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Chapter one- An unusual Proposition.

It was the first day of their sixth year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. And Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny were all saying their good- byes to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley at Kings Cross Station. As they climbed aboard they Hogwarts Express and found an empty carriage to sit in Harry looked at his two best friends and his friends sister and smiled, in the years he had known them they had shared so much and been through so much. Over the summer holidays harry had seen the love between Ron and Hermione grow. But still after all these years neither of them had said a single thing, though he had had some deep-and-meaningfuls with both of them separately on the subject they still flatly denied it. Harry sighed. He saw the attraction and hopefully this year they would too. He loved both Ron and Hermione completely, but for totally different ways, Hermione was an amazing girl to have around when you needed someone to talk to and she understood everything. He told Hermione everything at was on his mind and she very rarely judged him. Ron on the other hand was more judgmental, but he was always ready for a laugh and wasn't so uptight about classes and homework as Hermione was. But he knew he could never tell Ron the things he told Hermione, like there was no way he could tell Ron he was gay. Not yet anyway.

They sat down in am empty carriage and started talking about their summer holidays, since they had spent majority of them together there wasn't much to talk about. Soon enough pretty much like clockwork Draco Malfoy and his cronies Crabe and Goyle arrived at the carriage the four Gryffindors were occupying.

"What the hell do you want Malfoy?" Ron spat. "Now now Weasley, there's no need to be uncivil." Said Draco with an unusual friendliness in his voice. "I've come to you with a proposition, even though we have spent the last 5 years hating each other.I do think it's time we came to a truce. I know this is very unlike me. but we have to set an example for the younger kids. And quarrelling like idiots in the corridor and every time we see each other is not exactly making the school look good. So what do you think?"

"No fuc." Ron began before Hermione covered his mouth with her hand to stop him swearing. "Ron we're prefects." she hissed. "Before you make any rash, and.not so eloquent comments Weasley.think it over, I'm sure we'll have classes together sooner or later so we'll talk it over then. Now I suggest you start thinking about changing, after all it isn't that long a trip and you 2." he motioned to Ron and Hermione "haven't even made an appearance in the prefects carriage." And with that he walked off with Crabe and Goyle following close behind.

"Well I never.?" gasped Hermione. "And he's right you know Ron, we haven't even gone to the prefects carriage.I completely forgot."

"uhh. yeah I spose we should go then shouldn't we, harry will you be right staying here with Ginny mate?"

"Yeah sure. no problem, you guys go ahead.fulfill you duties." Harry replied, actually after the few nights he'd spent in Ginny at the burrow over the holidays he'd wanted a little bit more time alone with her. Ron and Hermione got up and left to go to the prefect's carriage. And harry shifted over and sat next to Ginny.

"Hey gin, what's up?" he asked casually, "Haven't really had much time alone to talk to you since.well. you know since that night." Harry blushed slightly.he didn't exactly know how to bring up the topic of the night he and Ginny had slept together, but he guessed he should speak to her about it. It had been over a week and neither of them had barely said much to each other at all.

"I know harry.I didn't.well." Ginny couldn't find the right words " I didn't know what it meant to you Harry.I mean.I have.cared for you for a long time and. well did it mean as much to you as it did to me?" she finally asked.

"Oh Ginny.I have to be honest with you. I love you so much Ginny.and that night with you was.was very special.but Gin.I'm gay." He said blushing even more.

"But..but can't." Ginny gasped, her eyes getting shiny. "You can't possibly be! .Why did you do it then??" she was getting angry."Why did you lead me on??" she had tears rolling down her face now and harry felt terrible.

"Oh Gin.I'm so sorry.I guess.obviously I'm not as gay as I thought.I mean.I have feelings for you.but I get so much more from being with guys.Gin, sweetie I'm really sorry but it's the way I am. Please understand. I love you as much as I can love you and I value your friendship, but nothing more can come between us wouldn't work"

At this Ginny got up, grabbed her robes and walked out of the carriage, leaving Harry alone and feeling the worst he had ever felt in his life. He got up and changed into his robes. Then he sat down and buried his head in his hands and thought about what had just happened. God he hoped Ginny wasn't so hurt she'd go to drastic measures and tell everyone about him, he wasn't ready to come out just yet.


Harry had been sitting like that for a while when he heard footsteps coming to the carriage door and looked up hoping it was Ginny coming back so they could talk about it. It was not Ginny that was standing at his door, but Draco Malfoy, absolute sex god from Slytherin. Harry had had a crush on Draco since halfway through their 4th year. And since then the sexiest boy at hogwarts had just gotten more and more good looking. Over the past few years his body had tones up and you could see his muscles in through his robes, his shoulders had broadened and he was almost 6 foot. He had girls from all houses falling at his feet and sighing as he walked past. And Harry had noticed that even many boys looked at him lustily. Harry snapped out of it realising that he had been staring unnaturally at the blonde for an obvious amount of time.

"Like what you see Potter?" Draco asked almost seductively.

"You wish Malfoy.just checking out my opposition." Harry answered trying as hard as he could to sound cool.

" you were checking me out.har.potter?" he stumbled almost calling harry by his first name. He had done a lot of thinking over the holidays.long after he had decided how much he loathed and despised his father and how evil and greedy he was. He realised it was about time he gave in to his feelings for his apparent archenemy. He'd known for a while that he wanted to be with potter.but he knew harry would never feel the same way, not after how he'd treated him. But he was so damn sexy, he had to try.he found himself looking Harry up and down.sizing him up. He had a good figure, probably from all of the Quiditch. And the way he wore his hair all messy was so sexy.especially now since he's let it grow down to cover over his scar. Draco even found his scar sexy, Draco found everything about him sexy.

"Now who's checking whom out Malfoy?" harry asked interrupting Draco's thoughts.

Just then they arrived at hogwarts and they had to get out of the train. As Draco went off to find his fellow Slytherins and harry to find his friends Draco called out. "Think about my proposition harry.and you could maybe even live those fantasies you have of me."

Harry flipped him off and walked towards where he saw Ron, Hermione and Ginny.who was looking much better and less upset.