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Chapter 1- The Arrival

Desiree looked out the window to see a dusty path seemingly leading

to nowhere. She grew puzzled as more and more holes began to appear on

the flat desert-like landscape. She sighed and her mind began to drift back to

that day when she had first been dared to steal some nail polish from her

local drug store. "It'll be easy," her friends said, "just stick it in your purse

when no one is looking and walk out casually." She was nervous as she

walked through the door, but found that it was quite easy to get away

without paying for it.

All the while knowing the terrible thing she was doing, Desiree

continued to shoplift. At first it was only worthless junk, like cheap makeup

or a bar of soap. Then she gradually moved on to more valuable things like

CDs and videos/DVDs. Every time she didn't get caught, she would

challenge herself to something even more expensive than the last thing she

had stolen.

One day Desiree went to the jewelry store to pick up her mother's

watch that she had sent in to be fixed a little while ago. While she was

waiting for the cashier to bring the watch out from the other room, her eye

caught sight of a beautiful diamond sitting on a gold band. It was the most

beautiful ring she had ever seen. Her fingers tingled with enthusiasm. She

grabbed it and was making a run for the door when the cashier came from

the back room. "Oops."

Desiree realized she had forgotten about the watch. Before you could

say "Stanley Yelnats had a no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great

grandfather," the cashier had called the police. Almost as quickly she was in

court being given a choice. The judge told her she could either go to jail or

Camp Green Lake [A/N if you don't know which one she chose.you're a

little slow].

All of the sudden, the bus jerked to a stop. Desiree jumped. She had

been so involved with her dreadful memories that she had forgotten where

she was. The security guard gave her a dirty look as he uncuffed her hands.

Her wrists had grown sore from being so tightly held by the handcuffs that

they each had a bright red ring around them.

As she jumped off the steps and onto the desert she squinted, her eyes

having adjusted to the dark bus as opposed to the unprotected landscape that

lay in front of her.

End of chapter one.

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