The Sound of Silence
A Lord of the Rings story by Deana Lisi
Disclaimer: I don't own Legolas, (boo hoo!) Aragorn, Elrond, or any LOTR character.

Special thanks to Karri and Ruse. Without them, this story might not have happened; I'd never read the LOTR books, and had only the two movies to learn from. I desperately needed to attend LOTR 101, lol, and they were GREAT teachers! Thanks, mellyn nin! ;)



"It is the truth!"

Aragorn shook his head at his Elf friend, as they rode through the woods. "I can not picture such a sight."

Legolas shook his own head, chuckling. "I agree. If I hadn't seen it myself, I would not have believed it."

"Tell me what happened again?" Aragorn asked.

Legolas chuckled louder. "My father requested that Galion bring us some wine. He went to get it, and as he brought it to my father he unexpectedly tripped, spilling the wine all over him!"

Aragorn chuckled, having never seen King Thranduil's butler do something so…undignified. "He must have been humiliated."

Legolas nodded. "Aye, he was. My father was not angry, as he knew that it was an unfortunate accident, but he was unable to completely rid himself of the smell for two days."

Aragorn laughed again as they rode on into the rapidly falling night. The two friends had decided to do some exploring into a remote area southwest of Mirkwood. It was said that there was no sign of life there, whether it be people or animals, and Legolas had wanted to find out the truth.

He'd asked Aragorn if he would like to accompany him on the trip, and the human had quickly agreed.

Finally stopping for the night, they both dismounted from their horses, surveying their surroundings.

Aragorn frowned at the puzzled look on Legolas' face. "What is it?"

"These trees are silent," the Elf told him, sounding surprised. "I hear naught from them."

Aragorn gave a slight smile. "Mayhap they have nothing to say."

Legolas flashed an annoyed/humored look at him, before launching himself into a tree and quickly climbing it.

Aragorn smiled, walking a short distance away and gathering wood for a fire. He heard no sounds around him and realized that the rumor of no visible life was apparently true. He couldn't help but wonder why.

As flames sprouted from the wood, warming the chilly night, Aragorn yelled to his friend, "Are you coming down to eat, or am I coming up?"

Suddenly Legolas was standing beside him, having jumped silently from the branches. "I would not like to be responsible should you climb up after me and fall."

Aragorn made a face at him. He could climb a tree almost good as any Elf. Maybe not as fast, or as quietly…and maybe he didn't have the superior balance that Legolas had, but…

"I am joking," Legolas said, clapping his friend on the shoulder.

Aragorn rolled his eyes at the Elf, sitting before the fire. "You are in a very good mood, mellon nin. Does the tree's silence not bother you?"

Legolas' face turned serious. "Aye, it does. I confess that I can not understand the reason for their stillness."

"Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of life within these woods," Aragorn suggested, handing his friend some Lembas bread.

Legolas nodded. "It must. I had hoped that the trees would tell me why this place was so devoid of living things."

"That would have been ideal," Aragorn agreed, as he ate.

The two friends were silent for a while, as Legolas studied the trees and listened intently for any sound from them.

Aragorn kept quiet, seeing his concentration.

Legolas sat that way for a long time, and his look of concentration slowly changed into a look of confusion.

"Legolas?" Aragorn whispered, so as not to startle him.

"Nature does not speak," the Elf whispered back, his voice sounding far away. "I do not know if it can not, or will not."

Aragorn pondered his statement. "That is a good question. There is something else?" he asked.

Legolas nodded; Aragorn knew him well. "I sense something…odd. As if something is not entirely right."

"Something besides nature's silence?"

Legolas nodded. Sighing, he broke his blank stare into space, and looked at his friend. "I am not sure what it is."

"Do you sense danger?"


Aragorn said nothing, surprised at his friend's uncertainty.

Legolas shook his head, looking troubled at his inability to correctly state what he was discerning.

Concerned at Legolas' worry, Aragorn reached over and gently touched his arm. "Mayhap it will be made clear to you as we travel deeper into this strange place."

Legolas nodded, standing. "I shall keep watch this night, mellon nin."

Aragorn nodded, knowing that Legolas wanted to piece together this strange mystery.

"Pleasant dreams," said the Elf, launching himself into the tree again.

"Goodnight," Aragorn answered, but his friend was already gone.

Taking blankets out of his pack, Aragorn thought on Legolas' words.

'I sense something odd. As if something is not entirely right.'

Aragorn knew well the abilities of the Elves, especially his friend; if Legolas sensed something foul, then everyone around him had better put themselves on alert.

Lying down, he was again struck by the complete quiet of the forest. Nothing could be heard, until Legolas softly started to sing.

Elves were known for their melodious voices, and Legolas was no exception; his voice seemed to be the most beautiful of them all.

My eyes behold the darkened night…
The moon hangs low and full.
This land of green tells of a scene…
I'm captured by its pull.

Aragorn could see that his friend was making it up as he sang.

The stars that shine so brightly…
Above the mountain peak.
I'm taken by its beauty…but…

The song ended with a question, Aragorn noticed, as he drifted off to sleep.

Why do these trees not speak?