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Summary: Yes the final poem to complete the selection. From Gohan to Videl.

Lovers promise

Chapter Four: Blissful guardian angel

Drawing a breath deep within,

And sighing out my day,

It was she, who showed me happiness,

The girl who actually stayed.

Her violet glare staring cold,

Thos two pigtails of onyx that flow,

My angel who is the one for me,

Vidy, how much I love her so…

She might seem very familiar,

The teenage version of my mother,

Both a fiery temper and a strong heart,

Yet when both clash, it's alluring,

And I know that I don't have to conceal any longer,

The emotions that endure within,

I know she'll always be there for me,

Like an angel who watches the world,

A child inside, very spontaneous,

Energetic like the child we have,

A pure angelic cherub,

Guarding me as I do her,

Shielding me from pain,

The suffering has now stopped,

Because my guardian angel was here to make bliss…