Title: You Can Find Anything In Chinatown....

Author: BuffyAngel68

e-mail: vg68@msn.com

Rating: G

Category: Adventure/Drama

Summary: In response to the "Naomi is a latent guide" discussion. X-over Sentinel/Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues. AU that branches off just before 'Redemption', the two part finale of the first season. Peter discovers he may have a destiny far removed from what he believes. Did his father know all along?


"C'mon, Pop. I'm late for work as it is. I gotta go..."

"Be late."

"I can't. One more time this month an' I won't have a job to be late for."

"That would not be an altogether bad thing. Then you would have time for your studies."

"Yeah, an' no food in my refrigerator. I have to go. I'm sorry."

"You must stay. This is more important. Something is coming."

"That's what you said yesterday, and the day before that, *and* the day before that. Nothing's happened yet."

"Perhaps whatever it is.... is simply waiting for you to begin paying attention."

"Cute. Look, if this... big important thing wants to find me so bad, it can come to the station, okay? Bye, Pop."


Halfway to the door, Peter Caine halted in his tracks. Years after their separation, and despite having been back in each others lives less than a year, the son still responded automatically to the commanding tone of the father's voice.


"Peter, you must listen. I speak not as your father but as your teacher."

"I don't want a teacher, I don't want any part of that world. That's not who I am anymore. What I *want* is to live my life.... my way."

"You have made that clear time and again, but being a.... police officer is a life you chose. You refuse to see that you may yet be chosen for something else. Something much the same.... and also very different."

"You keep talking about my destiny..... As far as I'm concerned, destiny can take a flying leap into the shallow end of a swimming pool."

"Denying that your life is meant for a.... greater purpose.... will change nothing."

"I'm a cop, that's my purpose. Why can't you get..... never mind. I have to get going. Say hi to Destiny for me when it gets here. Tell it I'm bringin' home pizza for dinner if it feels like meetin' me at my place around seven."

"Peter, please...."

"Forget it, okay? I'm going to work now. I'll call you tonight."

As he opened the door to his father's dojo and stepped outside, Peter winced slightly and pulled back for a moment.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. You keep it so dark in here, opening the door is like lookin' straight at a spotlight. Talk to you after work. Bye."

Caine watched the door shut behind his son, sighed and gazed sadly at the floor.

"He has been without you for many years, Kwai-Chang Caine." the Ancient said from behind him. "In that time his mind has been re-shaped..... his heart closed. He cannot adjust or accept so many new thoughts as quickly as you might wish. He will understand.... in time."

"He does not have time. Have you not felt it?"

"I have felt.... something. A new turn in the path, perhaps.... but decided on long ago. It is difficult to see clearly."

"I am afraid for my son, Lo-Si. A change is coming for him..... but he is not ready."

"He is stubborn.... like his father. You have done all you could in the short time you were given. You tried."

"I have not tried hard enough...."

"If you never release a child's hand, he never discovers that his legs already know how to walk. Step back, my friend. Stay near enough to catch him if he falls.... but step back."

Eyes slightly clouded, seeming to look inward in examination of his own heart, Caine merely nodded, turned and slowly made his way past his old friend into the rear of the building, knowing he needed to prepare for the class that would soon be streaming through his doors.


"Okay, Pete. This has gone on long enough." Skelany admonished her friend as she strolled up and perched on the edge of his desk.

"What? What are you talkin' about?"

"When are you going to do something about your hangover instead of making me sit over there, watching you suffer?"

"Hangover? You're nuts. I spent last night at my father's place. The hardest thing he keeps around is a little rice wine, for God's sake."

"Really? Must I point out the obvious symptoms of overindulgence? Let's see; shades on inside the squad room, acting like an M-80 went off in your boxers every time a door slams.... You have a hangover. My famous cure is in my desk drawer. I can go get it...."

"I am not hung-over so shove your V-8 an' pureed habanero peppers where it'll hurt the most!"

"Cranky, too I see. Fine. I was just trying to help. I'll leave you alone..."

"Wait. I'm... sorry, okay? This has nothing to do with booze. I think I'm comin' down with somethin'. If they'd put the lights in here on a dimmer and make everybody else go home or shut up, I'd be a hell of a lot happier...."

Cautiously, fearing that in his present mood all she'd get for her gesture of comfort was more anger, Skelany placed the back of one hand on Peter's forehead. Though he grunted in disgust, he allowed it to stay until she chose to remove it.

"You could be right. Engine's running a little hot. You need to go let Blaisdell know..."

"You really are out of your mind! I practically had to beg on my hands an' knees just to get assigned to the Revelle stake-out tomorrow an' I am *not* lettin' that chance go in the dumpster just because I have a touch of.... whatever."

"Yeah, well there are gonna be other cops on the stake-out with you who don't want your whatever anymore than you do."

"I take it back. I'm not sick. I can't be sick. It's the stress boostin' my metabolism, that's all."

"Stress? This has been the slowest week in history. What stress?"

