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Under the Early Sun

Chapter 8

My Day Has Come

"As crown prince of Mirkwood, I command you to show me to my guard!" Legolas yelled his eyes hard as stone. Knowing that he wouldn't change his mind they sighed and slowly helped him up taking him to the healing rooms.


"I do not wish to die by the orcs hands…I would rather it be you my prince," Lindamir told him. Legolas gasped and clenched his hand tighter.

"What are you saying Lindamir?" Legolas whispered.

"I am saying that I want to die by your hands. I want you to take my dagger a stab me through my heart so that I will not have to suffer any longer. This is only my second wish, if I had my choice I would have died with my men back in the forest but this is the hand I was dealt. I had to make sure that you were safe my prince…please grant me this last wish," Lindamir explained as tears fell from his eyes.

Everyone in the room looked to Legolas wondering what his reaction would be. Tears fell down from Legolas's eyes as well and he bowed his head to Lindamir's kissing his forehead. His hand went under Lindamir's pillow where he knew his guard's dagger would be. In a lightning fast move Legolas took the dagger and stabbed it into Lindamir's heart.

"Legolas!" They all cried out.

"Stay back all of you!" Legolas hissed and he turned back to Lindamir. He watched as the elf that had guarded his life since the day he had been born took one last sigh and with a smile on his lips he breathed his last. "Lord Elrond…let it be written that on this day Lindamir Dorthonion gave up his life for his prince, Legolas Thranduilion. He died a honorable death after asking his prince to take his life," Legolas told him standing. He stood as tall as he could with his injuries and walked out of the room back to his own.


Once back in his room Legolas fell onto his bed. He curled up into a ball and cried, he cried for Lindamir.

"I just…I just killed him…I just killed my best friend…" Legolas thought. Before long he cried himself to sleep.


They were being fought back, this had to end…something had to be done or none of them would make it out alive. No that couldn't happen, he had to protect Narya and it was the job that Mithrandir had given him, he had to get out of there alive, he had to get to Imladris.

"Caun Legolas!" He heard Lindamir yell.

He spun as he heard his name being called, Lindamir willed him to fight so they could be together and as if hearing his thoughts Legolas did just that. As they had in training together they moved as one, to a onlooker it may have been seen as I beautiful but deadly dance of life and death, and then there it was! He had an opening! Three more orcs that he could easily take care of and he would be free! The third orc fell but he kept fighting, Legolas felt Lindamir sigh.

"NO! I will not leave them! I will not!" He thought. As the other elves gathered around them protecting them from the onslaught of orcs Lindamir turned and pulled Legolas into a strong hug.

"You must keep the fire safe…now Noro!" Lindamir whispered in Legolas's ear and then pushed him away before giving a shrill whistle. Tareth came galloping from out of the woods to rescue her master and hopefully bid him safe passage to Imladris. She charged through the orcs quickly only getting minor cuts before coming to them. Lindamir pushed Legolas up onto the horse and gave him a smile before smacking Tareth on the rump making her take off. Legolas looked back at him and his heart wanted to break at the emotion that filled his prince's eyes. He let out a scream of rage fighting any orc that dared tried to follow Legolas.

Suddenly everything got dark and Legolas was left resting on his knees, tears running down his cheeks just staring into the darkness.

"Why do you cry caun nin?" A voice asked. Legolas's head snapped up and he stared at the figure standing before him. Lindamir smirked at the look on Legolas's face, he was white with shock.

"Lin…Lindamir?" He whispered.

"Yes it is I, now answer my question, why do you cry?"

"But I…I killed you…with my own hands…how?" Legolas questioned.

"I felt your distress and had to come back to check on you. So you feel guilty about what I asked of you? You should not, I do not blame you…you gave me peace. Do not cry for me. Allow me to rest," Lindamir pleaded and slowly he faded once again leaving Legolas alone.

"But I killed you…" Legolas cried wrapping his arms around himself.



Elrond, the twins, Estel and Gandalf all still stood in the room staring that what Legolas had done.

"He just…killed him…" Elladan whispered.

"He did what Lindamir asked of him," Elrohir said.

