I. Lucas

He had a destiny.

This was the last thing that his foster father told him before the old man died. Robert was a good man-a loving husband and encouraging father. Sure, Robert had left his wife and son with a debt that was the size of Kansas, but that was because of his illness, his addiction. The chips were at fault. The reason why he was killed outside a suburban supermarket though, was another matter entirely.

At first, Lucas believed that his destiny was to find the men his father owed money to. There were no other people on earth who had the resources and the motive to blow the man's brains out.

After the funeral, an affair that half a dozen people bothered to attend, Lucas saw his foster mother slowly decline. She languished inside the small living room, staring out the window waiting for her husband to come home.

And Lucas believed his destiny was to throw his mother a lifeline, help her back to the land of the living. He believed he was going to succeed too. Lucas worked part time after hours at the community high school. His back started to kill him at fourteen but he met the deadlines on the bills. He missed one utility payment or two, but for five months, Lucas truly believed they were staying afloat.

Until one July day when he opened the door carrying a brown take out bag, and saw his foster mother in her usual rocking chair by the window, staring out unseeing, a small bottle of pills lying on the floor close to her feet.

Then Lucas knew that destiny was something you had to wait for.

He must have been destined to work for the same men who popped Robert's head. Out of a home and a family, Lucas ended up learning about the world that Edge City was ashamed of. He lied and cheated to silence his hunger. He worked until he could not stand the filth on his body. This determination brought her inch by inch closer to the people who brought him that low.

One day, he had thought. One day he would be close enough to grab a gun from someone's belt and spit a bullet into their heads.

Funny this about destiny, he learned. The same night when he was about to execute his plan, someone accused him of cheating. He rolled to find one hand extended to him. His brother became his salvation.

He swore to himself that destiny was paying Lex back.

Lucas knew he would work for Lex until the day he died. When Lex decided to run for office, Lucas became the shadow that Lex needed more than ever. For the younger man, it was an honor to be so trusted. He would lay his life for his brother without question.

He knew every move, tasted everything before Lex did, stepped into a room before Lex ever could. Lucas checked every possible source of danger before Lex even know it existed.

Lucas gave every waking second to Lex. One danger he never succeeded in removing was the small town girl. The moment Lucas saw Lex stop and turn, one night after a meeting in a highly favored restaurant, he was sure that his blonde would pose problems. Ever since that night, Chloe Sullivan had been his brother's constant companion.

Lucas had never seen Lex as relaxed and free as he was with the woman. Immediately, Lucas conducted his own investigation that made him even more suspicious of Chloe Sullivan. She was a reporter fighting her way to the top, and it just so happened that he was in the same restaurant as Lex Luthor would be.

She knew Lex would want to reminisce about Smallville. Lex had always recalled the place fondly.

Lucas knew the exact moment when Lex first slept with the girl. It was two months after they met again. He was surprised the girl waited that long.

One night, during a fundraiser that Lex did not need except to make his candidacy known, Lex said that woman's name from the podium. Lex had extended his hand to her. Chloe pretended hesitation and waited for Lex to ask her again to step up there with him. That was when Lex introduced her to everyone as his fiancé.

As the audience burst into a round of applause, Lucas decided it was his destiny to watch over her too.