Title: Turn Back Time

Author name: SStar

Rating: PG-13 - Will have slash later on in the story Harry/Sirius

Spoilers: PS/SS; CoS; PoA; GoF; OotP; FB; QTTA

This chapter: Harry practices his meditation and unintentionally uses his wild magic. Bill Weasley becomes the envy of the first years when he talks to Sirius and James while Harry starts research into becoming an Animagus. However, Peter is unhappy with this turn of events while Sirius has a dream.

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author notes: This chapter is unbeta'd but with lots of encouragement from Dailynn, Englishmuffin2, Elana and Kelmedren as well as all the lovely reviews. I hope you enjoy the chapter and I apologise for the long wait. The song lyrics are by Slytheriny who won the Song Lyrics Competition on the Turn Back Time Yahoo Group.

Chapter 11: Dream a Little Dream of Me

Harry wondered whether his eyes could get any wider than they already were. It was impossible to take everything in and Harry was caught up with admiration and fascination. The ever changing flow, the richness and the intensity; it was unique and yet it remained the same. It was magic, encompassing Harry, filling him with a sense of comfort.

Harry was meditating.

The space around the green-eyed teenager shifted and changed. Objects appeared while others disappeared. Not even the dimensions of the room escaped undisturbed, expanding in all directions and the luxurious rug that Harry was sat upon grew thicker.

Harry had decided to use the Room of Requirement for his Occlumency and meditation practice. It had only been a couple of days since he had revealed his true identity to James, Sirius and Remus. However, there was the bitter aftertaste in Harry's interactions with the three teenagers. A complication that Harry had not wanted to introduce into their tentative friendship and a turn in events that weighed heavily in his heart.

Harry cast his thoughts back to the Potions lesson he had attended that very morning. Harry and Sirius had been partnered together, as usual, in order to make a plant-based poison.

Harry checked the list of ingredients on the blackboard. "It's time to add the eye of newt, isn't it?" Harry asked his partner.

Sirius did not falter in his steady stirring of the potion. "You're right," he replied. "The powdered bicorn horn is supposed to be sprinkled over the potion right after we add the eye of newt."

Harry turned to look at his partner, a smile on his lips, but it went unnoticed by the blue-eyed teenager. Harry blinked before moving to secure the small vial containing the eye of newt. Green eyes scanned the worktop for the powdered bicorn horn before finally locating it at Sirius' left elbow.

Not wanting to interrupt Sirius' concentration, Harry leant across Sirius' back in order to obtain the second vial. The dark-haired teenager stiffened as Harry withdrew his arm. Harry bit back a sigh as he added the eye of newt and the powdered bicorn to the bubbling potion. He quickly became engrossed in the hypnotic circular movement of the stirring spoon.

A light touch on his arm jerked Harry out of his stupor. His head jerked and emerald eyes met sapphire. Sirius was looking at Harry with furrowed brows.

"Harry? Are you feeling okay?" Sirius asked, his eyes betraying his concern. "You were just standing there, staring into nothing."

Harry fought to keep the blush off his face. "Sorry Sirius," he replied. "I was just thinking. That's all."

"Thoughts or serious thoughts?" Sirius asked.

"Serious Sirius thoughts?" Harry responded with a small smirk.

"You ... you!" Sirius' mouth moved without any sound for a few seconds. "Have you been taking advice from Prongs?" he finally managed to ask.

Harry pretended to be deep in thought before answering. "Ummm ... no?"

"Because the whole Sirius-serious thing became old a very long time ago," Sirius explained with a pout.

Harry could not hold back a small chuckle at the chagrined look on Sirius' face. Fortunately, for Harry, the popping and spitting of their potion masked his small outburst.

"So it occurred to me earlier," Sirius began to say. "Do you also have the cloak ... you know, the invisibility cloak?"

Harry nodded an affirmative and his smile widened when Sirius' face lit up with delight. "I've got the Map as well," he added as an afterthought.

Sirius' smile widened and a mischievous glint appeared in his eye. Harry wondered just what he had let himself get involved in. 'I hope things will turn out alright ... in time,' Harry thought as he basked in the warm smile of his Potions' partner. 'Maybe ... just maybe Sirius, James, and Remus will start acting normal again. Well, as normal as those three can get I suppose.'

Harry could understand the situation that James, Sirius, and Remus had been placed in all too well. The new information they had to process, the confusion and contradictions to sort through. However, that did not make life any easier for Harry.

It was not the first instance of anomalous behaviour that Harry had experienced since the revelations about his identity. Sirius' reaction to Harry's news had been the most extreme. Harry's interactions with the blue-eyed teenager had been fraught with awkwardness and Harry felt as though Sirius was battling with himself.

