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Chapter Six: Remembrance of a Rebel Angel

Panting hard, Rogue shot up from where she laid asleep. Her eyes gazed around and stopped on the person who stood in front of her body mirror. She gritted her teeth angrily and stood up.

"Remy! How could yuh lemme go through that!!?"

He didn't move. "So it was really all that bad."

Rogue walked over to him and stood behind him, just a little. "Yuh have no idea what she's goin' through. She feels so. so."

"Alone? Delicate?" he thought.

Rogue shook her head slowly. "No, she feels guilty. After what had happened."

"Don't." he paused and finally turned to face her. His voice was quieter than usual as his eyes seemed sad but demon-like at the same time. "Don't bring it up."

She glanced off to the side feeling guilty herself. Rikki's somewhat depressing and joyful memories stuck to her like glue. Rogue then remembered something and swiftly moved in front of Remy when he turned back.

"But how did yuh find out she was yuhr sister?!"

"Magneto told me." He responded quietly.

"Should Ah tell-"

"No." Remy quickly cut her off, his voice sharp. "She can tell him herself. I hope he can at least find out on his own. But have you found out what Magneto told her?"

Rogue shook her head. Remy reacted quickly and stepped back. "What? But Cheri, y' always get the answers. But now y' don't know?"

"It's like she's too focused on her guilt right now. Do yuh know where she is?"

Remy thought for a moment then continued on. "I heard she was goin' ta see the Scarlet Witch and that Agatha lady."


Piotr and Pyro walked down the halls towards their rooms to get some sleep. They were all exhausted for some reason and stopped at the elevator to press the up button.

"Is it me, or do ya' get these weird familiar feelings from Rikki?"

Piotr looked at him strangely. "No.. why?"

Pyro sighed and went into the elevator when it opened. Piotr followed.

"Because I..."

"You miss her right?"

The Aussie swiftly turned to him as he leaned on the metal pole in the elevator. Piotr's cold eyes made him shiver with angst and turned away.

"I guess. It's been a while. But Rikki. She can't be. Belle's long gone."

Piotr gasped. "You said her name!"

Pyro gave him an evil glare. "So?"

The Russian let out a laugh. "You haven't said that name in a year! I thought you gave up on her!"

The elevator opened to Pyro room hall. As he walked out, he turned before the doors closed. Piotr awaited his response.

"And I did." He said angrily.


It was almost midnight when Rikki woke up and headed out to find Wanda Maximoff and her trainer. Her first clue was to head to the Brotherhood Boarding House to talk to Lance about his relationship with Kitty Pryde and to talk Pietro in telling her to set up a meeting with his sister. Knowing that Magneto's twins were the Maximoff siblings, she knew Pietro was her only chance. Rikki parked her car next to Lance's jeep and went over to the door and knocked quietly, hoping not to wake anyone up. Seconds after, a girl opened the door full of anger. Her sapphire eyes were like Pietro's, but she had black and red hair that was cut short by her neck. Her outfit was red and somewhat black. Rikki swallowed, hoping this wasn't who she was looking for.

"Umm, is Wanda Maximoff here?"

The girl sighed then smiled gently with ease. "I'm sorry to startle you. Please come inside."

Rikki slowly walked in as the girl closed the door. When Rikki stood in front of the door, an old woman was sitting on the floor with a white feather in the middle. Rikki bit her bottom lip nervously. That white feather haunted her everytime she stared at it.

"I know what has happened to you young lady." Said the old woman, not looking up from the feather. "You have had a very haunting life, and will have an adventuring life with-"

"Please!!" Rikki shouted. She had silenced the old woman with her tears streaming down her face. Rikki was now shaking a little, nervously and scared. The girl who opened the door was shocked and sat on the couch, awaiting the old woman reaction.

"You poor dear. Come sit down with us." She said.

The girl got herself off of the couch and headed over to Rikki, leading her over and sat her down. The girl placed herself down next to the old woman, just enough to face Rikki also.

"I'm Wanda Maximoff. And this is my instructor Agatha." Said the girl with her soft smile again.

Rikki sighed and shook each of their hands. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Rene LeBeau." She paused and stared at the old woman. For some reason, she knew all of her secrets. She could feel it in the air surrounding them at that very moment.

"You've come to train with Wanda correct Miss LeBeau?"

She nodded in agreement. "Yes."

"And you are afraid of your powers and some others no?"

Rikki nodded again.

The old woman smiled and nodded. "You were once in Wanda's position, my child. But she has progressed farther than I had imagined. I'm sure you could do the same."

"I hope." Whispered Rikki to herself.

Agatha let out a quiet laugh. "No hoping. You will do the same."

Right then at the same moment Agatha's gray eyes aligned with Rikki's green eyes, she knew that her powers would be controllable.


It was 1:50 when Wanda, Rikki, and Agatha had finished their training for one night. More like an introduction for Rikki though. She didn't know training Agatha's ways were so exhausting. Wanda led Rikki into her room and let her lay on her bed while she rearranged her counter. Her eyes wandered over to the angst looking girl and she arched an eyebrow.

