Dawn of Fate
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Yami Bakura was starting to understand why the pharaoh always told him to never get on a hikari's bad side, particularly Yugi's bad side. The small duelist was practically cackling in a manner that could only be described as sadistic as he pulled him along by his hair, finally coming to a stop halfway down the hallway before letting him go. The tomb robber rubbed his head painfully, running a hand through his poor abused hair.

"What was that for?" he groaned, making a face as he pulled out a clump of hair that had come loose because of Yugi's attack.

"I've caught her!" Yugi exclaimed, sounding elated. "I've caught Rita Skeeter!"

Yami Bakura frowned. "Yugi... what EXACTLY are you holding?"

"A beetle."

The tomb robber sweatdropped, but before he could say anything, Yugi added, "Remember that Sirius is an unregistered Animagus? Well, so's Skeeter!"

"She can turn into a bug?" Yami Bakura asked dully. Yugi nodded emphatically. "Are you sure, kiddo? It'll make you look pretty stupid if that thing turns out to be a real bug."

"I know I'm not wrong," Yugi returned, holding onto the Puzzle with his free hand while he kept his other hand enclosed around the Rita-bug. He closed his eyes, and after a moment, the Puzzle responded, glowing as darkness surrounded the two of them.

Yugi had not told his other half - he would have been furious if he had - but the day he had skipped Potions in order to seek out Yami Bakura was the day he had started taking lessons from the tomb robber on how to summon the Shadow Realm and play Yami-no-Games. He was a quick study, since he already got the gist of it from watching his other self. They had to keep his ability to use the Puzzle's power a secret, however; if the pharaoh ever found out he could do something like this, he would probably go ballistic.

Once the darkness was in place, Yugi opened his other hand. The beetle he had captured was sitting there, quivering slightly, seemingly looking around in terror. Yugi smiled down at it; a weird, sort of sadistic smile that looked so out of place on his face, the tomb robber actually took a step back in nervousness.

"I'd suggest you reveal your true form, Rita," Yugi told the bug softly, "because you're not getting out of here any time soon."

He tossed the bug in front of him... and all of a sudden it became a human dressed in loud robes and horrid glasses. Rita Skeeter landed on her rear end with a THUD, looking between Yugi and Yami Bakura, and all around her in fear. Finally, she scrambled to her feet, before taking off in a frantic run, disappearing into the darkness. The tomb robber sighed happily.

"I love it when they try to run..." he commented idly, turning around.

Yugi turned around as well, waiting patiently. After a moment, Rita appeared before them again, breathing heavily as if she had been running a very long distance. Yami Bakura grinned and raised a hand in greeting.

"Oui! Long time no see," he jibbed.

Rita backed up in fear. "Wh...what do you want with me?"

"Oh...?" Yami Bakura asked mockingly. "You mean you can't figure that out? Your 'Witch Weekly' article insulted a pharaoh - two pharaohs, as a matter of fact, considering Panseru did not take too kindly to being referred to as a peasant. Such an offense was punishable by death or torture in the old days, depending on what kind of mood the pharaoh was in when the offender was captured. Oh, and by the way -" he nodded down toward Yugi - "the pharaoh's pissed."

Yugi was glaring at her with a hard look that was rarely ever seen on his face. Rita squeaked in fear and took another step back, but she did not run away again. Yami Bakura smirked again at her reaction, before leaning down to whisper in Yugi's ear.

"Remember, kiddo," he said softly, "get a clear picture of what you want to do in your mind, before commanding the Shadows to make it happen. It'll be less difficult that way."

"I understand."

Yugi closed his eyes a moment, making sure what he wanted to do was picture perfect in his mind before calling on the power of the Puzzle. He raised a hand over his head, and the Puzzle glowed, commanding the darkness that separated him and Rita to take the shape of the thing in his mind. A floor mat's worth of small tablets appeared suspended in the air before them, each with a different image on it; they looked like miniature versions of the monster tablets of Ancient Egypt.

"This is a Yami no Concentration Game," Yugi announced, opening his eyes to glare at Rita again. "As a reporter, you know that attention to detail is essential, so this should be easy for you. The rules are simple. Once the game starts, these tablets will flip face down. Touch a tablet to flip it back face up. Match two tablets together, and they'll disappear. Flip over a non-matching pair, and you loose. It will get harder, however; as every time a tablet disappears, a new one with unknown marking will take its place."