It was a rare sight indeed to see a smile pass the blue-eyed teenagers' lips those past few days. In fact, Sirius appeared to avoid making direct eye contact with Harry whenever possible. The knot of worry in Harry's stomach tightened with every instance. Harry was slowly coming to realise how much he enjoyed the way that Sirius' eyes expressed his every emotion.

Harry noted that his teenage father, on the other hand, had developed a preference for staring at Harry, often with a small crease between his eyebrows which indicated that he was deep in thought. In fact, on one occasion that Harry had personally witnessed; James had been so distracted that he had even ignored the jibes from a seventh year Slytherin.

Remus had been the quickest of the three teenagers who had adjusted to the new information. Harry suspected that Remus understood his situation to a greater degree than the two black-haired teenagers did.

Secrets. Those that Harry chose to keep and those that were kept from him. It was something that Harry knew would always be a part of his life, as much as it galled him at times. As a child, he had known that his aunt and uncle had kept something important from him. Dumbledore himself admitted that he had withheld information from Harry, an action that turned out to have grave consequences for so many others.

Harry, too, had many secrets. Some seemed so trivial now considering his current situation, such as his cloak and the Marauder's Map. Others held more significance and importance in the greater scheme of things. The Order of the Phoenix. The Prophecy. The truth about Sirius Black.

Remus understood that part of his life.

They both held secrets that they were unable to reveal to the world at large. The inability to expose themselves fully and the hurt they experienced as they lied to their nearest and dearest. Both having to hide a part of their true selves from all others; to live an incomplete life.

It was painful. Not like blinding pain of the Cruciatus curse but a slow acting poison in his bloodstream. To always have to be someone yet to never know himself, nor to be known for himself.

The Boy-Who-Lived. Saviour of the Wizarding World. Bearer of the lightening scar. Sole survivor of the killing curse. Defeater of Voldemort.

Not Harry Potter.

He wanted to be just Harry.

Perhaps he had just been offered that chance. There were many secrets that Harry knew he had to keep in order to preserve the timeline for his own existence. However, the opportunity to realise what he could be despite all that, lay tantalisingly ahead for his taking.

Harry decided that he had spent enough time thinking and his green eyes slowly opened before widening in surprise. Harry looked around the Room of Requirement. The room that he had initially requested was no longer. Instead, he was now sitting in the middle of a facsimile of the Gryffindor common room.

"Now, how didI do that?" Harry asked himself with a great deal of curiosity, but there was no answer forthcoming.

'In a time of deepest sorrow,

When existence seemed so hollow,

He was cursed, thrown back into a time,

When his ancestors lived in their prime.'

Sirius adjusted the volume control on the wireless before taking the two strides back to his armchair in the Gryffindor Common Room. "So you have the cloak then?" he asked the other teenager for the second time that day

Harry looked suspiciously at Sirius from his own seat. "Like I already told you, yes," he answered. "Why do you ask?"

Blue eyes danced with humour and a roguish grin lit Sirius' face. "Oh, no reason really," he said.

Harry's right eyebrow rose in response. "You, Sirius Black, are trying to tell me that you're not planning something?"

Sirius plastered an innocent look on his face. "Yes."

"I don't believe you," Harry responded. "I know perfectly well that James has an invisibility cloak as well. I should know since it's his cloak that I now own!"

Sirius shook his head several times as he thought the situation through. "There is just something strange about that. Both you and Prongs have an invisibility cloak and it's the same one. Except it can't be the same cloak because there are two of them."

Harry shrugged. "I don't have a clue Sirius," he said. "I think the Muggles have a much better idea about things like this though. I wish Hermione was here, she would know how to explain it and if she didn't, she'd hit the library until she found out."

Understanding and love he found,

To this new friendship he was now bound,

His problems drifted away into the void,

Falling in love, he just could not avoid.

Harry missed the speculative look on Sirius' face since at that moment the portrait hole swung open and several students walked into the cosy common room, drowning out the song currently playing on the wireless. Harry was very pleased to see that Bill Weasley was amongst those who had entered and was currently making his way to where he was sitting.

"Harry," the redhead greeted enthusiastically as he shrugged off his bookbag and threw it upon the armchair facing Harry's own.


Unknowingly, Bill had thrown his bookbag onto Sirius' lap. The first year paled rapidly upon seeing what he had just done, freckles standing out against pale skin as he stood in front of the armchair. Shocked turned into realisation as Bill realised that he had not seen Sirius since the chair that the other boy had been sitting upon had been facing away from him.

Harry leapt up from his own seat and hurried to kneel in front of Sirius. He removed the bag from the winded teenager's lap and laid a hand on Sirius' knee. "Are you hurt?" he asked urgently, concern shining from his green eyes.

