In the last chapter when we say "the warden was going to be one tough cookie to break" we meant "crack." NOT THE DRUG


Nothing else


Chapter 8- Unexpected Friends

{ "Can I kiss you?" }

Mouse opened her mouth to answer, and then- "Squid, Mouse! Come quick! Mr. Sir is going nuts shooting the yellow spotted lizards!"

Caveman has entered the room [lol, u no on aim chatrooms?].

Twitch has entered the room.

ZigZag has entered the room.

Magnet has entered the room.

ZigZag has left the room at 4:32 P.M. for reasons unknown.

"Why did Zig leave the room?" asked Mouse. Everyone shrugged. "For reasons unknown, I guess," said Twitch.

Mouse and Squid followed the rest of the boys out to laugh at Mr. Sir, who, at this point, was dancing like a spazz firing at random places and yelling "you'll NEVER get me! Mwaaaaaahhahhahhahhah!"

D-tent ducked down under the nearest object to avoid being hit.
One lizard escaped a bullet and sprinted towards their hideout under the water truck. Everyone screamed but Mouse, because the lizard was looking at her in a weird way. For a moment the two just stared at each other, but then the lizard broke eye contact and jumped into the nearest hole to avoid another shot from Mr. Sir.
After about 15 more minutes, when all the lizards were either dead or gone, Mr. Sir stomped inside his cabin leaving the onlookers in shock.
X-ray was the first to speak after a few minutes of silence. "Well.. that was a strange experience."

After the chaos had calmed down and campers had slowly wandered back to the rec room and what they were doing previous to the shooting, Mouse had time to think about what Squid had asked her.
{"can I kiss you?"} The scene kept replaying in her head but instead of making more sense each time it would just get more confusing, and give her a headache.
{"Des, can I ask you something?"}
{"when you say cheat.. you mean on tests or on girls?"}

"Girls. Kiss. You. Can I?" Now it was getting jumbled up in her head. As Mouse lay down on her cot and fell asleep, the last thing she could remember was a pair of beady eyes in the peering under the flap in the doorway of the tent.


*Dream Sequence*

Mouse was stuck in the hole again [a/n look to the end of chapter 4 if you need to refer to her last dream], but this time no one was there to help her. She strained to listen but no voice called out to her.

She was alone.

Or so she thought.

As Mouse sank to the cold dirt floor and began to sob, her hand landed on something unfamiliar, something with an air of mystery and uncertainty surrounding it. But along with these feelings came warmth and comfort.
As her eyes gradually cleared, she looked down and recognized what she saw at once- the eleven spots, milky tongue and black teeth- she was sitting next to a yellow spotted lizard. It was, in fact, the same one that had come to her on so many occasions in real life; the one who pounced on her, who comforted her when she was still digging her hole all night long, and who watched now as she lay asleep at only 6 P.M. from sheer exhaustion. But she didn't know that of course.
The lizard didn't speak to her, but it was as if it was doing just that. It told her of the future, of her powers, of destiny.

Mouse awoke an hour later to only what she could recall of the dream, and a pair of eyes waiting at the end of her bed.


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