Author's note: My sixth funny fanfic.


Chapter 1: Master Hand's Race

One boring day in the Smash Mansion...

Marth: My queen cornered your king, check.

Roy: I'll move my rook and take out your queen.

Marth: My rook will eat your rook and make you check again.

Roy: I'll just move my bishop to solve the problem.

Marth: My second rook will kick your bishop out. You have only the king left, so you lose.

Roy: I won't give up!

Marth: I still have a rook, a knight, 4 pawns, and a king, but you only have 1 king, what can you do?

Roy: I can do this!!! (Slices chessboard in half using sword)

Peach: I'm bored.

Kirby: I ate both lunch and dinner together.

Ness: I've beaten all 50 of my Gamecube games.

DK: No more bananas...

Captain Falcon (CF): zzz...

Bowser: I can't stand the boredom anymore!!!

CF: zzz...

Master Hand (MH): Everyone got a spare time?

Mario: Yeah?

MH: I decided to put on a vehicle race.

CF: (Wakes up) Vehicle race?!

MH: Yes, a vehicle race. 12 people can enter the race, unfortunately, 4 other people have signed in already, and so only 8 more can enter.

CF: I'm the man at racing, so I must enter!

MH: Anyone who won the race can be granted any single wish.

Ganondorf: I want to enter!

MH: You can use anything that goes.

Samus: Can we use flying machines?

MH: Make sure it doesn't fly higher than 2 feet above ground. There can also be more than one people in one vehicle, and that's counted as one racer, but you all must have the same wish.

Game & Watch (G&W): Who shall enter?

MH: Let's cast lots and see.

Soon, 8 racers are chosen:

Mario and Luigi, Fox and Falco, Kirby, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Game & Watch, Samus, and Bowser

DK: Dang...

Ness: I was hoping to join.

MH: Here is the racing style. Your goal is not to get which place, but to earn points. Here are the ways of earning points:

1st place: 20 pts.

2nd place: 10 pts.

3rd place: 5 pts.

Attacking others: 5 pts.

Avoiding attacks: 5 pts.

Performed amazing driving techniques: 3 pts.

MH: You also lose points if these happen:

Getting hit: -2 pts.

Missing your attack: -1 pts.

Going off track: -10 pts.

Killing other racers: -30 pts.

Ganondorf: We wouldn't be so mean to kill someone.

MH: Anyway, there are 4 tracks total. You will race in one track each day. The first track begins 3 days from now, so get your own vehicles ready.

And so, the chosen Smashers started making their own vehicles. Are you excited about the race? Have patience and wait for the race to begin!