Let him dream,

Under the past sunbeam,

Let him have his perfect romance,

Just give him a last chance,

And turn him back in time,

Into the endless sea of the passing rhyme,

Make him throw history in the temporal torrent,

Let him weaver it in the rampant current.

The song's chorus faded into silence as Sirius rubbed his stomach, although hooded blue eyes did not move from where Harry's hand rested on his leg. "I'm fine," he muttered.

Harry's face openly expressed his disbelief.

"Really I am," Sirius insisted at Harry. "Mind you, I would be feeling a lot better had I not been hit by a bag full of bricks," he moaned, sending a glare in the direction of the offending person.

"What have you got in there?" Sirius asked the decidedly nervous looking first year.

Bill bit his lower lip nervously. "Just a few books."

Sirius sounded incredulous. "A few books?"

Bill shrugged a shoulder. "Professor McGonagall mentioned Simultaneous Transfigurations in our lesson today and Professor Flitwick told us that we were starting Illuminations next week so I thought I would get a head start on that."

Sirius frowned. "That," he said, pointing at the bag, "did not feel like just two books."

Harry could not hold back a small snicker. "Maybe you're getting soft in your old age," he commented, as he got up to return to his own seat.

Sirius turned to glare at Harry. "I'm telling you, it wasn't just the two books," he insisted. "What else is in there?" he asked Bill.

Bill nervously scratched the back of his neck. "Well there are the books I needed for today's lessons in there as well," he answered.

Sirius did not look convinced. "And?"

Bill flushed. "A couple of books on Ancient Egyptian wizarding culture," he finally admitted.

Harry looked at the younger Bill Weasley in surprise. He had not thought that Bill would have become interested in the Egyptian culture at such an early stage. Harry wondered whether this young Bill would realise the future importance of the little decisions that he was currently making. Sirius' reaction, however, brought Harry out of his thoughts.

"What House do you think you're in?" Sirius exclaimed. "The only people who carry that many books are Ravenclaws."

Bill blushed at the rebuke and Harry decided to come to the first year's defence. "Now Sirius. You can't say that Lily and Remus probably have just as many books as Bill in their bags."

Sirius snorted. "Evans? Wouldn't surprise me at all … and Remus? Well he's excused."

"I didn't see you in the chair, I'm sorry I hit you," Bill apologised to Sirius. "I just thought that Harry was here by himself."

Sirius tilted his head as he looked at the shorter boy. "I recognise you but I can't remember your name right now. I know I've seen you at our Quidditch practices..."

Harry decided to make the introductions, knowing that the younger students had placed Sirius and James on a pedestal of sorts. Harry had heard through the grapevine that the first years were told stories of the pranks and trouble James and Sirius had got up to throughout the years by the older students. However, the intelligence of the two teenagers, their brilliance on the Quidditch field, their mischievous nature and their popularity had meant that many of the first years had been intimidated by their personas.

"Sirius, this is Bill Weasley," Harry explained. "First year Gryffindor."

"Well I can tell he's a Gryffindor Harry," Sirius replied sarcastically, although his eyes seemed to be sizing up the red-haired boy. "The tie and crest give it away."

"Well I thought I'd just point it out just in case, particularly after that bump you received from Bill's bag," Harry explained.

"My mind is working perfectly well," Sirius argued. "It hit my stomach, not my head."

Harry allowed the smallest of smiles to curl his lips and he blinked innocently. "Are you sure? I was told that you thought with your stomach Sirius."

Blue eyes narrowed. "Hey! What is this? 'Pick on Sirius' day? First I get hit by an overzealous first year who's imitating a Ravenclaw and now the figurative blow to my ego?"


"What have I done to receive such treatment from my friends?" Sirius demanded before sighing loudly.

"Drama queen," Harry muttered under his breath.

Bill's bright blue eyes had darted from Harry to Sirius and back again during their exchange of words. During the small pause, the first year coughed to gain the attention of the other two Gryffindors.

"I think I'll just go upstairs now," Bill explained.

Immediately, Harry began to protest. "Bill! Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. Sit down," he invited, nodding towards an empty chair.

Bill glanced dubiously at Harry and then Sirius. At the latter's small nod, Bill decided to join the two older boys. Harry smiled and turned to Bill.

"So how have you been Bill? Heard from Charlie recently?" he asked with interest.

Bill smirked. "Oh yes. I got an owl from him today. Apparently, Percy has been behaving in a rather fussy manner recently. Mum is really confused by it all. She said that Charlie and I were really well behaved and everything, but Percy … well, she's a bit flummoxed."