"So Wanda, I was wondering. Is Agatha is physic?"

She nodded and sat on the bed next to Rikki. "Yeah. She's been teaching me to control my powers since I got them."

Rikki plopped her head back onto a pillow and sighed. How was she able to hide herself from everyone. She hasn't seen her real guardian in a long time. She still didn't reveal to her boyfriend who she really is. Right then, Rikki's heart skipped a beat. Did he give up on her?

"Rene, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Rikki looked over at Wanda and began to breathe again. "Oh yeah, I'm fine."

It was quiet except for the noises of Wanda's rummaging. Rikki then began to talk again.



"I'm gonna go talk to Agatha."

"But I'm already here child."

Both Wanda and Rikki turned or looked up from what they were doing and saw Agatha right at the foot of her bed. Rikki shrieked for a moment and fell backwards.

"Geez! You are physic!" she shouted.

Agatha gave her a weakened tired smile. "Did you want to talk about something?"

Rikki got back up to the spot she was and sighed. "Well, since you know everything about me, what should I do? No one besides you, Wanda, and my brother know. But.."

Agatha nodded and sat on the bed then pointed at my choker. Her wrinkled fingers lifted the phoenix pinion up and examined it.

"This is a beautiful pinion. I believe Warren Worthington gave it to you right?"

She gazed off to the side, wondering if she should answer. After all, she had just met this lady today. Wanda nodded then stood up.

"Yes." Said Rikki.

Agatha smiled then stood back up. "Then both you and Wanda can head to the Worthington Tower. I think Warren would love to see you again, Belle."

Rikki cringed at her real name. She quickly reminded herself to never be around physics and followed Wanda out.

Rikki parked her car next to several Volvo S70s and opened the door to get out of her car. Wanda did the same and followed her inside.

"So he's your dad?" asked Wanda curiously.

Rikki nodded and mumbled as she stood in front of the secretary's desk. She was filing her nails with her brunette hair tied up in a bun. Rikki remembered who she was. She looked down at herself and noticed she was still in uniform. Oh how she wanted to wear what she used to.

"Can I speak with Mr. Worthington?"

Wanda arched an eyebrow, thinking why she had to ask to see her father. The secretary shot her a glance and placed down her filer.

"I'm sorry Miss. But he's quite busy tonight. Can you come back tomorrow maybe?"

Rikki gritted her teeth irritatedly. "Violetta, just let me go."

The secretary's eyebrow arched more when she heard Rikki call her name. "How do you know my name? Only-"

"It is me, Violetta."

The woman stood up and smacked her hands against her desk excitedly. "Belle!? Belle Nicole Worthington, is that you!!?"

Rikki nodded in embarrassment as the woman leaped over her desk and hugged her tight. Wanda quickly moved backwards, hoping to avoid the secretary.

"Oh Belle!! We all thought you died in an accident! I can't believe it!! Warren will be so happy to-"

"Umm, can I go now?" disrupted Rikki in a hurry.

The secretary moved back and removed a pen from her skirt pocket then started writing on a slip.

"Okay then, take this pass." She said and handed the slip to Rikki. "I'm sure you remember where your father's office is."

Rikki and Wanda waved to the happy secretary as they went into the elevator. Violetta shot up again, waving as high as she could. "Maybe we can have tea sometime!"

In the elevator, Wanda kept looking at Rikki with a curious expression. (Could she really be Warren Worthington's lost daughter? Everyone said she died in an accident. Well, Agatha could never be doubted.) The elevator stopped and opened. The two girls headed out and took a turn. They came face to face with a large cherry wood door with large gold knobs towards the middle. Rikki walked up and forced the doors open quickly, excited to see her long seen father. He was in his usual spot, his favorite maroon leather chair by the fireplace. Rikki told Wanda to follow her and started towards the chair.

"Miss Reed, I thought I told you already. I'm not going to deal with your problems!" Warren stood up and turned to the door. "Do you under--- ..."

Warren froze at who he saw standing close to his chair. His blue eyes blinked with confusion until he finally spoke again with happiness.

"Belle?! Is that really you?"

She suddenly felt tears in her eyes. Rikki raced over and ran into her step-father's arms, knowing that he was finally released of his nightmares and tragic thoughts of her death. They separated for a moment and Rikki wiped some of her tears away.

"What happened to your wings?!" he asked with a smile.

Rikki gave a nervous laugh. "Umm I got rid of them?"

Warren was too happy to see her, that worrying about her wings never mattered. He gestured both Belle and Wanda to the living room to sit down.

"It's been great seeing you again, Belle. And it's nice to meet you, Wanda. Belle, please come back as soon as possible okay?" asked Warren with a smile.

Rikki nodded. "I promise. I just have to straighten a couple things. But it's going to take a while so be patient."

They left Worthington Tower and headed back to their homes to get some sleep. Awaiting for tomorrow since they had plans together.


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