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R.L.S Hearts: Sora comes to montressor ch. one

Sora's mother watched him hopefully as he stared at the envelope in his hands. It was from the hero academy on the planet Montressor, the world past Hollow Bastion. He had applied for that school, hoping to get accepted . He had defeated the heartless, after all. Now was the moment of truth.

Sora ripped open the letter with one quick movement and removed the paper inside. He bit his lower lip nervously.''I can't look at it, mom,'' he said quietly.''You do it!'' He shoved the letter into his mother's arms.

''Sora, you big chicken! The worst they can do is say no,'' his mother said to her son.''Then again, saying yes could mean that you'll be moving away from me for forever!'' she cried.''But you have to get your education as best you can... so... here goes nothing!''She unfolded the letter and began to read it.

Sora dug his large, yellow shoe into the carpet, expecting the worst.' Why wouldn't they accept me? I mean, I did save all of the worlds from darkness,' he wondered in his head. His mother began to read the letter aloud. She cleared her throat.''Dear Sora Anthony Skye...''

Sora winced. He hated his middle name. ''...We are pleased to inform you...'' she read, her voice getting higher with excitement with every word''...That you have been ACCEPTED INTO THE HERO ACADEMY OF MONTRESSOR!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS SORA!!! YOU MADE IT!!!!'' She finally screamed as she pulled her son in for a tight hug.''I'm so proud of you, honey!!'' Sora hugged his mother back as he smiled broadly. ''Yay! I can't believe I made it!'' His mother pulled away from him and held his shoulders to examine his proud facial expression. The light of his smile made her even prouder than she already was. ''We're going to have a going away party for you, with cake and presents, and all of your friends! It'll be great!'' his mother said happily.''But I'm going to miss you so much!'' Sora smiled warmly at his mom.''I'm not leaving for a week,'' he said,''Right?'' His mother glanced at the paper again. ''Yes, not until another week. So, that means we gotta spend a lot of time together, you and me,'' she said. At that moment ,Sora felt extremely guilty. He and his mom had been alone together for almost half of his life. Ever since his father had left them when he was eight, they had been by themselves. Sora was all his mother had, and he was leaving her in week? Not only that, but Christmas was in another two weeks and they always spent Christmas together. He sighed heavily after he made his decision. ''Mom,'' he said after awhile,''I'm not going...'' His mother looked at him sternly. ''Sora, I know what you're thinking, and I'm not a little girl. Going to this academy will be great for you...You'll have a greater chance of getting into a better college...''

Sora rubbed his arm in guilt.''But you and my friends...and Christmas...'' His mother caressed his cheek gently.'' It'll be fine.'' She looked at the acceptance letter again. ''Now, you go call you friends and tell them that you made it, while I call The Benbow Inn.'' ''Benbow Inn?'' Sora questioned.

''Yeah, Benbow Inn,'' his mother answered.'' They highly recommend it for your stay on Montressor in the letter.''

''Okay,'' Sora agreed. He hugged his mother one last time before darting upstairs into his room. He couldn't wait to tell Riku, Kairi, Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. He knew that they were going to be happy for him, but also disappointed because he would have to leave. Riku would be especially unhappy. After the whole Kingdom Hearts thing, he was looking forward to getting his friendship with Sora back on track. However, Sora was a little uncomfortable around Riku. He was still afraid that darkness could enter his heart once more.

Sora shrugged and grabbed his phone off of his dresser. Hanging off the antenna of his light blue phone was a small, silver crown. It was really a small bell shaped like a crown and it made soft tinkling noise whenever Sora moved his phone. It was a gift from Donald and Goofy. Sora sighed. He missed them so much. He hadn't seen them in months. He wanted to call them and tell them the great news, but there were no phones in the Disney Castle. There was no way to get in touch with them. Sora thought for a moment and then decided that there was a way. Sora's keyblade appeared in his hand and he summoned Tinker Bell.

She appeared and flew around his head, pixie dust going everywhere. She smiled at him and touched his nose.

''Hi Tinker Bell,'' Sora said.'' I need for you to fly to Disney Castle and give Donald and Goofy a message for me.'' He picked up a piece of paper and a pencil, and quickly wrote down the great news about his new school. When he was done, he folded it up and handed it to Tinker Bell.

She saluted him, and flew out of his open room window.

Sora sighed as he watched Tinker Bell's pixie dust disappear into the sky.''I would have summoned Genie,'' he said to himself,'' But mom told me to never summon him in the house again.''He chuckled and picked up his phone again.''Who to call first?'' he asked himself. He dialed Riku's number and waited for an answer. It rang a couple of times before Riku picked up his phone.

''Hello?'' he asked in his deep voice.

''Riku!!'' Sora screamed into the receiver.

''Ah! God dammit, Sora! Blow my eardrum out, why don't you?'' Riku yelled at his friend.

''I'm so sorry, Riku!'' Sora said, excited.''but guess what? I got accepted into the hero academy on Montressor!''

There was silence for awhile before Riku finally responded.''W-what?'' he asked quietly.

''I made it into the hero academy! Ain't that great?'' Sora asked, panting from the excitement.

''O-oh y-yeah... that's great...'' Riku said.'' Congratulations...''

Sora pouted and drew his eyebrows together.''You don't sound too happy for me...''

''N-no! I'm very happy for you,'' Riku told him.''But doesn't that mean... you'll be leaving us?''

Sora sniffed.''Yeah that's the part I hate.'' He heard Riku sigh deeply on the other line.

'' Well, that's great...anyways,'' Riku said,'' I need to go now. Congrats again...bye...'' Riku slowly hung up the phone.

Sora noticed that ever since the whole Kingdom Hearts incident, Riku wasn't the same.

Sora sat on his bed and dialed Tidus' number.


After calling all of his friends, Sora headed back downstairs to tell his mother about what they had all said. As he entered the kitchen, he could see that his mother just getting off fo the phone with someone.

''Uh-huh... yes... thank you very much Mrs Hawkins... uh-huh... he will be over next week...alright... good-bye...'' she hung up the phone and turned to Sora.''That was the owner of the inn, Mrs Hawkins. She was very excited to hear that the keyblade master was coming to stay ather inn.'' she told him.

'' I guess I'm pretty famous, huh?'' Sora said ,leaning against the wall and sounding very full of himself.

His mother laughed.'' Your head has grown a lot since you defeated Ansem!'' She walked over to him and ruffled his brown, spiky hair.

'' Hey!'' Sora said, flailing his arms.

'' Oh,'' his mom said, as if she just remembered something.'' She also has a son about your age...''

''Really?'' Sora asked with interest. ''What's his name?''

'' His name is Jim,'' she told him.'' Mrs Hawkins said that he is going to help get adjusted to the academy.''

''Jim Hawkins?'' Sora asked.'' He's the one who found treasure planet not too long ago, huh?'' Sora had read it in the newspaper and he thought that Jim was really cool.

'' Yup,'' his mother said. She smiled at her son.'' You're going to have so much fun over there...''

Sora stomped his foot into the ground softly.'' But what about Christmas..?''

'' Sora,'' his mom said with exasperation.'' I'll get a gummi bus over there and spend Christmas on Montressor with you.''

' Gummi bus...' Sora thought and then slapped his head. He just remembered that he could have mailed the letter to Donald and Goofy using the gummi express.' Whoops! Sorry Tinker Bell!'

'' Well,'' his mom began,'' Guess we better get started on that party. What kind of cake do you want?

Sora grinned while jumping up and down.''Cheesecake!!!''


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