WARNING: This story contains many million references to the use of illicit drugs and some of the consequences of their use (OD's, murder, death sentences)….an all round nasty sounding story! This is told from the perspective of the junkie and there is probably a tonne of swearing.  Not recommended for anyone younger than 15 years.
Disclaimer: This story is based on the TV Series, Charmed, that was created by Aaron Spelling and Constance M. Burge. The three sisters are owned by Spelling television, the rest are allll mine! BTW: The effect of drugs on the mind is represented by the opposing styles of writing throughout the story and the flipping between past and present. So yes…the screwed up style was intentional, and if you get headaches reading this type of story you may need a few aspirin. =)
Dedication: I was once told by my English teacher that "stories where the lead protagonist is not named are frustratingly annoying".  I totally disagree, so I wrote this for him…ha haaaa. Don't Cry For Me

Please don't judge me……………not until you know everything I know, and have seen everything that I have seen.

Don't ask any questions. Don't even try to understand me.

Just listen.

…Please listen.