The Wish

By: The Peachie Author =D

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'...' means thoughts

"..." means talking

*...* means inner self


Chapter #2 : A fluffy tail and a sleeping Kagome


From the last chapter:

'I have no where to go from here...'

I stood up from my spot, and walked slowly towards the lake. I stood there, my hand clutching my heart, thinking of what to do. That's when I heard a sound of the leaves rustling suddenly...Just like what would happen when Inuyasha was near by. But it can't be...he's gone.

There was a swift -swish- in the air, so I turned around...I gasped at who stood before me,


This Chapter:

**Kagome's POV**

I stood staring at him in disbelief. Why would he be here? I gasped at the thought of him being here long enough to see me crying.

'Why would I care though? Actually, why would he be here in the first place?'

I studied his features and his similarity to his brother. It made me sad to see the silver hair and golden eyes, but Sesshomaru's eyes were different. They didn't hold much emotion, they seemed barren and blank. It unnerved me to stare at them, and yet comforted me at the same time. I felt the tears swell in my eyes once again, my vision was blurring quickly. I heard a quiet cry come out of my dried lips. I couldn't help but fall down on my knees, sobbing like there was no tomorrow. The hurting inside of me just broke loose from my soul, the tears streamed down my face one after another.

Warm arms wrapped them selves around me, as I poured my heart and soul out into each tear. I felt his grasp tighten around me as he leaned forward embracing me in a hug. I just wrapped my arms around him and sobbed into his sweet smelling hair. His hair smelled like sweet cherry blossoms and the scent of fresh rain.

I don't know how long I knelt down, hugging Sesshomaru, it seemed like ages, but it felt so right.

**Sesshomaru's POV**

I hid in the branches of one the trees in my dear brother's old forest. I came to see whether the rumor was true, that my brother had passed on. I was about to head into that village when I saw a raven haired girl come into the forest. She sat under the tree that I was in. I watched her carefully, noting that she hadn't noticed my presence. She had raven black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes…they were so sad, a pain went through my heart.

'What is this feeling? It is not good. Rin must be making me soft inside'

It was some while before she moved from her spot, and I hadn't dared to disturb her. I just watched her, realizing who she was. She was my baka brother's wench. So the rumor must be true, he really die for that clay pot bitch, Kikyou. He preferred to die with her instead of live with this girl...Kagome.

Kagome moved from under the tree and stood besides the lake. She just stood there, in deep thought. Before I realized my actions, I moved from my branch and jumped down from the tree. I used my speed to hide me from her, but she knew I was here somehow. She tensed at my movement, so I quietly walked forward. I stood behind her, waiting for her to face me. She slowly turned around, expecting someone she knew to be there. Instead she saw me. She gasped at the sight of me and whispered my name. I can't deny that that stirred a feeling in me. 

         Her emotions changed so quickly, just like the wind changes direction. She studied me for a moment, then I saw the same look in her eyes that I saw before. Her eyes were clouding with fresh tears. A single tear ran down her face before the others. I was compelled to wipe the tear away with my thumb and hold her tight.

'Wait...what am I saying? She is a human, a miko. I cannot feel such things for her.'

*Why not? You feel compassion for Rin.*

'Rin is different'

*How so? The miko...Kagome... is lost, just like you were when mother died.*


Kagome fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. Without thinking, I went to her side and held her against me. She did not try to struggle, or try to get away, which surprised me. What surprised me even more, was that she simply wrapped her arms around my shoulders and cried into me. I hugged her tight to me not wanting to let go.

'I don't want to let go of her. She's hurting so much'

I knelt by kagome, embracing her for what I wanted to be for eternity. Eventually her heartbeat slowed as she drifted off into a deep slumber. I gently lifted her into my arms, bridal style and called for my cloud. I brushed one of her last tears from her face and wrapped her in my fluffy tail. I held her even tighter as we lifted into the cold air. We are headed towards my castle, where Rin and Jakken are.

'Maybe she will stay with me there. Even for just a while'

I looked down at her sleeping form, she looked so peaceful.