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"What the hell is that bitch doing here?" Vicious asked, his voice a low growl.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I asked him. He sounded really angry, and I didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

He didn't reply, so I turned around to see what had caught his attention. I felt my heart skip a trillion beats as I watched her approach the counter. I couldn't believe that she was here!

I got up from my seat slowly and walked over to her, completely forgetting about Vicious. He didn't believe that I snagged such a good catch and I wanted to show him how beautiful Faye was.

"Hey," I said smoothly from behind her.

She jumped slightly out of surprise, and turned around to face me.

"Hey yourself," she said happily. "I was starting to think that you weren't here," she added thoughtfully.

She was beautiful, even in sweat pants and a plain white sweater. I began to wonder if she just woke up.

"Oh!" she began, as if just remembering why she was here. "I forgot to give back your jacket. I looked in your pocket and found this card," she took out the small square paper to show me. "I asked about you, and a girl gave me your number. So I called your house this morning and spoke to your mom who told me you'd be here," she said as though she was proud of herself.

"Thank you for returning it," I told her as I took the jacket from her, a blush creeping upon my cheeks when her soft fingers grazed my arm. "Um... so are you doing anything today, or tomorrow... or whenever?" I asked as I stuffed my left hand into the pocket of my dark blue jeans.

"This friday at the mall," she replied confidently.

"Sounds great," I managed to say, I was beyond surprised that she really wanted to go out on another date with me. In my life I've never been too lucky with girls and then to have a second date with such a beautiful woman.

"Great," she said with a polite nod before exiting the diner. "I'll see you later Spike," she said before turning and leaving.

I almost floated back to my booth. Nothing could ruin this day, nothing.

My elated mood dropped drastically when I saw the look on Vicious' face. He couldn't have looked deadlier with a gun in one hand and a sword in the other.

"Oh, I'm sorry for not introducing you to Faye," I replied slowly as I reached for my half empty glass of orange juice.

"Is that supposed to be fucking funny?" he asked me, his voice dry and angry.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I asked him as I took a sip of my juice and carefully set the glass back on the table.

"What the hell are you thinking? How could you bring that Valentino broad in here? Are you trying to piss off your father?" he hissed.

"Valentino? What are you saying? You think she's in the Valentino family?" I asked him. I would have busted out in laughter if he didn't look so serious.

"Not only is she in the Valentino family, but she's the don's daughter! God dammit Spike, why are you so fucking dense!" Vicious asked, as he slid back into his chair and rubbed his temples in frustration.

"So, you're saying that she's Faye Valentino, John Valentino's daughter?" I asked, beyond stunned.

"Do you know how much shit you're causing? She was probably sent after you to get inside information. Do you know what you're dad's gonna say when he finds out?" he added, running a hand through his wild silver hair.

"Who says he has to find out, and who says that she even knows that I'm the don's son?" I replied hopefully. Vicious had a tendency in thinking things were worse than they really were.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. They probably have pictures of everyone in the Speigal family with knives stuck in them in their living room. If you don't cut her loose soon I'll be forced to report this to your father. I am his consigliere after all," he said coldly before getting up to leave.

My blood ran cold as I watched him walk out the door. Why me? was all I could think. The second something good happened, someone... something came in the way and ruined it all.

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