Harry snorted quietly. Bill's comments about the young Percy did not surprise him at all. Harry had always thought Percy to be the most straight-laced of the Weasley siblings and almost immediately noticed Percy fondness for order and rules. Later, Percy's love for rank and position became apparent, to the extent that he would even forsake his family; something Harry could not begin to understand. To make that kind of decision and to renounce your family in doing so.

"Apparently Mum says that he's being really pernickety," Bill explained, breaking into Harry's train of thought. "Percy's got this habit of crying if he's not fed at the same time each day."

Harry smiled sympathetically. "At least your mother has Charlie to help out I suppose," he replied.

Bill grinned. "When he's not practicing on his broom that is! Although, to be honest, it isn't all that much time really."

"Still, I bet he'll be good enough to play for England one day if what you tell me is true," Harry replied.

"I bet he could. He's really good, but nothing like you," Bill enthused.

Harry ducked his head in embarrassment. "I wouldn't say that. I've got a few years additional game practice under my belt than Charlie. Just wait, you'll see!" Harry replied with a secret smile.

Sirius snorted. "I doubt this kid, no offence Bill, is better than our Harry here," he said. "I've watched you at practice and I'm telling you Bill, there isn't any Seeker like him."

Harry blushed. "I'm really not that good and I wouldn't be too sure on what you say Sirius. I have this feeling that Charlie will be something special."

Bill smiled gratefully at the green-eyed boy, although Sirius did not look convinced. Harry shrugged and aimed a lop-sided smile at Sirius, which seemed to stop the blue-eyed teenager from further expounding upon Harry's Quidditch skills.

Harry pushed away the questions raised at the warm feeling he felt while Sirius had been praising him. 'Definitely not the time to think about that,' Harry decided.

"Mind you, Charlie has a bit of Beater's blood in him too I think," Bill said thoughtfully.

Harry raised an eyebrow in question. "Really?"

Sirius perked up slightly at this. "We could do with another up-and-coming Beater in a couple of year's time. I'll need someone to pass my superior knowledge and skills onto."

"He's always having a go at the gnomes in our garden," Bill explained. "Mum's keeps on complaining about them but my Dad thinks they're funny and so keeps on letting the gnomes come back in. Charlie loves throwing them back over the wall. I know he's managed to get some way over into the field next door."

"Vicious little things aren't they?" Harry replied. "Those gnomes."

Bill nodded in agreement while absently rubbing his right hand. "Mum doesn't understand why my Dad likes them so much," Bill said. "Mind you, Charlie told me about the latest thing Dad's brought home to tinker with."

Harry thought back to the small shed at the Burrow, filled with Muggle items that Mr Weasley had acquired over the years. Harry recalled the older wizard's fascination with muggle batteries and he wondered what Mr Weasley had brought home this time.

"A lamp!" Bill exclaimed. "With a plug. Apparently, it runs off elekricity, according to Dad. Mum doesn't have a clue what to do with it."

"Electricity," Harry corrected. "I have to ask though, why a lamp?"

Bill shrugged. "I have no idea. Charlie says Dad thinks something called a plug is absolutely fascinating. Apparently this plug isn't even on the lamp but hanging off it by some kind of strange string. I bet Dad would love to talk to you about plugs and ... electricity and all that kind of stuff.

"He's really busy at the moment though. Dad works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts at the Ministry," Bill explained for Sirius' benefit. "He's been out on loads of raids recently according to Charlie, they've been keeping him really busy. The other day he and some other Ministry workers raided the Notts' home. They didn't find all that much Dark Magic stuff there though but Dad keeps on telling us how he really wishes he could have a look at..."

Bill suddenly stopped and flushed. Guilty blue eyes darted across to look at Sirius. Harry's face contorted in confusion, but Sirius quickly realised what Bill had stopped himself from saying.

Sirius ran a hand through his hair as his lips curled into a sneer. "Don't stop on my account Bill," he said. "I'm quite sure your father would love to raid the old Black House. It would probably be the biggest one he ever did but it isn't going to happen.

"They're too rich and powerful," he explained with a scowl. "My mother has her society friends and my father," Sirius spat out. "My father has probably paid off most of the influential politicians at the Ministry. Your father wouldn't have a hope in hell of getting within sight of the front doors of Twelve Grimmauld Place. Ever."

Harry frowned. "Surely there must be something that Mr Weasley can do?" he asked.

Sirius shook his head. "Even if he could get authorisation for a raid, he and the other poor sods would still have to get through the insane amount of hexes, curses and spells that protect the house; they're a paranoid bunch. I bet Grimmauld Place is one of the best protected properties in the country. Even if the Ministry got into the House, its quite possible that they wouldn't find a thing. There are secrets in that House that even I don't know about. The only place of interest that I managed to discover was the secret passageway from the kitchen.

