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The past three months have been wonderful.

He and Tomoyo were having the time of their lives. At the young age of sixteen, he was already sure Tomoyo was the one for him. He was one hundred percent sure that she was his soulmate. Heck, they've known each other ever since they were, what? Five? It was like fate had really meant them to be together forever. Plus, he couldn't really bear the idea of Tomoyo being with another guy, hugging another guy, kissing another guy...Just thinking of it made him want to throw up his lunch.

Anyway, he and Tomoyo have been spending a lot of time, inside and outside school. Sonomi, Tomoyo's mother, didn't really mind the fact that he was dating her one and only daughter. In fact, she was very glad that it was him who Tomoyo fell in love with. She trusts him already, even way before he and Tomoyo were together, romantically speaking. In school, they'd eat lunch together. Sometimes, with their other friends but most of the time it was just the two of them eating together under the sakura tree overlooking the soccer field. Outside school, they'd go out and have a date, but most of the time they'd just hang out in each other's houses. Today, they were hanging out in his house.

Eriol was waiting patiently for Tomoyo in his living room. Tomoyo just called him on the phone only a few minutes before, telling him that she'd be over at his house in a jiffy but, knowing Tomoyo, she was still probably deciding which dress or skirt or blouse would look best on her. Eriol fully understands the reason why Tomoyo feels the need to look her best all the time. It was inevitable. She came from a family that was well-bred and almost aristocratic. Her mother had not been one of the richest people in Japan for nothing. And it was one of the things he loved about her. She always gives her best in all the things she does, no matter how insignificant or significant they are.

He suddenly heard the door bell ring, and immediately stood up and headed for the front door. He had to be the one to open the door before---

Too late. Nakuru, Eriol's guardian, already opened it. She turned back as if to call her master and saw him standing right behind her. "Eriol!---Oh! There you are! Tomoyo-chan's here! I'm going to make her one of my special tarts!" Nakuru said cheerfully as she went out of Eriol's way and into the kitchen. The two teenagers literally cringed after hearing the last two words Nakuru said. Both of them knew how Nakuru badly sucked at baking. After making sure that Nakuru had really gone in to the kitchen, he slowly turned to Tomoyo, who was still standing outside the front door.

"Well, aren't you going to let me in?" Tomoyo asked, raising one of her brows and putting her hands on her hips.

'She's beautiful.' Eriol thought. She was wearing a pair of flip flops and a silk dress. It was very simple, but on other women, they would have looked like housewives that had just gotten out of bed but on Tomoyo, she looked perfect. Her long, wavy hair was down, the way Eriol likes it. From Eriol was standing, he could see her lips shine, probably from her lip gloss, and he swears, it was begging him to kiss it.

Eriol didn't notice himself that he was staring at Tomoyo. But Tomoyo did. If a stranger saw the way Eriol was ogling Tomoyo, he or she would probably think that he was checking her out. But Tomoyo thought they could all just rot in hell. Tomoyo loves it when Eriol looks at her like that. It gave her a sense of empowerment. But she'd been standing on the porch for a long time now, so she reluctantly stopped the little show Eriol seems to enjoy so much. She stepped forward, catching Eriol by surprise, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Eriol was caught off-guard by that sudden display of affection by Tomoyo. But he recovered quickly,and kissed her back. He put his hands on her waist and then kissed her, now with more passion. This time, it was Tomoyo who was surprised, then she returned Eriol's kiss with equal fervor. They kissed like that until both of them stopped to breathe in air.

"Hey..." Eriol said breathlessly. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Tomoyo smiled sweetly, although she was still trying to catch her breath. She suddenly realized how much she missed Eriol and his kisses, even though they saw each other the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that and so on and so forth. Was this what true love does to a person?

Eriol reached out for Tomoyo's hand and took it in his own. Then, he tugged at it, beckoning the girl to come in. She conceded, but not without giving Eriol a chaste kiss on his lips.

Kami-sama, I bet he couldn't wait for another make-out session with her.

They stood together in comfortable silence, but not letting go of each other's hands. Words were not needed to describe the feelings the two lovers have for each other. They knew each other so well, they could read each other like a book.

Eriol led Tomoyo to the backyard of his family's massive house, one of Tomoyo's most favorite places in the whole world. There he had already prepared a picnic blanket, a basket-full of snacks which Eriol hopes have not been eaten by ants, some pillows and a few poetry books in the said place. Tomoyo loves poetry, and she loves hearing them being recited by Eriol, with his handsome, baritone voice. That was what they were going to do today. Just sit and relax in his backyard, under the huge sakura tree, while they ate club sandwiches and some fruits. The sun was out, but the air was cool and comforting. It was a very beautiful day indeed.

