Kaori shifted her weight from one foot to another. She bit her nails nervously and reminded herself how much she hated flying on planes. Sure, it was fun to look down on the little houses and especially seeing the big mountains, but this was going to be something different. They were flying on a one-way trip from Canada to Hawaii.

She continued to bite her nails, eyes darting from the entrance door to the big plane that would be escorting the SSX Tricky boarders to Hawaii.

Finally, she decided to sink into the chairs conveniently by the window. It was 3 o'clock in the morning. Much too early, Kaori thought sourly. Normally, she wouldn't have protested to such an early moving. But last night was so empty without the other boarders...

Without Mac...

Kaori hadn't gotten a wink of sleep the other night, and she knew it was because Mac wasn't there. It was their first night away from each other ever since Psymon's talk with her, and she was slowly slipping into a depressed stage.

Psymon, of course, noticed this.

"Hey, Miss Happiness?" Psymon poked her shoulder cautiously. He didn't want to bother her, but she just looked so...

He couldn't describe it. Saying that she was merely "sad" was putting it mildly. She looked so depressed that it was concerning Elise. The damned blonde had been comforting Kaori in the car on the way to airport and even during breakfast. Psymon noticed she offered weak smiles to everyone and tried to hide her feelings. (Kaori's good at that...) Psymon noted mentally, (She keeps everything to herself...always determined to act like nothing is wrong...never wants anyone to bother with her,)

"Nani?" Kaori turned around slowly and relaxed a little when she saw it was Psymon. "Psymon-san....you haven't called me Miss Happiness since the first race at Garibaldi!"

"Hey, sunshine," Psymon mumbled, ignoring her comment, "You mind if I sit here?"

Kaori shook her head and waved a hand in a gesture. "No, no, go ahead,"

"Thanks," Psymon said, dropping his luggage onto the floor.

"So..." Kaori smiled, but Psymon could tell it was fake, "How was your talk with Rahzel?"

"Yeah....that..." Psymon sighed and massaged his temples, "That was a trip..."

"Is he...angry?"

"He's always angry,"

Kaori nodded understandingly and leaned against the armrest, gazing at the plane. The silence was slowly becoming unbearable for the two boarders as thoughts raced through Psymon's head. His hand wanted so badly to touch her, to comfort her like he once did that one night in the hotel room. It was nothing, he knew, but somehow, he felt like he had connected with her. His grip tightened on the armrest and he only closed in eyes in prayer.

"Check it!" Elise said triumphantly. Kaori jumped up in time to see Elise skidding over in her direction, clutching two cheese filled pastries.

"Oh!" Kaori giggled when Elise nearly slammed into her.

"Look at what I found in the vending machines!" Elise handed one of the pastries to Kaori, but only glared at Psymon in pure hatred.

Psymon raised an eyebrow, "You lookin' at somethin', Icee?"

"Icee? How many times!!" Elise nearly attempted murder, fire gleaming in her eyes, and if it hadn't been for Rahzel stepping into the scene, she would've.



Rahzel glowered, but retained his anger. "Another time, Psymon, and you will find yourself out on the streets."

(So?) Psymon thought bitterly. (I don't care...)

"Kaori," Rahzel turned his attention to the young Japanese woman and smiled brightly, "Have you noticed Seeiah isn't here?"

Kaori hesitantly nodded.

"Well, I have a surprise for you. You'll see when we get to Hawaii."

Psymon raised an eyebrow. What the hell was he talking about?



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