"They're arrogant enough, right now, not to bother hiding most of the illegal dark objects and books in that place," Sirius explained. His face was a study in distaste and Harry could tell that Sirius' was not too comfortable discussing his family with others. "However if they needed to hide the stuff, they could easily enough. I doubt your father would be able to find anything of any real use. Not enough to send anyone to Azkaban at any rate ... that's if they don't bribe Merlin knows who to conveniently 'forget' the whole mess."

Bill gasped. "Bribe Ministry officials?"

"They would do a lot more and a lot worse if they had to," Sirius grimly said. "Couldn't have one of their own in a hell-hole like Azkaban or disgraced in any way."

"What about you?" Bill asked curiously.

Sirius snorted but Harry could sense a sadness in the manner that Sirius held his body. "I'm no family in their eyes. If they could take my name from me, they would have. I'm not worthy enough to be a Black ... not that I want to be associated with that lot!"

Harry made an abortive movement to comfort the dark-haired teenager, conflict reflected in his green eyes. For a moment, the Sirius that Harry had known, the one who had spent thirteen long years in Azkaban, had been superimposed with the Sirius who sat in front of him. A Sirius who would have been uncomfortable with such a display of sympathy. A man who had not allowed himself forgiveness, would not accept it from others; who died blaming himself for the deaths of his best friends.

Harry blinked and the image vanished, leaving behind an uncomfortable atmosphere between the three Gryffindor students. Bill's bright eyes darted from Sirius to Harry and back again, while Sirius' elegant fingers were digging into the plush red material of his chair. Harry wondered whether it was a conscious action or not on Sirius' behalf.


Sirius' head snapped up turned in the direction of the door, where an annoyed looking James Potter stood with his hands on his waist.

"What the blazes do you think you're doing Sirius," James snapped. "Don't you remember we have detention?"

"Since when did you care if we had detention or not," Sirius shot back, not moving from his seat.

James' eyes darted to where Harry was watching the exchange and his posture stiffened before he returned to glare at his best friend. "I just do," he replied. "Besides, this one is with McGonagall."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "So you're worrying that if you don't behave, McGonagall will tattle to your parents?"

James ran a hand through his already messy hair. "Look, can we just get it over and done with tonight?" he asked, his hazel eyes pleading with Sirius.

"You should probably go," Harry quietly urged from his seat. "Best not get into any more trouble than you already may be in."

Sirius looked at Harry for a long moment before getting to his feet in one fluid motion. "I guess I'll see you later then," he said before turning towards the portrait hole.

"You got your mirror?" James asked.

Sirius patted his left trouser pocket. James' expression lightened as Harry realised that they were talking about the same mirror that now lay in pieces at the bottom of his trunk.

James smiled at Harry before looking curiously at the younger boy. His forehead creased. "You're a Weasley, aren't you?" he asked.

Bill blinked before answering. "I am," he replied. "William Weasley."

"William?" James asked.

Bill looked as though he was about to crawl under the couch, away from James' curious gaze. Harry was about to speak up when Bill took a deep breath and replied. "Yes, but everyone calls me Bill really."

"Well Bill Weasley … nice to meet you but as I'm sure you've already gathered, I need to be somewhere else, so I'll see you two later," he said in farewell.

Sirius shot a mischievous look at his best friend as he passed him while leaving the common room. "Come on Jamie. Detention waits for no Gryffindor."

Harry chuckled as he heard an annoyed voice shout at Sirius. "I thought I told you not to call me Jamie!" before the door slammed shut behind the two dark-haired teenagers.

Harry turned to look at a wide-eyed Bill. "I can't believe it," he said.

"Believe what?"

"James Potter and Sirius Black just spoke to me!" Bill exclaimed in excitement. "They're probably the most popular boys in the school and James even knew who I was! My friends are going to be so jealous when I tell them!"

Harry smiled as he settled back into the seat, content to listen to Bill's excited chatter. The knowledge that Sirius was feeling more comfortable around him soothed him and comforted him. That was enough for tonight in Harry's opinion.

"Are you sure you don't want anything Harry?" Sirius asked. "I don't mind and you're still too thin in my opinion."

Harry blushed. "Really Sirius, I'm not hungry. You should get something on the other hand … that stomach of yours is rather distracting with all that rumbling and growling."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Alright, I get the hint! I'm going … I know when I'm not appreciated," he replied with a sniff before strolling out of the common room.