"What happens if I win?" Rita asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Yugi just shrugged. "If you win, you can leave here unharmed. If you loose or you cheat..." He smirked slightly. "You'll pay the price."

Yami Bakura backed off as Yugi raised his arm again. He had to admit; the kid had talent and a good mind for games. Though, considering whom his other half was, that was no surprise.

"Game start!"

As promised, the tablets flipped themselves over, covering what was on them. The tomb robber watched as Yugi took the first turn, touching two of the tiles in quick succession. The tablets he chose flipped over, revealing a Kuriboh etched on each one. They disappeared; only to be replaced by two more face down ones. Rita took her turn, her mannish hands shaking as she reached out and touched two tiles. They flipped over to reveal two Blue Eyes White Dragons, before disappearing and being replaced by face down tiles as well.

The game continued for what seemed like hours, neither one of them having made a mistake. Yugi remained confident through it all, though Rita seemed to get more and more agitated as the minutes wore away. Yami Bakura knew there could not have been any of the original tablets left at this point, and he was starting to wonder when one of them would miss...

Yugi completed matching two Black Magicians. Rita took another turn, reaching out to tap a tablet nearest to her. It flipped over to reveal another Blue Eyes White Dragon. She gripped her arm with her other hand, fighting to keep it steady as she reached over for another tablet and tapped it...

...to reveal a Holy Elf.

Rita backed away in shock as the tablets disappeared entirely.

"Game over."

Rita looked up at him in fear, backing away again when she saw the Millennium Puzzle start to glow once more. Yugi's expression was unreadable as he gazed back at Rita, the Eye of the Wisdom of Darkness coming to light on his forehead, pulsing in anticipation.

"Rita Skeeter," Yugi began, his tone making him sound more like his other half, "you report nothing but lies, insulting people and hurting others. Any punishment I could give would be too good for scum like you."

He raised an arm, pointing a finger at Rita... the pharaoh passing judgment...

"Batsu Game...!"


Their trunks were packed, their owls were caged and cats were waiting by their sides or on their shoulders; everyone in Harry's little congregation of friends and Egyptian spirits were waiting on the crowded steps of the school for the carriages that would take them to the train station. It was an absolutely beautiful day outside, and Harry was far from anxious to return to Privet Drive that evening.


They all turned to see Fleur Delacour running up to them (Seto noticeably straightened out his robes while his yami laughed at him). Beyond her, on the grounds, Hagrid was assisting Madame Maxime in hitching the carriage horses up to their harnesses.

"We will see each uzzer again, I 'ope," she said, holding out her hand. Harry shook it, before she turned her gaze up to Seto.

Marik cleared his throat, before starting to push the others away. "C'mon, guys. Let's go say goodbye to Krum."

Everyone was herded off, leaving Seto and Fleur to themselves. He gave their backs a scathing glare, but her laughter brought him out of it. He smiled down at her, grateful that she could laugh despite their embarrassing antics.

"If they are alwayz like that," she said, "I th'nk I would enjoy Japan very much."

Seto gave a half-hearted attempt at a smile. "Oh, believe me. They're always like that."

Fleur giggled again, before whispering in a devious manner, "I will zee you this zummer then, yes?"

He outright grinned at that. "Definitely."

She flashed him another bright smile before heading toward the Beauxbatons carriage. Seto bit his lip, his mind racing. Something within him - he could not tell if it was his other half or his own conscious - but something was telling him that he should tell her... before she left... incase they ended up not seeing each other over the summer...

"Fleur!" he called, stepping forward a bit. She turned around, surprised, and Seto instantly felt his heart hammering in his chest.

"Ai...aishiteru," he said. "I love you."

A smile slowly spread on Fleur's face, before she ran back over to where he was standing, throwing her arms around his neck. The two of them shared a gentle parting kiss, which would have lasted a lot longer than what it did if it were not for the clicking and whirring of a camera. Seto parted from her, looking up to give his best annoyed glare to Yami Bakura, who was taking pictures a few feet away. The tomb robber took a few more pictures, before giving the two of them a rude gesture.

"A years worth of blackmail is great for people like me, moneybags!" he shouted, before taking off like the God of Obelisk was after him. Seto growled, about ready to give chase, when Fleur pulled him down again for a quick kiss.

"Give him a good hex for me," she encouraged, before sending him on his way.

