A few days later, Legolas and Aragorn walked onto the archery field for the first time since their fight with the wolves, Legolas' arm and leg having needed some time to recover.

"I cannot help but wonder," Legolas said, as they walked. "The tree's sap may have been deadly in its pure form, but what if it could have been used in conjunction with something else…as, say, a cure for the vial poisons used by orcs?"

Aragorn nodded. "Fear not, for my father has a supply of the sap."

Legolas stopped walking. "What?"

"When you were unconscious," said Aragorn. "I went back to the forest to obtain some, so that my father could make an antidote for you. I brought back much more then he actually needed."

Legolas shook his head, with a smile. "If anyone can discover a use for this sap, it's your father."

Aragorn nodded.

Arriving at their destination, Legolas stared at the target, backing up a little to put more distance between them.

Aragorn stood a few feet away, quietly watching his friend.

Gently shaking out his right arm, Legolas reached up for an arrow and raised the bow, notching it to the string as he aimed at the target. He stood there unmoving for a minute, before suddenly lowering the bow.

Aragorn frowned, puzzled, as Legolas turned around so that his back was to the target. As the human opened his mouth to ask what he was doing, the Elf suddenly whirled, bringing up the bow and letting the arrow fly…

To embed itself directly in the bull's-eye.

Aragorn gasped, despite himself, and looked at his friend.

Legolas was grinning, looking happier than he'd been in over a month.

"Did I not tell you?" Aragorn exclaimed, smiling as he grabbed his friend's shoulder. "Did I not tell you that you would regain your skill?"

"Yes, Estel," said Legolas, likewise gripping Aragorn's arm. "You did."


©2003, Deana Lisi

OH MY GOSH! It's over! This story is over! NOOOO! *sniff sniff wahhh!* I can't believe the success I had with this story, I never, ever imagined that everyone would love it so much! Hannon le to all of my wonderful, faithful reviewers! :)

As for a new story, I'm already in the middle of one! WOO HOO! :) Since my epilogue was so short, I decided to give you all a preview to my new story! The tentative title is 'Tears of a Soul', and yes, it's angst, LOL! Here goes:


Relieved to be sheltered from the rain, Aragorn sighed in relief, grabbing Legolas' cloak to see if it was still wet. It was nearly dry, and he laid it a little closer to the fire, not seeing his friend's body move slightly behind him.

A strange noise suddenly filled Aragorn's ears, and he realized that it was the sound of labored breathing. Quickly turning, he saw an expression of pain on his friend's face as the Elf breathed heavily.

"Legolas!" Aragorn exclaimed, dropping to his knees beside him.

Legolas made no indication that he'd heard him, eyes tightly squeezed shut.

The human saw that the Elf was still shivering, his body still deeply in shock from the injury. Wishing to offer some warmth, Aragorn carefully pulled Legolas into his lap, hoping that his friend knew that he wasn't alone.

Legolas gave a pained gasp, despite Aragorn's gentleness.

"Mellon-nin?" said Aragorn, anxiously. "Are you awake?"

Legolas could hear his voice, but wasn't coherent enough to understand the words or make any kind of reply.

Aragorn saw this and sighed, holding the Elf tightly, being sure not to touch his friend's wound. "Forgive me, mellon-nin," he whispered, his throat constricting. "Please, forgive me…"


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