Harry chuckled at the sight of Sirius flouncing out of the room. The smile was still upon his lips as he turned back to find his place in the textbook he was reading. The pages were filled with notes written in several distinctive styles; from Remus' neat script to James' scrawl which slanted to the right. Peter too had added to the book although the majority of his additions consisted of doodles and questioning circles around various points of note. However, on the occasions that he had written in the margins, the words were in direct contrast to James' style in that they slanted to the left. The greatest contribution to the book that lay in his lap was a striking yet elegant cursive that appeared both thick and heavy on the paper. Harry could easily tell that this project was one that Sirius had put his heart and soul into.

The soft click as the heavy wooden door was opened drew Harry's eyes away from the yellowing pages. A small smile started to form as he pondered on the speed at which Sirius had raided the kitchens, but the smile rapidly disappeared when he saw the straw-blonde hair and pudgy face of Pettigrew.

Harry sent a nod of acknowledgement towards Pettigrew which was duly returned. Rarely had Harry found himself alone with the very same person who had grown up to betray everyone he loved. Usually Remus, Sirius or James would also be present, thus allowing Harry to focus his attentions on them rather than Pettigrew.

This time, however, Harry had something to occupy his mind and so he turned back to reading the book.

'The main purpose of the transformation is to transfigure oneself into the animal form however a popular misconception is that the form is one made through choice. It is not unless one has a will more powerful that that of the magic that is used in this complex transfiguration and even then that strength of will cannot fully overcome the dominant animal. It is the attributes within your soul that will determine the form which you will take upon the successful completion of the Animagus transfiguration. The animal a wizard or witch transforms into is a reflection on his or her personality.'

Harry frowned as he reread the paragraph. He did not know of any witch or wizard who had been able to choose their animal form. He suspected that not even Voldemort would have been capable of such a task yet why did the textbook refer to 'a will more powerful than that of the magic'. Harry placed the book back onto Sirius' bed and reached for another reference book that had most definitely not been taken from the restricted section of the library.

"What are you doing?"

Harry's surprise at the voice reflected in the soft thud as the book fell back onto the bed. Emerald flints turned to glare at Pettigrew. "What is it to you?" Harry snapped back.

Pettigrew seemed to draw back into himself at the fierce glare that was being directed towards him. He wrung his hands together in a nervous gesture and his darting eyes seemed to reflect the worry that he felt at his secret being discovered.

"Why do you have that book?" Pettigrew asked. "It isn't for Transfiguration homework is it?"

Harry paused to think, using that time to pick up the book he had originally been reaching for. "I want to become one, not that I need your permission for that," he finally replied, looking at the shorter boy with guarded eyes.

Pettigrew hesitated. "Why would you want to become an Animagus?"

Harry raised a dark eyebrow at the tone of the question but managed to stop himself from rolling his eyes. "I want to help a friend."

Pettigrew started to chew on his lower lip, bringing attention to his large front teeth. "Ah … you…" Pettigrew hesitated. "A friend?" he finally managed to ask.


Upon hearing the answer he had dreaded hearing, Pettigrew's face turned bright red and he began to cough. It took several moments for him to regain control. "What … wha … how ... why," Pettigrew stuttered. "Why would you th– think that being an An– Animagus would help Remus?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Well so that I can help him during his transformation."


"I know Remus is a werewolf," Harry said dryly. "Hence the reason why I'm studying the Animagus transformation. Would come in rather handy, don't you think?"

Pettigrew paled as he listened to Harry's revelation. "You've been spying on us!" he exclaimed. "Just wait until James and Sirius find out!"

"Who do you think gave me the books in the first place?" Harry sneered.

Pettigrew seemed to search for a reply but could find none. 'That's so typical of you Wormtail,' Harry thought to himself as he glared at Pettigrew. 'Always hiding behind those bigger and more powerful than you are. It's a wonder that no-one suspected that you were the betrayer and it's everything I can do not to tell James and Sirius. You ruined their lives as well as Lily's but I know I can't tell anyone … and I hate that I can't … and I hate you because I can't.'

Harry train of thought suddenly stopped as he became aware of the ache in his jaw, caused by his clenched jaw. 'Relax Harry,' he told himself sternly. 'Sirius will be back any moment and when he is, you can go back to ignoring Pettigrew.' With a small nod to himself, Harry spared a glance at the other Gryffindor, who appeared to be deeply unhappy.

"The Animagus transfiguration is really difficult," Pettigrew advised. There was a strange look in his watery blue eyes, something that Harry could not quite identify. "There aren't many wizards who can perform it you know … not successfully anyway. You might not be able to complete the spells properly."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "What exactly are you implying Pettigrew?"

Pettigrew shrugged but there was a slight twitch at the corner of his lips. All of a sudden, Harry realised what that mysterious look had been about. Pettigrew had been wearing a mask of superiority while he has talked about how difficult it was to achieve the Animagus transformation.