"The stake-out, for one. Plus, when I finally get a major bust like this on the horizon, my father's on my back day and night. 'You can't go to work. Stay here.' he says. 'Something's coming' he says, but the more it *doesn't* show up, the more antsy he gets an' the more crud I hear about my destiny. 'You're meant for a greater purpose' he says. I'm a cop. That's a damn good purpose, but can he see that? Noooo...."

"When will I learn not to ask leading questions? All I ever do is wind you up tighter...."

"I'm gonna head down to the weight room. See if I can blow off some steam."

"Good idea. Really good idea...."

Just as Peter reached the head of the stairs to the lower level, he paused, eyes wide and one foot frozen in mid-air. "Pete? What's wrong?" Skelany asked, moving to his side. "C'mon, Peter. Talk to me. You okay?"

Finally breaking out of his shocked stupor, Peter gripped his friend's arm tightly and began to back away, dragging her with him and hissing frantically in her ear.

"You tellin' me you don't see that?!"

"See what? All I see is the stairs."

"The panda, damn it! It's right...."

Raising its eyes, the immense and beautiful animal gazed intently at Peter for a long moment, almost as if it were trying to communicate, then turned and shambled away, vanishing as mysteriously as it appeared.

"Right where, Pete? There's no panda. Nothing but empty air. That's it. You go get your stuff. I'm driving you home personally then I'm locking you in..."

"Huh? No, I'm okay now."

"Maybe having hallucinations is okay in your book, but in mine it means you're in serious need of either medical attention or sleep. Probably both in your case...."

"I am not! And I didn't hallucinate. At least I don't think....."

"Unless the zoo has set up a branch on the first floor of the station, trust me, you did. Now, go get your jacket so I can drive you home." She repeated, pushing him back toward his desk.

"I said no. I'm not givin' up the stakeout! Busts like this come once, maybe twice in a career. Maybe I am comin' down with a cold or something, but I'm gonna be there tomorrow night if I have to bring a doctor, a nurse or the whole damn pharmacy with me!"

Skelany sighed, knowing he meant every word and would vehemently deny anything unusual happened if she forced the issue and took it to their Captain.

"Okay. I surrender, but only until this stakeout is done. Then you better take a few sick days or I'll tell him what just happened."

"Blaisdell'd never believe you."

"Not Blaisdell. Your father."

"You wouldn't dare...."

"Try me."

Abandoning a stare down he knew he'd never win, Peter's shoulders slumped and he glowered at Skelany.

"Fine. You win. After we bust this bunch of scumbags, I'll take a couple personal days."

"Don't make it sound like such a sacrifice, Pete. I mean you've only got, what, a hundred and fifty stored up?"

"Don't go away mad, Skelany, just go away."

"Yeah, yeah. You keep your promise or I'll be on Caine's doorstep before you can blink."

Staring furiously after her, Peter dropped back into his desk chair, no longer possessed of the energy to head downstairs and work out. Shoving insistent worries back down to the bottom of his mind, he slammed the ironbound door, locked it and tossed the key into an imaginary mental moat, hoping the monsters there would swallow it.



Seated on the roof of his dojo, Kwai-Chang Caine sipped a steaming cup of tea and studied the stars. For once it was a relatively clear night and he was taking advantage of the rare gift to soothe his own restless and troubled spirit. Here, in the heart of the city, the lights normally blotted out what the pollution did not, but on the roof, above most of the noise and neon, he could at least view a little of the night's beauty and employ the relative peace to calm himself until he was able to hear the voice of his soul speaking it's wisdom to him.

When the door opened behind him, Caine sighed softly, carefully set his tea on the gravel beside him and waited for the intruder to speak.


"Yes, Jamie. What is it?"

"There's a visitor downstairs. I asked her to wait in the office. She says it's urgent she talk to you right away."

"It has begun then. Or perhaps only continues...."

"What was that, Master?"

"Thoughts, young one. Do not concern yourself." Caine told the young girl waiting for him by the stairs. Rising to his feet he retrieved his tea cup and joined her. They walked down the stairs together.

"Do you need me to stay, Master? I can if that's what you want..."

"No, child. Go home and study for your mathematics examination."

"Math? I hate math, Master, you know that. I'm no good at it."

"You do not wish to be.... good at it. When you first began your study with me, you were often frustrated and discouraged. After only six months you have become one of my most promising students. Success follows will."

"I guess you're right."

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Caine favored her with a much milder version of the correctional love taps he often gave his son.

"Do not guess. Choose.... then proceed. Go home and study."

"Okay. Night, Master."

"Good-night, Jamie."

Caine watched the teenager gather her things and leave then moved into the small office off to the side of the main room of the dojo and greeted his visitor.

"I am Caine. How may I help you?"

"Naomi Sandburg. Thank you so much for agreeing to see me. I realize it's late, but the train from Washington was delayed and it took forever to find my bags...."

"I... understand. Please. Sit. You wish to... ask something of me."

"In a way.... I have some questions.... about myself and my son. I was told you might be able to answer them for me."

"Perhaps. Ask... and we will see."

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