"So is the custom in Mirkwood. Should a warrior be dying a painful death and their leader is near they can ask them to end their pain quickly by giving them a stab through the heart. It is the most honorable death for a Mirkwood elf besides dying in battle. This will not be easy on Legolas. We should wait a couple of hours and then go to him, he will need us," Elrond explained. He walked over to Lindamir and slowly pulled the dagger out of him, he laid it on the table beside the bed and then stood looking at Gandalf. "We need to speak Mithrandir. Come with me," Elrond told him. Gandalf nodded and followed him to Elrond's study. The twins and Estel watched them go, then looked back to Lindamir's body. None of them really wanted to stay in the room but it was Elladan who spoke up first...


"Well it seems that we are left here. Estel come with us, I want you to explain some things," Elladan told him as he held out his hand. Estel took the offered hand and followed his brothers out of the room. The twins took him back to their room and together they all sat on the bed.

"How did you know about Legolas and that Lindamir was dying?" Elrohir asked.

"Like I said before, I had a dream about Legolas getting hurt and after Glorfindel ran out of the room I went in and Lindamir looked at me. He asked me who I was so I told him and then he bid me come to him. I touched his hand and it was ice cold. Even I know that elves don't feel the cold, so knew he was dying. That was when I came up behind Glorfindel and told you all that he was dying. That is all," Estel explained.

"But I still don't understand…" Elladan sighed rubbing his forehead.

"I can't explain it I just knew," Estel told him.


Elrond stared out the window of his study. His hand covered his mouth thoughtfully. After a few moments of silence, he turned to faced Gandalf.

"Gandalf, I must tell you, I am not impressed with your decisions, I thought that you of all people would look at all angles before making such a rash decision."

"As much as you may want to think that I did not think this through I did. I thought of all the things that could happen and I made the decision I thought was best," Gandalf replied.

"When Cirdan gave you Narya I wondered what he was thinking but I know that he trusted you to take care of it and not let it fall into evil hands. I have to ask Gandalf what were you thinking?" Elrond asked.

"I thought that by taking Narya to Legolas in one of the darkest places that it would be hidden right under the enemies nose. When I felt I would still have the trace of power on me so the enemy would still follow me. They did for awhile but my guess is that they felt it on him as well so they sent troops to investigate," Gandfalf explained.

"I see…I cannot scold you anymore Mithrandir, you must be punishing yourself inside as it is. Perhaps it is time that we should go see Legolas," Elrond suggested. Gandalf nodded and they left his study heading for Legolas's room.


Opening the door they found Legolas up sitting on his bed his head buried in his hands. Sobs racked his lithe form and their hearts melted at the sight.

"Legolas you cannot torture yourself this way. Lindamir would not wish for you to cry for him, he wished for what you did. You gave him his last wish when I am sure that had it been my own sons would not have," Elrond told him.

"But I killed him my lord…I…me…I did it. No one else, me," Legolas cried. Elrond went to his side and put a comforting arm around him.

"That is true Legolas but it is something that you cannot and never will be able to take back," Elrond explained. "Things may never be the same but you will go on. You will live and do it for everything Lindamir gave for you."


One week later…

Elrond and the rest of his household all watched as Legolas and the other three elves that had survived the orc attack rode out of Imladris slowly. In the middle of them they carried Lindamir's body back to Mirkwood on a litter.

It had been a hard week for them all but mainly for Legolas. He was still suffering from what he had done but was slowly recovering.

"What will be done with Lindamir's body when they return to Mirkwood ada?" Elladan questioned.

"A special ceremony will be held in his memory, they will place his body on an altar and burn it. It is a very beautiful and sad event, I have only seen it once before but it is something I will never forget," Elrond replied.

They watched as the party stopped at the edge of the trees, Legolas turned and looked back at them. He gave them a sad smile , and urged his mount forward. They watched for a while, after the party vanished into the wood, but the silvan elves' departure held a tragic finality. The ordeal was finished, ... as far as they were concerned. The sons of Elrond said a quiet prayer to Iluvitar before going back inside. Life in Imladris would continue, after all, and hearts would mend... in time, at least.


Elvish Translations

Caun nin – My prince

Caun Legolas – Prince Legolas

Ada - Dad

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