Begging For You

By Timberwolf

With her annoying muses CS (Chibi Sarah, likes mocha coffee) CT (Chibi Tyson, too cute) and CC (Chibi Cindy, to protect our defenseless author from CS. And doing a good job of it too!!)

A Tyka story

Chapter One

Returning memories

Kai stood in front of the blue gym. It was bigger than your average gyms, but then what could you expect from being world champions. The title comes with more than free donuts.

He took in a deep breath. This was hard for even him, Kai to do.

He imagined how the Bladebreakers would react to that.


"If you want to know something, why don't you ask Mr. Know-it all," Dizzi said accusingly

Tyson chuckled, "That would you Kai."

Kai smirked, "You said it."

***End Flashback***

He gently opened the door. Here goes, he thought.

Time to face the fireworks.

The first thing he saw was Kenny, sitting in front of a very big desk. Strange enough, the only thing on this enormous desk was a laptop. Kai chuckled. Dizzi still dominated the little brunette's life. No technology could replace Dizzi and her sharp wit, even if they tried.

Kenny was engrossed at whatever Dizzi was telling him. Kai wanted to avoid him, but he knew eventually, Kenny would seek him out. Tyson always had extremely loyal friends.

He cleared his throat. Kenny jerked his head back, his chocolate eyes wideninglook, nobody has ever seen this guy's eyes, so I'm making up an eye colour. Don't sue

"Kai," he said in a matter-of fact tone. Kenny stood up, never breaking eye-contact. Despite the fact Kai was taller; Kenny made him feel like an insect.

Not knowing what to say, Kai nodded.

"You have a lot of guts coming back here. You know that, don't you?"

"Don't try and stop me Chief."

"Chief," He said that word as if it hasn't been used in a long time, "You haven't called me that in a long time. Don't use it. You don't have that privilege anymore, considering what you did to Tyson."

Those words cut his insides. He never considered Tyson not forgiving him. Tyson was always ever-forgiving, even to his enemies. Is it possible Tyson won't forgive him?

No, Kenny was just messing with him. He will get Tyson back. No matter what. 

Kenny glared at him in such a way Kai might have ended up as ash on a table.

Kai just ignored him and proceeded onwards.

Kenny watched him walk off. Then he said softly, "God, lend Tyson strength to stand straight for the future."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That was done, Kai thought.

Now to face the Turtle and the Tiger[1]. He was sure they got together last year. It even came on the news, to the major embarrassment of Ray and amusement of Max. They blended very well with each other, complimenting each other with their opposite views, ideas and personalities. Plus, he was sure Max was the only one who could lighten up Ray from his 'no-nonsense' attitude and Ray was the only one who could reduce Max's blood-sugar levels.

 He saw Max fighting someone who was so obviously a rookie. Kai rolled his eyes. Even though they were World Champions, they still wasted their time fighting rookies.

He watched the rookie's blade fly out of the dish and make a dent in the wall.

No doubt they have to get that wall repainted.

"Not bad. Improve your offense and I'm sure you'll make it to the big leagues in no time," Max said encouragingly.

"I doubt it."

Max's head shot up at the familiar tone of that voice. He came back!! His eyes narrowed at Kai. For once, no 'happy-go-lucky' smile adorned his heart-shaped face.

"Kai. Long time, no see. Now leave before I tear your insides."

"Are you threatening me, Max? That's not a wise thing to do."

"No, I'm making the threats." A new voice made its voice cut through the hostile conversation.

A tall well-built teen made his way to Max. Placing a hand on his lover's shoulder, causing Max to relax unconsciously, Ray looked at the former team captain. His eyes were dark and solemn.

The rookie decided now would be a good time to leave. 

"Ray, I see you're doing well," Kai said, smirking.

"Kai, I see you're not, since you came back," Ray replied just as smoothly, his amber eyes cat-like slits.

"That won't work on me. I always get what I want. And besides," He allowed himself a vampire grin, "Did you think you could stop me?"

Ray said nothing. Max growled.

Suddenly Kai heard a voice that was like water flowing gently. It made him stiffen inwardly.  It was a voice he'd longed for so long. It was Tyson's voice.

"Why so much hostility over our ex-team captain? Maxie don't attack him, welcome him. Let it never be said that that the Bladebreakers harbor grudges," Tyson smiled darkly, "I certainly don't."

All the anger drained out of Max and Ray, while Kai simply locked eyes with Tyson.

He had changed so much. He was so immature before. Now…

His sapphire-glowing hair had grown and his eyes which resembled so much like smoke on water were still as enticing as before. He had grown slightly taller and his clothes showed a well-built build. His skin had tanned as well, but not too much that you would notice. His face, which used have a heart-shape became an oval.

A tenshi on earth, that's what he's become, Kai thought dazed.

"Follow me Kai. I'm afraid if I leave you with Max, there are no guarantees you'll survive. So for a change, I'll show you around the new gym. Since you weren't here when it was built."

It was a small rebuke, but it caused Kai great pain.

Tyson gestured to Kai and Kai followed, still in a stupor.

Max looked sadly at the retreating forms. Ray saw this distress and wrapped his arms around his lover's waist Mara, anyone? ^^ and whispered in his ear, "He'll make it."

"Which one, Ray? Which one?

- - - - - - -  -- - - - - - -

Kai followed Tyson like a puppy would follow his master. He couldn't get over how much Tyson has changed. Did I really miss that much? He thought, how come I wasn't here to be the first to know how much he's changed? A surge of jealously enveloped him. He should been the only one to see the changes.

The only one…

Tyson led the way to a tiny, yet well-decorated café. On the wall were the portraits of the Bladebreakers. Including himself. He saw Max's cerulean, Ray's amber, Kenny's russet, Tyson's misty grey-blue, and his own piercing crimson. He arched an eyebrow at Tyson who smiled regretfully.

"I felt the new generation should know all the Bladebreakers, even the ones who abandoned them."

Kai winced. "I didn't abandon you. I…"[2] Kai swallowed his sentence as he saw Tyson's eyes blaze.

He had to be careful at what he says around the blunette. There have been a LOT of changes…

Tyson smiled again. "You see Kai, unlike everyone else, I don't hold a grudge."

"Why not? I thought you'd be the first to attack me," Kai said trying to revive old memories of them together. The ones he cherished the most when he left.

"I've changed a lot since you've left. And," he smirked as if thinking a particularly nasty thought,"I won't let you mess up what I've rebuild out of my shattered life. Don't come into my life, Kai. It will go on better without you messing it up."

With that, he walked off, leaving Kai with the crushed remains of his heart.

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[1] Draciel is usually referred to as the 'turtle' bit-beast. As for Drigger… I really don't think I need to tell you that.

[2] What did Kai do and why did he leave? Find out in the next chappie!!