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Summary: This is a sequel to Lover's vows, a series of poems I made. This is part two of my series enjoy… From Goku to Chichi

Lover's promise

Chapter One: My raven

Her gentle voice echoes,

And that scent mingles in the air,

Those deep black orbs,

Her dark shade of raven hair,

She creeps through night,

Making me the happiest in the world,

Cooking and cleaning after my messes,

And still I'm the one she adores,

I don't know how she dose it,

Or puts up with my persona mix,

I may not be the brightest crayon in the box,

But always the proudest to pick,

I'm not all that smart,

Nor very helpful in some ways,

But I am one to protect her,

The one who took me in,

Who saw the inside of a child,

Childhood dreams,

She brought us closer,

That warm heart of hers,

Strong minded and strong willed,

In mind and body,

Not one to mess with,

Or you'll dearly pay,

Might rant on a little,

Thought she won't do any harm,

Such an angle, it is true,

Though I'll answer her question soon,

Chichi, my love, my world,

I might not have been there before,

But no matter what, in the end,

I'll come back from my destination unknown…