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***~\ch. four/~***

It had been five hours since Sora said goodbye to his mother and boarded the Gummi Plane. With Jack, Kairi, and Riku with him, he wasn't as scared as he thought he would be.

When Sora had asked Riku why he was coming, he said that he would miss him too much and that since his dad wasn't there at the moment, and since his mom didn't really give a crap about him, he decided to come.

Kairi, however, had to convince her step parents that she was going to Montressor to learn how to be a better princess. She had lied and she didn't know how she was going to explain once they found out.

Sora gazed out of his window at the beautiful galaxy. He couldn't wait to learn more about the stars and worlds.

Suddenly, Riku nudged him and brought him out of his trance.''Hey Sora,'' he began.'' How do you think Kairi and I will get into the hero academy?''

''Well,'' Sora said,'' Kairi is a princess, and you...uhhhh...you are another keyblade master, right?''

''Yes,'' Riku said bitterly.'' I was going to have your keyblade, until I went to the darkness...''

'' Oh yeah.. .That's right,'' Sora said, remembering that if Riku had never joined the darkness, then he would have been the keyblade master. '' I'm sorry Riku.''

'' Don't be,'' Riku said, staring at the ceiling.'' You deserved it.''

Sora smiled at him.'' Don' worry, I'll get you in somehow.'' He placed his hand over his heart while nodding solemnly.'' I promise.''

Riku beamed back at him and then rolled over to go to sleep.

The pilot's voice came on then saying,'' We will be landing shortly at Disney Castle to drop off and pick up passengers, so at this moment, please fasten your seatbelts.'' After his announcement, the seatbelt light flashed on, telling everyone to buckle up.

Sora and his friends fastened their seatbelts and prepared for landing.

'' I hate landings,'' Jack complained.'' I always get headaches.''

'' Me too,'' Kairi said, smiling at him.

It wasn't long before Sora began to feel the plane descend. When it landed, Jack took his baseball-looking head into his bony hands.'' I feel it coming on...'' he moaned.'' My headache...''

Sora shook his head as he unbuckled his seatbelt. He rose from his seat and stretched.'' I'm going to stretch my legs for a while,'' he said as he pushed past Riku and made his to the walkway. He yawed and pushed his back against the chair so new passengers could get by. He crossed his arms and his eyelids began to feel heavy. Just as he was about to fall asleep standing up, some one called him.

''Sora?!'' came a voice sounding like a duck.

''Huh?'' Sora asked woozily. Slowly, he opened his eyes and when his vision cleared, a blurry white, blue and orange blob came into focus.''Donald?!'' Sora shouted at the duck, who was running over to him in his duck-like manner.

''Sora! It is you!'' Donald called as he kept running.

''Oh, Donald!'' Sora shouted, grinning, and right when Donald reached him, Sora pulled him into a tight hug, lifting him off the ground and swinging him side to side like a stuffed toy.'' Oh, Donald! I missed you so much!''

Donald began flailing his arms and quacking loudly.''WAAAAAWAAAAWAWAW!!!! Let go, Sora! Put me down!'' he cried.

''Oh, I'm sorry Donald,'' Sora said placing Donald back on the floor.'' Is Goofy here too?''

''Yeah,'' Donald told him as he brushed down the feathers Sora ruffled when he was hugging him. ''He's bringing in the extra luggage.''

''Yay! I can't wait to see him!'' Sora said, smiling with excitement, and then he thought of Tinker Bell.''By the way, were's Tinker Bell?''

Donald chuckled.'' She went to go visit Peter Pan, duh!''

Sora laughed too.'' That's what I thought.'' He looked towards the Gummi Plane's entrance and saw Goofy, struggling with a bunch of suitcases.''Hey! Goofy!''

''Huh? Sora?'' Goofy's head peeked around his tower of luggage.'' Hyuk! Hi Sora!''

Sora rushed to Goofy's side and took two of his suitcases away to help.'' Hey Goofy. How's it?''

''Pretty good,'' he said, fallowing Sora to their seats.'' Can't wait to get to Montressor!''

''Anyone else coming?'' Donald asked once Sora and Goofy reached him.

''Well,'' Sora began as they reached their seats,''Jack Skellington is here, along with Kairi-''

''Princess Kairi?'' Goofy asked, interrupting.

''Yes...Princess Kairi...'' Sora said, irritated, but also happy that Goofy was back.''And,'' he continued,'' Riku's here too.''

Donald gasped.''RIKU?!'' he yelled.'' Not Riku!''

''Riku? The boy who joined forces with the Darkness?'' Goofy asked.'' That Riku?''

Sora nodded and was about to say something when Donald cut in loudly.''No, no, no, and NO!!'' he shouted. ''Riku is evil! PLAIN EVIL!!! Remember all the things he did to you Sora?! He teased you, made fun of you, tried to steal you Keyblade!''

Sora shook his head defensively.''No, Donald. Riku's not like that anymore. He's changed!''

''I don't believe it!'' Donald said, stubbornly crossing his arms.

''Believe what you want,'' came Riku's voice from behind Sora.'' That's all in he past. I'm fine now.''

''Riku...'' Sora murmured.

'' I will believe what I want,'' Donald told Riku bitterly,'' And I believe that you're still evil!''

''Donald!'' Sora pleaded.'' Stop!''

Riku patted Sora on the back.'' It's okay, Sora. I don't care what he thinks. I know I'm not evil.'' He yawned and sat back in his seat.

Donald glared at him as he waddled slowly over to his seat and plopped down in it.

Goofy put the suitcases away and took his seat next to Donald.'' We better keep a close eye on that Riku fellow,'' He whispered to the pissed duck next to him.

''Yeah,'' Donald agreed,'' A very close eye...''

The pilot's voice came on again, instructing all of the passengers to return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts for take off.

Sora sat down again in his seat next to Riku and slowly turned his head to look at him.

Riku's eyes were closed, but he wasn't asleep. His silvery strands of hair were pulled back into a ponytail, but some were loose and they cascaded over his forehead and eyes.

Sora cleared his throat. ''Ummm... Riku?''

''Yes Sora?'' Riku answered, eyes still closed.

''I want you to know...'' Sora began quietly,'' That I still believe in you...''

Riku smiled and opened his eye to look at his friend.'' Thank you, Sora. I believe in you, too.''

Sora leaned back into his seat with content and looked out of the window as the plane took off.


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