Without, Author's Note


So. This is my third attempt to post this story on ff.net; at first, it was originally removed because of smut, although it wasn't all that smutty. Then I tried having it be an update page, and that was taken off too. I'm hoping that this time they'll actually not delete it.

I'm only putting up chapters that contain no smut/sex whatsover, no matter how euphemistic or romance-novelish. Where smutty chapters would be, I've put up author's notes telling you where to get them instead:

http : / / groups . yahoo . com / groups / cinnamongrrl /

(remove the extra spaces between the / and . for the actual URL)

In addition, the entire story can be read without interruption there, if you prefer. The uploads are as follows:

1:   full text

2:   a/n telling you to go to the yahoo group and read it there

3:   a/n

4:   full text

5:   a/n

6:   full text

7:   full text

8:   a/n

9:   full text

10: a/n

11 – 14: full text

15: a/n

16: full text

17: full text

18: a/n

19 – 22: full text

23: a/n

24 – 35: full text