Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon Crossover


The battle between Galaxia and the scouts, Mariemaia, the gundam pilots, and Relena, has been over for a year now. Christmas is rolling around, and the pilots and their friends, look back to the day, when they all said good-bye, But now the scouts also look back into the past. Relena who had suddenly disappeared after the two battles is still missing. Now both groups will come together to fight the ultimate evil. Something more deadly then Chaos or Mobile Suit Serpents. Even more evil than Zero. Something that haunts their pasts. Four new scouts appear on Christmas morning. A new gundam pilot also appears. Who knows who these characters are? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Author's Note: This story is totally made up! This is only for G.W. fans and S.M. fans! Email me at Tell me if you're interested and who you think the new characters are. Also tell me if you think Daren and Serena or Heero and Relena, make a better couple. Have fun reading! I know it might by bazaar, but deal with it. It's hard work folks. Let me make one thing straight. This story is written sort of like a book with script thrown in. All the characters have been labeled. You see there was so many characters that it became a pain. Some things have also been changed. At one time I did have too many characters. I will make a note where there have been changes. If you do want to see the original works email me.