Meanwhile, everyone out of their group that were waiting for the carriages to arrive sweatdropped when they saw the businessman starting to chase the tomb robber. Harry sighed, shaking his head, as a group of carriages pulled by strange creatures approached the gathered students. He frowned, watching as everyone started to board them.

"Where are the horseless carriages?" he asked Ron. He looked at him like he grew another head.

"You need your glasses checked, Harry," he said, pointing. "They're right there."


Yugi bounded happily back into their compartment near the back of the trail, clutching the lunch he had bought off the nice witch with the trolley as he bounced back onto Yami Yugi's lap. As he went to put his money back in his school bag, however, a copy of the "Daily Prophet" fell out. Harry gave the newspaper a suspicious look, not really sure if he wanted to know what was in there.

"There's nothing in there," Yugi said, catching his look. "The only thing they had in there was a brief article about you and Marik-kun winning the tournament. Not a word about Voldemort or anything. I guess Fudge is really keeping it quiet."

"He'll never keep Rita quiet," Harry said bitterly.

A strange sort of smile spread across Yugi's face. "Oh... Rita's not going to be writing anything for quite a while."

Yugi giggled, exchanging knowing looks with Yami Bakura. The tomb robber just grinned sadistically, as his hikari gave him a confused look.

"What are you two going on about?" Bakura asked.

Yami Bakura chuckled, motioning to Yugi. "You tell 'em, kid. It was your idea."

"Actually, it was Marik-kun that gave me the idea," Yugi replied, pulling his school bag close to his chest in excitement. Marik blinked in confusion from where he was snuggling with Hermione.

"I did?" he asked. "When?"

"Before the third task," Yugi answered, reaching into his bag. "BUGGING. You see, Rita is an unregistered Animagus. She can turn herself..."

He paused for dramatic effect, before pulling a small sealed glass jar out of the bag. Inside were a few twigs and leaves, and one very large and fat bug.

"...into a beetle!"

Everyone gathered around the jar in shock as a proud look came over Yugi's face.

"You've gotta be kidding..." Ron murmured, staring at it.

"No, he's not," Seto said, pointing to the bug's head. "Look, around her antennae. Those are the same markings as those ugly glasses she wears."

"Wait a minute!" Harry exclaimed. "I saw a beetle on the statue we were hiding behind the night we heard Hagrid telling Madame Maxime about his mum!"

Ron nodded emphatically as Yugi grinned. "Precisely. And mou hitori no boku pulled a beetle out of my hair after he asked me to go to Egypt with him during the second task. She's been buzzing around for stories all year."

A suddenly look dawned on Draco's face as Yami Yugi took the jar from his light half's hand. "One time before Care of Magical Creatures, I saw Ecillia talking to something in her hand. The Slytherins must have known about this; that's how she got all those interviews!"

Yugi nodded, taking back the jar from his other half. The Rita-beetle buzzed angrily against the glass.

"I told her she had to stay like that for a whole year," he said proudly, "or until I let her out, whichever happened first. And I made sure she couldn't transform back into a human either."

Again, him and Yami Bakura exchanged knowing grins, before Yugi slipped the jar back into his bag. Just then, the compartment door slid open, revealing quite an unwelcome sight. Ecillia stood in the doorway, her arms crossed haughtily. Crabbe and Goyle were behind her as always, looking stupidly arrogant and menacing.

"Oh, well done, Mutou," she said, walking slowly into the compartment, a smirk tugging at her lips. "You caught a pathetic reporter, and Pothead's Dumbledore's favorite boy again. Big deal."

Her smirk widened as she turned to Harry. "Trying not to think about it, are we?" she sneered. "Trying to pretend it hasn't happened?"

Draco stood before Harry, cutting Ecillia off from him. "Get lost," he said in a low, threatening voice.

Ecillia snorted in contempt. "You've picked the losing side, my dear cousin! But, it's too late now. You and all your precious friends will be the first to go, now that the Dark Lord's back! Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers first! Well... second. Ishitar was first; shame he didn't st-"

It was as if a miniature explosion had gone off in the compartment. A blinding blaze of spells blasted from every possible direction, creating a deafening series of bangs. When the smoke and light cleared, Ecillia, Crabbe, and Goyle were all unconscious in the doorway. The eight humans and four Egyptian spirits were still on their feet, each of them having used a different hex... and they were not the only ones.

