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'You have no power over me.

In the castle, beyond the Goblin City, His Majesty Jareth, King of the Goblins, lay on his black bed.He hadn't left his room for two weeks, ever since the beautiful mortal, Sarah Williams, had defeated his wonderful Labyrinth and left him with a broken heart. A crystal hovered over his bed, the only light in the otherwise dark room. "So beautiful," he murmured to himself. The door opened slightly and Hoggle stuck his head in. "Leave," Jareth commanded in a strong voice, though he didn't even look at him.

"She wouldna a wanted this, Yer Majesty, sir," Hoggle said softly.

"Oh? If she hadn't left me..." Jareth said no more, gazing broodingly at the crystal.

"She didna know, sir. She only thought ya wanted a playtoy. Sarah's young, ya know. Even for a mortal," Hoggle mumbled.

"LEAVE." A crystal flung itself at the door, barely missing Hoggle as he ducked out the door. Hoggle and Sir Didymus exchanged worried glances. Ludo, who refused to leave his brother, moaned in sorrow.

"Ludo miss Sarah," Ludo whined. Sir Didymus patted him on his arm, the highest he could reach, even though Ludo was sitting down.

"Perhaps if I were to try," Sir Didymus suggested softly. Hoggle gladly got out of his way and opened the door for the little dog.

"Magesty, perhaps if you didn't just give up," Sir Didymus said to his brooding monarch.

"Leave me be, Didymus. I have no wish to converse with anyone," Jareth snapped, his eyes never leaving the crystal showing Sarah with little Toby . Jareth ignored him after shooting him a warning about saying HER name in his presence. Sir Didymus sighed, seeing that it wasn't going to work like this. "I know how you can win Lady Sarah back, Sire," Sir Didymus finally said, preparing to duck. Jareth almost threw a crystal at him but paused as the rest of his sentance registered.

"I need not win anything. Everything belongs to me," Jareth pointed out regally.

"Everything in the Goblin Kingdom belongs to you, Sire," Didymus agreed. "But, Lady Sarah is neither in nor of the Goblin Kingdom. You have to win her heart if you wish to have the love of the lady," he pointed out when it appeared that Jareth was waiting for him to continue.

"Perhaps," Jareth muttered with a black glance at the crystal in his hand.

"I think, should the lady understand your true feelings with a little more experience behind her, she would fall madly in love with you," Didymus said.

"Experience?" Jareth inquired, his eyebrow elegantly arched.

"This will take some time, Sire, but I believe you can win her over," Didymus stated.

"We's missin her too, Yer Majesty," Hoggle spoke up over Didymus' head.

"Ludo help bring Sarah home?" Ludo asked piteously. Jareth laughed mockingly.

"Why not?" Jareth asked extravegantly, his face lighting up at the thought of Sarah coming back where she belonged. "What shall we do to bring the lady to my side, Didymus?"

"Well, Sire, you remember those crystals you keep offering her?" Didymus asked.