'How dare that little rat presume that I wouldn't be able to become an Animagus … and that he was more powerful and skilled than I am!' Harry mentally exclaimed. 'He wouldn't have been able to become an Animagus if it hadn't been for James and Sirius, not to mention Remus! Even after all that, all he could manage was to transform into a pitiful little rat! I'm going to give him a good piece of my mind, consequences be damned!'

Harry opened his mouth to retort but he was interrupted by the exuberant return of Sirius, who had not noticed the tension between the two teenagers. Black hair fell gracefully around his face and his lips curved into a wide smile. "Harry, you should have come down to the kitchen with me! You missed the funniest sight … oh hello there Wormtail! How are you? Aren't you meant to be in class?"

Sirius made his way around Pettigrew until he reached the bed that Harry was sat upon. There was a moment where Sirius seemed to be considering something before he snagged a chair and dragged it over to the bed. Sirius removed several cakes from within his robes before flopping into the chair.

"I know you said you weren't hungry, but I bought you cake anyway. Fresh from the house-elves," he explained, passing aforementioned cake to a bemused Harry. "So … how did you find that book? It's very good isn't it? We definitely found it was the best one when we were doing our preparation."

Harry nodded as he eyed the cake in his hand. "Definitely, there's a whole load of stuff in there that I didn't have a clue about. It's definitely as hard a transfiguration as I imagined it to be," he replied as he carefully put the cake down on the bed, focusing his attention on Sirius. "Although Peter seems to think that I won't be able to perform it successfully," Harry mentioned with a forced light tone.

Sirius laughed and pulled Harry into a one-armed hug. "Not only will you be able to do this transfiguration but you'll have four experienced wizards in Hogwarts to help you along the way! What could possibly go wrong?" he exclaimed. "Peter's probably just being pessimistic, aren't you?"

Pettigrew did not shrink under the criticism as Harry had expected him to. Instead, he turned to look at Sirius, pointedly ignoring Harry. "Sirius, why does he know everything? I thought it was supposed to be a secret … just the four of us," Peter asked, his hands clenching the fabric of his robes.

Sirius seemed to be oblivious to the tension in Pettigrew body. "We trust him," was the simple answer.

Harry turned to look at the shorter boy. Pettigrew had opened his mouth as though to reply before changing his mind and snapping his jaw shut. Harry saw that there was a look of displeasure hidden behind the pale eyes, but it had disappeared a moment later. Harry blinked, a small part of him wished that Sirius was right but he couldn't help but compare the youth to the betrayer he would become in a few years' time. Still, Harry had many other people to occupy himself with and right now, that was Sirius. He pushed all thoughts of Pettigrew away and concentrated on the warmth Sirius radiated.

"So how far have you got to with that book then?" Sirius asked, reaching across Harry's lap to grab the thick research book.

Harry shrugged, allowing Sirius to invade his personal space in his quest to grab the book. "Not as far as I should be I imagine. There are a lot of things to cover. I'm sure it'll take me years to do it all!"

Sirius snorted. "I'd cut your 'years' downs to 'months' … and not too many of those at that."

Harry wished he had Sirius' confidence but rather than object again, he decided to indulge the blue-eyed teenager. "Whatever you say Sirius."

Sirius cocked an eyebrow at him. "Hasn't anyone told you? I'm always right," he stated with a straight face.

Harry looked at Sirius over his wire-rimmed glasses, with a raised eyebrow. The two teenagers stared at one another for several moments before there was a slight twitch at the corner of Sirius' mouth. Seconds later, both were laughing hard and neither noticed the door to the dorm click shut behind a quietly fuming Peter Pettigrew.

Sirius wrapped his arms around the much thinner boy and dipped his head until his nose rested in the wild black hair. "Has Lily been at you or something?"


"Your hair smells all girly," Sirius replied.

"It does not!" the other person protested.

"Trust me Harry, it does."

Harry turned within his embrace until they were nose to nose. "Sirius Black, my hair does not smell like … girls. If you want to know, I used your shampoo this morning."

Sirius smirked. "You used my shampoo?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "I'd run out of my usual shampoo and I didn't think you would mind, all things considering."

Sirius snorted, letting Harry out of his embrace as he gesticulated with his hands. "Considering that I share most things with you, I don't see why my toiletries should be any different. Which ones did you use?"

"I must say Sirius, I've never met a person, male or female, who was as obsessed about his hair as you are," Harry shot back.

"Well some of us like to look good," Sirius replied as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Poncy git."

"I resent that!" Sirius said. "The only person who is a git is Snape."

Harry shook his head but the fond smile on his lips betrayed him. "You're absolutely incorrigible you know. Why do I put up with you?"

