Chapter Four: Almost Murder

I tried to keep a straight face as Lucius glared at me. His bore deep into me. Even the strongest man would melt under his gaze, but I wouldn't surrender.

"I will kill you, you know!"

"You're not killing tonight!" Sirius yelled at Lucius, who looked at him with disgust.

"Why would I listen to such a dog like you?" Lucius spat out. All of the students except for the Slytherins edged back into the staff table, trying to make themselves invisible. Draco looked at his father with pride. They looked extraordinarily like each other. Both had silver hair, cold gray eyes, and they were both tall and well built.

"If you kill either one of us you will regret it!"

"Oh, I will? And why is that?"

"We'll kill you!"

"'You' kill 'me'? I highly doubt it, Black! And that puny know-it-all mudblood couldn't even make a scratch on a pureblood Malfoy, such as me!"

"I could make much more than a mark! I did a lot more than that on your little friend!"

"Hermione! Get out of this!"

"You think I couldn't do anything do you!"

"You're amazing, but get out of this!"

"Sorry to intrude on this 'lover's quarrel', but there are some murders to happen!"

"FUCK UP MALFOY!!! Hermione, I love you and I don't want you to get hurt! Please, too many of my friends were tortured and killed by these bastards!"

"I can't watch you get hurt or killed! I'd die before I did that!"

"I told you that there are some murders to get on with!"

"And I told you to fuck up Malfoy!"

"I will not wait for this silly little fight between two lovebirds! Oh, I'll just get on with killing you two!" Lucius raised his wand and pointed it squarely at Hermione's chest. Sirius just noticed this and also raised his wand.

"AVADA KEDA." Lucius began, but his cold voice was interrupted by a deep smooth voice.

"IMPEDIMENTA!" roared Sirius. Lucius stood in his tracks unable to move, trying very hard to throw a curse at him. Sirius walked over to me putting his arm around my trembling shoulder. Draco took the moment to his advantage and his father's. He muttered a few well-chosen words and Lucius was able to move once more.

"You aren't as smart as you may think! I still have my son along with me. Son, would you like to assist me in killing the pureblood convict and the mudblood know-it-all?"

"Anything you say, father, sir."

"Good, my boy. Which one would you like to take? I'm assuming that 'Granger' girl, am I right?" Lucius had spat out 'Granger' as if it were a swear word. Sirius's eyes had a look in them that I had only seen once before. This is no time for a flashback, I thought quickly. Sirius stepped back from me, his eyes searching Lucius. He started laughing like a maniac scaring many students.

"What's to laugh about, Black?"

"I was just wondering what it would look like if I killed you and you were lying limp on the floor! So helpless and . let's see, how should I say this. so un-Malfoyish!" I was even scared of Sirius. His eyes were gleaming with a crazy sort of light. Even Draco was scared of him.

"It's an even better vision than seeing Wormtail's mangled bloody body lying upon the cold ground!" He began to laugh once more.

"You're mad! You're completely mad!" Draco yelled.

"Son! DO NOT show any weakness!"

"Yes I am mad! But do I care? NO!"

"Sirius, will you come back to your senses!?"


"Can we just get on with the killing!!!!!! AND SHUT UP BLACK, YOU'RE ANNOYING ENOUGH AS YOU ARE!"

"Ok. Father I'll get the mudblood!"

"Yes son!" Both blondes raised wands.

"Avada ke." both of them hissed, interrupted by two voices.


"Sirius, are we going to kill them?"

"In a little while." The students began whispering at Sirius's words. Many said, "Do you think they'll kill Professor Malfoy and his father?" and, "He's mad, isn't he?" I lifted the curse put upon them and quickly preformed a complicated yet simple curse. It bound everything on a person except for their mouths, only letting them speak.

"So you want us to murder you, right Malfoys?"

"Black, you can kill a Malfoy, but our hatred will never be gone!"

"So. So, you're saying you want me to kill you because I will be able to arrange that!"

"That's not what I said!"

"Sounded like that to me!"

"Get your ears checked!" Draco yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Be quiet son! I will take care of this!"

"We'll kill you, if you want!"

"As I said before, you can kill a Malfoy, but our hatred will never be gone!"

"Let me get this straight. If I kill you, you will come back as a ghost and haunt me or will you rise from the dead?" Sirius said in a mock tone, putting his finger to his lips in as if thinking. I was amazed he could be so carefree in even the most horrible situations.

"If you're going to keep talking on and on then death is better!"

"Was that meant as a dis?"

"I believe it was!"

"And what did you mean by that?"


"My, my, a bit suicidal aren't we."


"The little one is a bit also!"

"Sirius are you going to do anything to them or are you just going to blabber on and on?"

"I was thinking along the lines of killing them, but then all of the students would be scared for life! Maybe the next time we meet!" Sirius looked a little sad at the thought of having to kill them the next time he saw them instead of now. The doors of the Great Hall slammed open and all of the staff piled in. All of them had looks of horror upon their faces when they saw the Malfoys lying motionless and stiff on the floor. Their robes were torn, but not bloody.

"What happe."

"My lord."


"Uh. were having a little argument with them because they threatened to kill me and Hermione. Then we were debating if we should kill them or not."

~ An ~

Should I write more? I like this story. I just love not making them kiss and torturing my readers! I am truly evil!