Chapter 9: Necro Speedway

MH: Good day, or is it good night? This is the really final racetrack, the Necro Speedway. You will be racing in the nighttime. You will encounter many scary things along the way.

Kirby: Why race during nighttime?

MH: To heat things up.

Luigi: Will we encounter ghosts?

MH: Of course you will.

Luigi: AH!

MH: But they'll only scare you. You all better get going... NOW!!!!

All the racers zoomed off. The racers are traveling in the dark and ghosts are flying around scaring them.

Mario: There's-a nothing to scare-a about.

Luigi: (already fainted)

MH: They're coming to a fork on the road.

CF: I'll take left; it's my lucky direction.

Kirby: Right sounds right.

CF, Pokey, Mario/Luigi, Wario, and Bowser took left while the others went right.

On the left...

Wario: Dang, my car light went out. That's it!

Wario caught some firefly and put them into the car light.

Wario: Now I have light!

Bowser: So quiet.

Boo: Boo!

Bowser: BOO!!!!

Boo: WAH!!!!

Bandit: Money or your life!

CF: Are you part of the race obstacle?

Bandit: What race obstacle? Give me your money!

CF: Here. (Drives off)

Bandit: Hey! These are metal pieces!

On the right...

Samus: This cave doesn't look good, the sign even warned me.

Ganondorf: The sign said: "Cave off limits. Beware the Muffin Man." Yeah right. (Enters cave)

Fox: What lovely sound.

Falco: Those are Sirens. I read them on the book of monsters. These humanoid-creatures will sing lovely songs to attract people to their death!

Fox: I can't take the music. It's too lovely. (Drives toward Siren)

Falco: Don't Fox! Wait, I can't stand it also.

Barney: I can sing better than them! LALALALALALA!!!!!!!

Sirens: AHHHHH!!!!! (Runs off)

Fox: You saved us!

Falco: Hooray for Barney!

On the left...

Pokey: I'm scared...

Boo: Hello.

Pokey: Will you scare me?

Boo: I'm too cute to scare someone.

Pokey: Can you lead me to the goal?

Boo: Follow the yellow brick road.

Pokey: But I can't see it in the dark.

Boo: Then follow the dark road.

Pokey: Thanks! Here's your gift.

Boo: Ooh! A dried gecko! My favorite food!

Pokey: I'm following the dark road. AH! (Falls)

Pokey falls into an underground cave.

Pokey: Guess I have to find my way out.

On the right side...

Ganondorf: Should've listen to that sign. Now I got muffin crumbs all over me, I even got raisins up my nose.

Pokey: I'm out at last! Boy, is that Muffin Man scary!

Bandit: Money or your life!

Wario: You want my money? I'll give it to you! (Punches bandit) Here's more! (Punch) Even more! (Kicks) Take more! (Punch) Have them all! (Kicks) Here it is! (Kicks) Take them all! (Headbutts) WANT MORE?!!!?

Bandit (bruise all over): More than enough.... You may go...

Kirby: I want to sleep, but I must win the race.

Barney: (Singing) Rock my baby, on the treetop!

Kirby: zzz...

Barney: It worked! Yahoo! Now I can win easily!

Stu: Let's get moving!

Pid: Our glowing mushroom really helped.

Barney: Hear my lullaby!

Stu: Zip your mouth! (Throws pumpkin)

Barney: I'm the pumpkin head!

CF: I'm gonna win!

Samus: Never!

CF: You get out of my way!

Samus: I'll kill you!

CF: You'll lose a whopping 30 points if you killed someone!

Samus: Then I'll ruin your car! (Crashes into tree)

CF: You deserved it for not looking at the front! (Crashes into tree)

Fox: We're first!

MH: Looks like Fox and Falco is near the finish line. Wait, G&W is furiously catching up!

G&W: I'll win!

Falco: Even if you win, you still won't have enough points to become first place.

G&W: That is why I prepared these. (Throws water balloon)

Fox: He's got a huge box of them!

Falco: If he doesn't miss, he'll earn more than 50 points and we'll lose a lot!

Bowser: Out of the way! (Runs over G&W)

G&W: beep....

Bowser: Using the power of the golden mushroom, I'm the king of speed!

CF: I WIN!!!!!

MH: Who's gonna make it?

CF and Bowser are ahead of everyone else. Soon...

MH: They crossed the finish line; let's see the photograph. CF won!


MH: Congratulations! Falcon got the most points!

CF: My wish is to have a brand new sports car!

MH: Here you go! (Gives a toy car)

CF: You're not kidding, are you? This is a tiny toy car!

MH: That's your prize. See ya! (Flies off)

CF: Come back here!!!!!

Bowser: I think even if I got first place, my prize won't be how it is.

Ganondorf: So we wasted our energy in this race?

Samus: Falcon wanted a new car, but he got a toy car.

Kirby: This makes me wonder how my free ticket to Food Heaven will be.

Mario: I'm-a sleepy.

Luigi: Let's go home now.

Wario: I didn't win...

Pokey: Oh boy.

Barney: Cheer up! Let's sing together to let out our sorrows!

Others: SHUT UP!!!!

And so, the racers went back home, leaving Barney tied up on the road.