the group before him. Among the saved were Harry's friends Hermione and Ron, as well as Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and Draco Malfoy. Remus frowned. "Erm. . .no offense, but we don't have supplies to make any more potions."

Harry nodded. "I know," he said with a heroic smile.

"Well, yes, but the ones we choose these. . .particular witches and wizards? I mean, I was hoping we could get Dumbledore, or at least Minerva."

"Well," said Harry speculatively, "we saw Professor Dumbledore, but we only had enough potion left for one person, so we gave it to Malfoy here."

"Hmmm," said Remus, unable to say anything else. Finally, he asked in a tired voice, "Why Malfoy?"

"His hair!" said Harry wide-eyed. "It's so cool! It's all slicked back and shiny! So we got Malfoy. We weren't sure who else you wanted, since Sirius was down in Snape's dungeons."

Remus gave Sirius one of his rare, very frightening glares. Sirius smiled sheepishly, making sure that all of the stolen items were still well concealed on his person.

"Fine, then," responded Remus to Harry, giving up. "Now, we will find a way to destroy Destinee Violette Morningstarr de Smytheford and return everything back to normal."

"Everything?" asked Sirius, a frown on his face.

"Yes, Sirius," said Remus with a glare. "You'll have to return your incriminating cologne or whatever it was."

"Yeah, sure," responded Sirius. He now had his wand with him, so he took down the wards, not looking at Remus. The wizards gathered themselves and prepared to fight.

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