Sirius sent his best puppy-eyed look towards Harry. "You wouldn't have me any other way, would you?"

Harry laughed and sat down on the bed. "Fishing for compliments Sirius? Who would have thought you would have resorted to such low methods … and stop with the hurt puppy look! You know it doesn't work on me."

A glint formed in Sirius' eyes and a determined air seemed to surround him. He could sense a dare and he wasn't about to back down. "You're claiming my puppy eyes don't work on you then?" he asked. A moment later, Sirius had transformed into his Animagus form and was bounding across the room onto the bed that Harry was sitting upon.

"Ooph!" Harry exclaimed as his back hit the mattress. "Padfoot! You're heavy!"

Sirius looked down at Harry through Padfoot's eyes, seeing the world in many shades of grey. In the young man, he recognised something that he saw in himself. Harry was a boy tinged with darkness through no fault of his own, yet he was of the Light. Sirius, groomed to be the heir of a dark dynasty, had turned to the Light. Both understood the darkness within themselves in a way that few others did. Not even Harry's parents, James and Lily, could understand.

Harry tilted his head up to glare at the dog sitting on his legs, looking thoroughly disgruntled. "What the hell are you doing up there? Working out your exam revision timetable like Remus has been harassing you about or working out how you'll bring about world peace?"

Padfoot bared his teeth in a canine grin and lowered his head. A few seconds later, Harry squealed. "Padfoot! Get your cold wet nose off my belly button right now! It tickles!"

Padfoot snorted and instead moved to lick Harry's face, however he was thwarted by Harry's hand on his snout. He transformed back into his human form, finding himself straddling Harry's legs. "You're no fun Harry," Sirius complained with a pout.

Harry rolled his eyes behind his glasses. "I'd much rather be a bore than have dog slobber all over my face and glasses," he retorted.

Sirius chuckled. "You poor thing," he replied in a mocking tone. "Want me to make you feel better?"

Harry levelled another glare at Sirius. "I don't want you anywhere near me Sirius Black!" he protested.

Sirius cocked his head to the side and looked down at the green-eyed teenager lying underneath him. He shifted on his 'seat' and raised an eyebrow. "I don't think you have a choice in the matter Harry. I quite like where I'm currently sitting as a matter of fact."

Harry scowled and tried to move out from under Sirius, but only succeeded in disturbing the bedding. "You annoying, irritating…"

"Gorgeous, funny and sexy man?" Sirius offered with an innocent smile.

Harry sighed. "You are impossible."

Sirius stuck his lower lip out in a mock-pout. "Don't you love me anymore?"

"I'd like you a whole lot more if you got off me."

Sirius looked thoughtful as if he were debating his response, even though he had already decided upon his course of action. He waited patiently, knowing that the moment to act would be when Harry reached up to adjust the position of his glasses.

Moments later, Harry pushed the oval spectacles up his nose and Sirius smirked. "Of course I will my dear Mr Potter … but first I must have an incentive. A kiss if you please."

"Is that all?" Harry asked hopefully.

Sirius nodded, a bright gleam in his eyes.

"Fine then," Harry replied. "If it means I can finally get up off this mattress! I feel like the Princess and the Pea … what on earth do you have in your bed." Sirius opened his mouth to explain but was stopped by Harry's next words. "Don't answer that, I don't think I want to know."

Sirius held back a snort. "It's only James' Snitch," he explained.

Harry blinked. "Why do you have it?"

"James is off somewhere with Lily and he asked me to bring it up to the dorm," Sirius continued. "I was about to put the ball in the case James has for storing it but it escaped. I spent an entire hour looking for the stupid thing with no luck. I guess you found it."

Harry snickered. "Well I guess that is why I'm a Seeker and you are a Beater."

Sirius rolled his grey eyes and waggled his eyebrows. "Now what about that kiss you promised me?"

Harry smirked. "Well since I can't get up, I think you'll need to move closer."

"Of course," Sirius replied and bent down towards Harry's face. Just as his lips were about to meet Harry's, a door slammed in its frame. Sirius felt himself falling down an abyss. The darkness enveloping him yet he still moving in the direction of a bright light.

With a gasp, Sirius awoke and sat up immediately. Breathing heavily he blinked several times, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, his heart hammering a furious beat in his ears. Sirius shivered in the cool room as the sweat evaporated from his skin while the stillness of the night was like an unnatural vacuum, removing all noise apart from the sound of his rapid breathing.

Visions of his dream rushed his into mind. Sirius took several deep breaths, willing his heart to stop its painful pounding. "It was a dream," he whispered. "It was a dream Sirius."

"Just a dream."

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