Author note: Ok I know I just up and left, and I'm sorry really I am. However, I have lost almost all interest in this fandom. So I'm just going to summaries what would have been in detail and maybe someday I actual try to finish this thing for really we'll see.

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Of Love And Death


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summary for end

Everyone in the Team lived a happy life of racing, partying, and just doing stuff they've always done. The big news was that Dom asked Letty to marry him, which she agreed to. Then not to long after that Brian asked Mia to marry him (of course with Dom's permission) She agreed right away. Dom being the big brother that he is made sure that Mia's wedding was what she always wanted and even stalled his for a couple of weeks. Eventually both couples were married and they decided to stay in the same house as the team and just sound proof the rooms or something like that.

A year later both Mia and Letty were pregnant with their first kids, and 9 months later Mia had a little girl named Lia O'Conner While Letty had a little boy that just took his father's name. Both couple then just spent their time raising their children and living happily ever after.


A/N I know the end sucked but I felt I had to give you something since the last update was in January.