They both sat on the huge blanket, each not wanting to break the silence that had settled between them. They just sat there like that for awhile, then, Tomoyo spoke up.



"...I'm hungry." Tomoyo whined.

Eriol smiled. Even though his girlfriend looked every inch like a lady, she could still be a baby. He reached out to take the picnic basket that had been sitting near him.

"What do you want to eat?" He asked.

"What's in there?"

He brought out all the contents of the basket. Sandwiches, chips, apples, two slices of pie...

"I want this one." Tomoyo grabbed the club sandwich wrapped in a few layers of napkin and a plastic bag.

"Hey, that's supposed to be mine!" Eriol exclaimed. Tomoyo stuck her tongue out at him and proceeded to unwrap the said snack.

Eriol watched in despair as Tomoyo took a bite of what was supposed to be his. To make things worse, Tomoyo was showing an exagerrated way of enjoying the stupid food. While she chewed, she closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and...moaned. It was all too much for Eriol to take.

As Tomoyo took another bite of the scrumptious feast, Eriol sat up, moved in front of Tomoyo, and got a HUGE bite of the sandwich. Tomoyo opened her eyes, and saw the damage Eriol did to her sandwich. She set the sandwich down as she watched Eriol munch on the huge chunk of sandwich he got. Tomoyo glared at him, but had a small smile pasted on her pretty face at the same time. She couldn't get angry at him that easily.

Eriol returned Tomoyo's gaze, a smug look on his face. He finally got one on her.

Eriol smirked as he continued to chew, Tomoyo raised her eyebrow in repsonse. An evil idea suddenly came to her mind.

Tomoyo sat up, then started crawling slowly towards Eriol. She had a really sexy look on her face. She almost looked like a tigress, and it was mating season.

Eriol's eyes widened and stopped his munching. He accidentally swallowed the whole chunk of club sandwich down his throat as he watched Tomoyo, who had one of the straps of her dress off her shoulder, crawl towards him like a really pretty, really seductive kitten. He started coughing out loud and took the bottle of water that was inside the picnic basket. He drank almost half of the bottle in one gulp. He glanced at Tomoyo once more. When did she get so near?

Their faces were only inches apart. She was leaning on one arm, a lopsided but sexy grin on her face. One strap of her dress was still off her shoulder. Her hair was spilled down on her shoulders and her back, the sunshine reflecting on her shiny tresses.

Eriol had to fight the urge to kiss her right there and then. He did still have his pride. He wasn't going to show weakness to the enemy who stole what was supposed to his afternoon snack. But then, Tomoyo started caressing Eriol's cheek with the back of her other hand. Eriol blushed. IDIOT! He scolded himself. Tomoyo started moving nearer. Eriol's heart started to beat ten times faster. Tomoyo's lips were mere millimeters away from his lips. Eriol closed his eyes...

Tomoyo's lips brushed against Eriol's ever so SLIGHTLY that it left Eriol wanting for more. The kiss or, more preferably, the brushing of Tomoyo's lips against Eriol's lasted for only a teeny-tiny second. Who could be ever satisfied with THAT?

Eriol opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Tomoyo and the little, evil smirk on her face. Eriol's pride was wounded, and he wanted revenge. He sat up, got to Tomoyo's side so fast and laid a kiss flat on her lips. As Eriol moved his lips against Tomoyo's, he put his hand on one of shoulders and started to push her downwards unto the picnic blanket. Tomoyo was hesitant at first, but then obeyed to the silent plea Eriol was showing. Once her back was flat on the ground, her arms had wound around Eriol's neck, and her hands started playing through his hair. One of Eriol's naughty hands 'accidentally' brushed against one of Tomoyo's ahem assets and Tomoyo gasped at the contact. Eriol, seizing the oppurtunity, let his tongue enter and brush against Tomoyo's. Tomoyo felt weak. Fireworks were going off in her head and she felt like every nerve in every system of her body were being electrocuted. Lying there, with Eriol, was one of the best things that has ever happened to her.

They kissed like that for a few more moments, and then stopped for much needed air. Both were very much reluctant about ending the kiss, so after a few seconds, they were doing it again.

And again.

And again.

Until Nakuru came out and told them that it was time for supper.

As Eriol and Tomoyo walked back in the house, hand in hand, they just had to think of what will be happening in the future. Will they get married? Have kids? But as both of them sat on the dinner table, both of them thought,

Of course.


Sorry for the crappy ending. Kind of confusing, I know. Please forgive me.