"Thought we'd see what these three were up to," Fred said casually, stepping on Goyle as he made his way into the compartment. George followed right behind, making sure to step on Ecillia. Both of them had their wands out.

"Interesting effect," George commented idly, prodding Crabbe with his foot. "Who used the Furnunculus Curse?"

"That was me," Aishisu said, still gripping her own version of Hermione's wand tightly.

George grinned. "Nice going, spirit lady!" he congratulated. "Anyway, I had used Jelly-Legs. Looks like those two shouldn't be mixed."

Indeed it seemed that way. Crabbe had sprouted little tentacles all over his face.

"Well, lets not leave them here," Fred said. "They aren't doing much for the d├ęcor."

Draco, Harry, and Yami Seto kicked, rolled, and pushed the unconscious Slytherins out of the compartment; each of who looked worse than the other because of the jumble of jinxes they had been hit with. Finally getting them out into the corridor, they came back in and locked the door shut.

"Exploding Snap, anyone?" Fred offered, pulling out a pack of cards.

Yami Bakura made a face. "I'd rather have the pharaoh kick my ass in Duel Monsters."

The rest of the ride continued pleasantly enough (with the tomb robber staying true to his word, and getting horribly beaten several times in Duel Monsters games against Yami Yugi). Harry knew it would all have to end soon, and he was not entirely too keen on going back to Privet Drive. Then again, was he ever anxious to go back to live with his aunt and uncle? All too soon, however, the Hogwarts Express was pulling up at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Yugi and the others gathered their belongings, before struggling past the still unconscious Ecillia, Crabbe, and Goyle in the hallway. Marik and Harry stayed put, however. They exchanged glances, knowing what they were going to do.

"Fred, George, wait up," Marik said.

The twins stopped just as they were about to leave, turning to face them. Harry and Marik nodded to each other, before reaching into their respective trunks and pulling out their Triwizard winnings.

"Here, it's yours," Harry said as they thrust the sacks of Galleons in each of the boys' hands.

"Wh-wh-what?!" Fred exclaimed, absolutely shocked.

"Take it," Marik said. "We don't want it."

"You're mental," George proclaimed, trying to give Harry back his. Harry would not take it, however.

"No, we're not," he replied. "Take it, and get inventing. Use it for the joke shop you guys want to open."

"They ARE mental," Fred said, looking at the sack in his hands in awe.

"Hey," Marik began, "if you don't take it, we're throwing it down the drain. I don't want it. Harry doesn't want it. We don't need it either. But what we will need is a few good laughs. I have a feeling we all will before this is all over."

George weighed the moneybag in his hands. "Harry..." he said weakly. "There has to be at least a thousand Galleons in here..."

Harry grinned. "Yeah... a thousand Galleons... EACH."

"Think how many Canary Creams that is," Marik said, also grinning.

The twins just stared.

"Just don't tell your okaa-san where you got it," Marik continued, serious now. "And do us a favor, and get Ron a better set of dress robes and say they're from you. He looked absolutely horrid in that thing he wore to the Yule Ball."

They left the compartment and the train before the twins could say another word (making sure to step on Ecillia, Crabbe, and Goyle as they did so). Out beyond the barrier, Uncle Vernon was waiting impatiently for Harry, while Isis was waiting for Marik. Yugi and Yami Yugi were off in a corner, conversing with Sugoroku and Jonouchi. Harry caught something along the lines of Sugoroku telling Yugi's mother the truth about the spirit of the pharaoh, before Mrs. Weasley came up and hugged him tightly.

"I think Dumbledore will let you come to us later in the summer," she said. "Keep in touch, Harry."

"See you, Harry!" Ron exclaimed, clapping him on the back.

"Bye, Harry," Hermione said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Ja ne, Harry-kun!" Yugi shouted, standing next to his other self, who still had a massive sweatdrop hanging over his head from the conversation with Yugi's grandfather.

"Sayonara, Harry-kun," Seto called. "See you next year."

"Harry... thanks..." George muttered, Fred nodding rapidly behind him.

Harry winked at them and waved goodbye to all his friends, before turning back to Uncle Vernon. He followed him out from the station, to the car where his Aunt Petunia and cousin Dudley were waiting. As he crawled into the back seat next to his cousin, he made a promise to himself...

What would come would come... what would happen to him would happen to him... and he knew that he would have to meet it all when it did...