This was possibly the worst day of her life.
Mac was to her left, that was good, but Psymon was on the other side, sneering at her and making crude imitations of her hitting the snow.
Kaori winced.
"Ready to hit the snow, Kay-kay?" Mac grinned.
"If you says, Ma-chan," Kaori offered a weak smile.
"She'll be hittin' the snow alright!!" Psymon snickered, "I'll be sure of it!!"
"Ignore him, Kay, we can do this. All we gotta do is get in the top three, right?" Mac flipped Psymon the bird. "Unleash Hell, Kaori!"
"Watch it punk, you're next!" Psymon wasn't playing. He narrowed his eyes and cracked his knuckles.
"Bring it on psycho," Mac ignored Psymon's threat and put his megaphones on over his beanie.
Mac offered Kaori thumbs up and rocked his body with his music.
(Yeah, I can do this.)
"Baka," Kaori muttered as Psymon winked at her.
"Eat bananas, Maccie boy!!" Luther howled and screamed to himself.
The gates opened and all of the riders spilled out. Luther took the lead, swerving in front of Mac. Mac shoved him out of his way and sped up a little. Luther spun out of control, retreating to the back of the line.
Kaori took a deep breath. Psymon tried shoving her twice already, but she managed to avoid him. She swerved to her left, going behind Mac and Psymon didn't follow. Psymon jumped off the first ledge and screamed in delight as he did his trademark move.
Mac ignored him.
Kaori watched Mac out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly, Mac swerved over to his right, slipping into a narrow shortcut that was apparently legal. No one had noticed it but him.
Kaori grinned. Mac had the game already. All she had to do was stay up with him. Kaori leaned forward and gained her speed. Psymon was ahead of her, Luther and Moby were behind her, but Marisol and Brodi were next to her and they didn't give any impression of backing down.
Kaori didn't like Marisol. She always made her feel uncomfortable. Brodi was Kaori's friend of course, but Marisol always managed to slip in some cruel remark on Kaori every time possible.
Marisol swerved in front of Kaori and threw her hands in the air, "First place will be mine, chica!" The tip of Kaori's board was nearing the end of Marisol's long alpine board. Kaori, not noticing, sped up and accidentally knocked Marisol down.
Kaori also fell.
Marisol shrieked at Kaori, muttering random English and Spanish words that didn't sound quite too pleasant.
Kaori ignored her and jumped up, trying to stay ahead of Brodi and the others that were still behind.
"Looks like Kaori made a quick recovery. C'mon Marisol, you just gonna sit there all day?"
Kaori looked back and saw that Marisol had not gotten up yet. Still screaming at anything and everything, it seems that Marisol had forfeited the race.
Kaori narrowed her eyes and sped up. There was a railing to her left and it seemed to go very high and off course but there was a good chance she would pass Psymon. She went for the rail, jumping over an overgrown rock in her way. She balanced herself onto the railing and pushed herself forward.
Rahzel's voice pearced into Kaori's mind.
"Look at that! One of our newbie's has taken the lead! Give it up for Kaori Nashidake!"
Kaori smiled to herself as she felt her face redden slightly and jumped off the railing, sliding into the course once again. She was ahead, but Psymon was still fairly close to her. Mac must've managed to pass her. He was nowhere to be seen, but Kaori wasn't worried. She knew he could handle anything. In her eyes, Mac was the best of everyone. "Watch it squeaky! I'm comin' for yah!!"
Kaori swerved out of his way in time and watched as he lost his balance. He spun around twice and tried to take control again. By the time he regained balance, Psymon had lost his position to Brodi.
"Nice one Grasshopper!" Brodi waved at her as he passed Psymon but he was still behind. Now Kaori just had to hold him off for the rest of the game.
Mac jumped onto the course from a ledge on the right.
"Ma-chan!!" Kaori gasped as she nearly ran right into him. Mac swerved to his left and grabbed her shoulders so she wouldn't lose balance. Through the goggles, Kaori saw him wink at her. "Just a little short-cut Kay-kay,"
He pushed onward.
She had to admit, even though he was younger than her, he had her wrapped around his pinky finger.
Kaori struggled to keep up with Mac, but she never even bothered to pass him.
They finished the race after some confrontations with Psymon. Marisol had gotten up and continued the race despite the fall, and amazingly, Marisol had caught up with Psymon.
Marisol had finally lost it and knocked him out, not caring whether or not Luther passed her for her position.
"And here comes our man Mac! Followed closely by Kaori Nashidake! Brodi comes in third, taking the bronze, and that leaves Luther. Moby's coming up behind him but Marisol doesn't seem to be backing off, oh! But Moby still passed before her if I'm correct! And here comes Stark!"
Psymon growled at Marisol as he passed her when he crossed the finish line, but she didn't care. She smiled despite defeat and congratulated Brodi.
"Praise Buddha!" Brodi roared.
"I am the man!!" Mac yelled out to himself.